Wednesday, August 30, 2006

history and my side of story

to be honest, the merdeka aura doesnt reach me this year. it doesnt mean im not patriotic, it just that i dont really feel I need (or am needed heheh) to be so huu-haa about past victories and's history.move on.the present and future stuffthat matters. like, what am i gonna wear on Friday?should I go shopping this saturday? hahaha but hey, it does feel good to spoil urself sometimes hehe.
well seriously, it's good to have a little of what we call 'the Merdeka Spirit' in our mind. at least it'd be a good reminder that pisang shouldnt be fruiting for the 4th times kn (English wasnt the only one that colonized us).. but like i said earlier, dun be too immersed in it and idolising the tokoh2 too much la.that's not what we should be focussing on. it's tomorrow that should concern us more..
and i guess that's the best reason i could give to justify why sometimes, i skip my malaysian studies classes hehehee;)) alaa cikgu, wat ptg sangat, almost everyday lak tu. maaf ya hye hye hye.

Monday, August 28, 2006

a preventable haze

Sebanyak 10 buah kereta terlibat dalam kemalangan di Kilometer 7.2 Lebuh Raya Butterworth Kulim (BKE) dari arah kedua-dua hala di Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, semalam. Ia berpunca daripada asap tebal yang terjadi akibat pembakaran jerami secara terbuka di kawasan terbabit.Dalam kejadian kira-kira pukul 3.15 petang itu, seorang pemandu kenderaan cedera ringan dan mendapat rawatan di Hospital Seberang Jaya. - utusan

incidentally, i just discussed about this legal open burning with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago (and he keeps on makin fun of it with a tone that anyone can tell, full of disgust). it shouldnt be legal in the first place!! what a blunt air pollution! preposterous!!
i mean, kenapa la malas sgt nk kutip jerami tu. there must be other ways to cope with all the paddy junks. like the mat saleh do with their hampas gandum. they roll up the thing into cilinders and apparently recycle/ feed the cows with it / or buat children huts whatsoever ( im not sure of all these, but one thing im sure of they dont burn those left-overs soo openly!).
so much for our dear beloved Malaysia ..

** and incidentally(again hehe) ,this morning , Prof Malik slipped a joke of Grafton Street (a famous street in Dublin) being a perfect place where u can find a lot of paddy-ies around heheh ( in case u didnt get the joke - Paddy is a typical, traditional Irish name ). but still, he was then referring to the the same haze , causing asthmatic attack on certain group of ppl coming to Penang general hospital.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

a time to kill

what to write huh? well.. there're just too much of Paris Hilton n CT these days. they're too ubiquitous... too over exposed.
honestly, i neither love nor hate them. they re both laughable icons to me (and him).Paris with her plastic, posh n spoiled lifestyle, while cik siti being a successful Mrs. Malapropos over her 1o-year involvement in the local music scene(hahahahaha).

these are some ct's popular malapropism blunders she'd commited so far hehe ;

dj :so ct, which part of ur body that u like the most?
ct : ( im too ashamed even to write it down((blush)). but she meant to say my dimple. hahahahah.. oh ct kesayangan malaysia..)

ct : ct suke kartun po-oh ( pooh)

ct : ct suke bace majalah vo-gue (vogue) . it's pronouced voug la cik ct

dj : so ct, what's ur recipe to success?
ct : i like ayam masak merah
dj : what's ur recipe to success again??
ct : ayam masak merah

stewardess : how would u like ur tea served?
ct : in a cup please

mtv asia award speech : id like to thankSS all my fans out there...

ct ct, selamat berbahagia lah dgn atuk 'K'-erepot tuh hehe

and BTW Paris, i like ur taste of handbags. i envy ur Chloe Paddington bag so much.
oh speaking of handbag, i saw Federer's GF/manager, Mirka clutching a gorgeous white Fendi Spybag twice on separate tournaments. gonna get that if i ever(against all odds) become rich someday. hehe what a dream hunney.
paris, u're too amateur to be a singer la. cik ct, ajar la die sket (bangga la tu ct, ceh) . still, stars are blind is a cute song with a catchy tune :))

Thursday, August 24, 2006

blog-bliss make-over

wuhuuuu!! felicitation a moi! congratulation buat diri sendiri! uhuh,uhuh uhuh uhuh (imitating David Spade in Emperor's New Groove hihi. btw its phonetic is a-ha okay;) ) I've deciphered the html code - ALL BY MYSELF! u've no idea how exuberant my feeling is at the moment.
i studied (almost) every line of this blog's html template and did what's like a thousand try-and-errors to bring about this blog-bliss new look 8-) plus, editting the picture for the header... these whole html-decrypting works are not simple (like how u want the pic to repeat horizontally or vertically or on both directions, guessing the colour codes..etc etc). It costs me 4 solid hours for heaven sake!.. huhuh
At first, i tried googling free blogplates, but i couldnt find a single template that is 'free' and fabulous. all the good ones are the 'no-moolah-no-talk' kind. so that triggered me to 'meng-ketuh keteh' sendiri template ini demi merealisasikan rupa blog y baru hehe.

well, perhaps it's nothing for you guys to whom this sort of stuff are as easy as peeling potatoes (y peeling? y potatoes?? hahah i dunno. apparently that's just crossed my mind) .but still, to a semi-IT-illiterate like me, it's quite an achievement :)) TahNiah!

the 'old' blog-bliss

and one last thing.. apparently, my blog looks much better with Firefox browser than Explorer. im afraid i couldnt identify the reason why it is less compatible with the latter browser.. anyone can help me with that?merci in advance

