Monday, November 23, 2009

Someone special

i was browsing cheri's external hard disc earlier this evening and found this. An old memory abruptly resurfaced. i gave him this 6 years ago in reply of another mty bear(s). cheesy and lame i know but it's still freaking sweeet and.. lovey :P

Thursday, November 19, 2009


my assessment went rather well the other day.
i was able to answer all the orthopaedic questions she threw at me.
but i did meet a cul- de- sac finally to a GENERAL MEDICAL question : which was ' massive blood transfusion complications' - something that has never really crossed my mind to be asked about and something that i definitely couldnt twist with my logic because when i looked upon the topic after that, it was way out of my 'goreng' circuit. but at least now i know what the complications are;-) and oh, i cant believe i struggled big time with hypovolaemic shock grading. quite embarassing and unacceptable when i think about it.

anyway, i did have something to cheer about post-assessment. initially , my assessor told a good friend that i have passed my assessment. then, she even told a class of medical students + some fellow housemen that i did pretty well for my assesment. it definitely made my day *-^

Friday, November 13, 2009

manu encore

mais quand on se verra, un jour ou l'autre
mais quand tu serra la, ce jour ou l'autre
je saurai que c'est toi, parmi tant d'autre
meme sans dire un mot

aahh je suis amoureux de chanson et je suis amoureuse de mon mari :P trop belle!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

survey , sorta

do i like my current posting?
yes and no.

Yes to the HOD, yes to the likable and ever very pleasant and professional chinese specialist, yes to the nurses team (mostly), yes to a handful of colleagues, yes to a few MOs.

but no to the shouting-prone specialist, no to those who practise favouritism, no to the stressful pass over sessions, no to the long ot sessions, no to drama filled meetings, no to drama queens!

otherwise, life is good on and off work :)

Monday, November 09, 2009


Terdapat isteri calon wakil rakyat Pas yang menangis dan menggeletar pada majlis bai'ah apabila mendengar ikatan perkahwinan mereka dijadikan bahan tebusan demi kepentingan politik kepartian yang sempit dan jumud.
Gelojak rasa itu turut dikongsi si suami yang menggigil sewaktu mengangkat bai'ah yang memberi kata dua sama ada terus setia kepada parti atau bercerai talak tiga dengan isteri. - utusan malaysia 9 nov 09

whoaaa chill out bro.I wouldn't disagree more if this piece of reporting was true ( dont really care if it was not true either, I merely loathe the idea of such people exist!). Are these people THAT neurotic to actually willing to put their marriages at stake for power politic?
I know most of them has a sincere heart, sincerely believing they are fighting for a right course and blah blah, which I think is a good quality. But that doestn't permit you to be stupid!! this stupid! my dear fellow muslims Malaysians, I respect (and share) your intention that religious values should be the core in navigating your political ideas, that your political party should be a platform for you to implement it.However to blatantly worship THAT party like GOD (God forbid) is freaking way out of line. At the end of the day, it is just a platform, operated by mere humans; which are bound to make mistakes here and there. You can always find a new platform to channel your ideas, but are you really that douchey to leave your wife forever (whom you might still be in love with) for it. where do you learn such things? why do people like you guys exist? Learn to prioritise your responsibility as a leader! It always starts with you, second comes your family and only then, others and what not. God why do i even bother to preach teach you that. git!

P/S : forgot to mention in previous post. have bought the chest box too!!!! found it at Pavillion :) now, cheri, only 3 more items left : CD's j'adore, sun shades, and my white chanel 2.55 ;-)

Thursday, November 05, 2009

post call

turned out i had a busy call yesterday. 14 admissions and 3 discharges. but it was a good call. i enjoyed the company of the A&E team and some helpful colleagues and nurses. well, in ortho the call itself can be quite exciting actually; but what makes us rather reluctant (or dare i say 'phobic'?) to face it is the pass-over session. got lectured pretty long on certain topic by my specialist, but that was like blah compared to the possibility of being shouted at, which i am so relieved to escape.
had a long nice sleep this evening. :)

will be jorneying to SP tomorrow eve.

good night cheri. good night every one:)

Monday, November 02, 2009

neuroprexic state of mind

feeling a bit off today. hubby dear went back to kuantan early this morning. working life occilated between timid cheerfullness and mood-wrenching episodes. ah well, should i care more? yes of course no i shouldnt. let's apply what DR F , a senior psychiatrist, said the other day during the stress management CME; you yourself decides whether you want to be affected by the given situation or not. and this time, i will try my best to be optimistic.

come what may. i ll face it with a smile :)

we bought a refridgerator :P

God, please grant me a good call tommorow and smooth pass-over session the next day.
n God, i beg you to let me have my mini break by the end of this week ;-)