Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer Sunshine..and my sunburned skin

ah Enfin! the long adventurous two weeks of travelling has was really was.we were in every kind of transport you can possibly think of.planes,taxis,buses,trains,undergrounds,private cars(the number of ppl who were so keen to help us was QUITE a number,you know) and even ended up in a luxorious Mercedes(which was the so-called "our private shuttle bus" the Alba d'oro camping site in Venice told us) -but i guess the best of the best has to be this famous water vehicle, which is -as far as im concerned - is only associated with Venezia. The top everything else, we were in the most beautiful, elegant-looking one.well, at least that's what we had agreed on while strolling around the 'floating city'. it was a really great - indescribably great - experience. (and yes, is romantic)

the accomodations? well not bad.. the worst we got (in term of room condition) would probably be the one in istanbul. though i must say here, the warm welcome we received from the owner kinda swept away most of the nEgativity we had towards that small, extremely dim-lighted room..and the best? definitely the one in Pisa!! a cabin, with two bedrooms,a nice n neat bathroom,a fully furnished kitchen and a long curvy couch:) the only con was it has no air-cond.but still, the night was cold, so no big deal.

the places? mm let me see.. we had managed to visit three - out of seven- the so-famously-believed world's Wonders. The Acropolis, The Colosseum, and The Pisa tower.. however, personally i think we've been to four Wonders actually. what's the fourth? of course the Blue Mosque. the architecture was magnificent!i dont know much about why this mosque's arcitecture made such a big fuss.mind you,i hate physics n stuff.but it surely is one cool masterpiece of arts and designs..
so,have you guys read Dan Brown's angels and demons?well, if you have, you definitely should grab the opportunity (if u had one)to go to Rome, so that you could materialise whatever Mr Brown (with so much effort it seems) had delicately described in the book. The smallest-country-world's-ever possesed Vatican (i wonder when the greedy saudi will release Macca n shares its income with muslims worldwide..fat chance!) , pheeww.. they must have stored more gold than we could imagine! you would gape with awe, i bet.n yet , they still -unbelievably- have the courage to place donation boxes here and there! ok ok.. so vatican..there's the magnificent Michaelangelo's St peter Basillica, the so-believed Peter the Jesus' Apostle tomb ( i doubt it was exactly there, i mean yeah it could be somewhere in the vatican area, but perhaps not specifically at where they marked it.), and well , pope John paul ll fan?you may visit his tomb too (and the rest of the Chistian popes' of course). mm what else in Rome? ahh yes, the most famous toss-a-coin,-make-a-wish fountain,none other than Fontana de trevi (especially after that Lizzie Mcguire movie), and there's the Pentheon, the ancient Roman building which was continuously renovated up to the reinessance(did i spell it right?)'ll find artist Rafael's tomb there.
well, i guess more or less that's it. we really had a good time during the 12-day trip though we had to suffer premature sunburn(at least that's what i called it since we all were about to go back to msia right after the trip), a handful bit of challenges ,and of course,the unpredictables to spice up memories:)
way to go backpackers!! err and bagdragger!!;-) ciow ciow