Thursday, March 23, 2006

my Little Loughborough

Ashby Road

since the first time i set my feet in Dublin, i had always been secretly hoping that i could go to loughborough before i left. But God hadnt granted me the oppurtunity until my last week in Europe. And yes, i am so very grateful of His unconditional kindness towards me. Thank you God:)
mum's university

This place - though not major - is very essential to be recorded in my life history. i had no recollections of my days here 21 years ago, and yet it remains very.. 'sentimental' i shd say. there were times when i tried to virtually visualise how the town would look like (based on my mum story and through a few collections of 'ancient' photos) . it was never the same in reality, though i must say my self-designed picture of loughborough hadnt gone adversely astray than how it really looks like in general.

well, thanx mom for bringing me there:-) and for bringing along the other two persons whose presence in life i care about more than my own. i couldnt be more happier to be in loughborough with the 3 persons i love the most in the whole world!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

transitional period

Voila!! as requested , n as been anticipated (;p;p) .. im writing again! im sorry i am very busy at the moment. it's a totally new life for me.. firstly i ve never been too far away from home domestically.. secondly, im practically looking for my ownself myself. and thirdly, i have to study every bit of the next day's tutorials before hand or else i'll be scolded like a darjah 1 pupil. erkhh.. life's challenging. but so far im quite satisfied with my situation now. busy indeed, but well, independence is fun actually.

i dont know how to put it, but my life in Ireland compared to in Penang was - in a way - very distinctly different. i'm missing a lot of things i've had while in Dublin, but at the same time im also enjoying things over here that i would never have had there.

oh by the way, the song that's currently playing is my favourite irish traditional song.been oblivious to it (or had i taken it for granted??) though had heard of the song since my first month there.but then suddenly, on my last days in Eire, i became very touched with it when i realised that could possibly be my last time browsing sourvenirs in Carrols , the Irish gifts store that keep playing the song over and over.

well i miss ireland.. i miss Nancy.. et un garcon que j l'aime vraiment ... il est ma vie.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Ireland's Tribute

i'll be leaving Ireland in less than 33 hours.. These past few weeks, had been travelling across Ireland and The UK (et oui, am so hopelessly tired now.but really, it's worth it!!! i was on trip with the best, and my most loved people in the world!! ;);) )
Mon Cheri
came over to Dublin, and we were on a 2-day road trip to west Eire with a (cool and genius) friend of ours;-) so here are the pics of some places that we went to..

Our rented car ..parked in The Burren

The Burren
kubur/ritual chamber zaman neolitik kt The Burren area

The 'Magnificique' Cliffs of Moher ( >200 metres in height)

O'Brien Tower @ the Cliffs. Used to be a view point for tourists back in 19th/20th century.

O'brien tower lagi

Adare Village of county Limerick.
Was regarded as Ireland's most beautiful village. There were a few rows of thatched-roof houses which are still preserved and mostly still being pivately owned. susah nk cari rumah camni these days. watched travel programme about Ireland a few months ago, and the pakcik in the programme said there were less than ten houses like this in Ireland now..

Limerick City