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

when femini-menon hits

initially, my errand was to find the so-much-talked-about photocopy shop somewhere in pulau tikus area, but then, i made a pretty aggressive detour to Gurney Plaza instead after failing to locate where the place was.hye hye. and without second thought (and before i had time to make any), i rushed to lovely lace boutique to purchase two things that's been lingering on my mind for quite sumtime ;
  • the classical Lovely lace 'teddy dream' scent and
  • this one beautiful cream-coloured, lace-embroidered bin.
and yes! mission accomplished!!! yey yey! im now sitting in my room with ultimate satisfaction , sipping in the lovely lace scented air. aaaahhhhh segarnye ;)) oh i have my black beauty scented with this too, replacing the long-exhausted ambi-pur aroma . oohhh, i am so high now.. God thank you for the air i breathe!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

galloway wrecking Skynews

way to go george! we need more ppl like you (ie All-english, big shot n calling a spade, a spade sort of person) . at least he's not beating around the bush like the other George did

- got this from my aunt who fowarded the email containing this vid n im all captivated by it, so i searched you-tube n pasted it here to share with my few but loyal blog-readers:) finally, i found somebody who agrees with me (and can clarify things perfectly in this matter,)that HIZBULLAH is not a terrorist group and Israel, on the othe hand, IS a terrorist state!!!

when injustice is law, resistance is duty - and that is exactly what hizbullah and hamas are doing!! u stupid ignorant ppl! huh

btw, i was a regular viewer of skynews when i was in least much much more regular than my other housemates back then. there were times when i feel like spanking the heads of the news presenters, but most of the time, i was quite allright with their reporting.. especially on domestic affairs. sadly though they're never good in dealing justly with things like muslim vs west sort of staff and a few other important international affairs.(sigh..)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

tu me manques vraiment

this song reminds me awful lots of returned into mind when he mentioned it a couple of days ago. like everything about cette chanson- the genre,the music, the lyric n of course, the super-heartmelting voice of darren hayes'(despite the fact that he's married to a bloke - yuckies).

'It sounds ridiculous, but when you leave a room
There's a part of me that just wants to follow you too.. coz i miss you'

Friday, August 04, 2006

my post-world cup crap

dah tulis lame, tp jd draft je kt dlm pc sbb xde pluang nk publish kt tenet hehe.

Joaquin n gerrard : who’s the Spanish version of stevie G? Joaquin. they resembles each other quite a lot.dont u think?

Raymond domenech : alan Rickman lookalike, metrosexual look if not gay. but like him still. oh yeah btw Ray, the diving/acting gesture was funny :D

Ribery : this guy looks like 30. in 1998 he was still among the average franchmen celebratin on the street,n now he's been in his counrty squad.cayalah franck. I wonder why he’s not amongst the nominees of fifa young players award though. really should have been one.

thuram : the true French goalkeeper.not barthez the reckless chap.only that he doesnt wear keeper attire and not touching the ball with his hand.

raul = one of the few veteran players in spanish team.lost 3-1 to france on his 29th bday. he scored against Tunisia, who lead for quite sumtime,then things started to go the opposite way from that point onwards.

rooney : I enjoy seeing his face reaction when he was red carded during the match against portugal. the way he stared at the card that was bein shot up by the referee.haha like a toddler bein scolded by his mummy.cute- I mean babyish cute ,not the girl-to-guy kind of cuteness. he’s a flambuoyant striker.big but speed (like ronaldo heheh)

kewell got gout I heard. ouch.

petr cech : this Chelsea goalkeeper has done very well for his country but due to stiker draught – Czech out is unavoidable

Thomas rosincky – shone on the first game .. lucky wenger bought him b4 wc. his transfer rate will rocket up outrageously after the tournament. but I think I heard a commentator quoting wenger’s piece of advice ‘ do not buy player based on wc performances, coz usually these people sucks in the league’ hihih.. cant agree more. look at Ferdinand, ahn jung huan, n the whole Senegal squad hahaha. it’s sumthing like one hit wonder in music analogically.

beckham : pity him abit with all the harsh critics. but the bend it like beckham goal was superb. I sumhow like the couple, coz depite their celeb lifestyle, still remain strong until today . just cute. I like family man. and most footballers are. (most of them are married by 24- no, even younger! raul ended bachelorhood as young as 20 I think, ribery now only 23 but dunno when he got married. owen n gerrard already got kids), sheva also.morientes, n the list goes on.

ronaldinho ; hmm this guy,is fun to watch. smiling all the time. even when being sent off(remember worldcup 2002?) .i guess that’s how u should look at football. in the end of the day , it’s just a game. and when ppl playing games, they’re supposed to have fun and enjoy the moment. and that’s exactly what this ‘jongang’ (oppsy..) fella did on the pitch. a player who plays the game but pardonez moi ronaldinho, I really2 don’t like your team mates.:P:P

Thierry henry – wow. that goal against brazil was really something. I mean, god.. how can nobody mark him?it’s henry dude.stupid brazillians. but thanks though hye hye hye.

carles puyol ; this Spaniard is the most prominent thing in the Spanish squad. of course with the curly messy bushy hair hihih. but this is one hard workin man on the pitch.just like makalele ( and thuram I must say..well viera too)

oh yeah, the Saudi Arabian ( mabruk zayd was it?) goalkeeper should got credits too in this ‘post of fame’ of mine (hehe). he saved about 20 shots from the determined Spaniards. congrats man. jaziri of Tunisia also shone quite brightly in this tournament.
mm who else? ah, Lampard. I think he ha been ‘jampi-ed' by some javaneese bomoh or sumthing. I mean, he got like 30 shots on goal and NONE found the net.what a pity – not really actually. I mean he’s a Chelsea man –1. money 3. money – so not that pitiful after all isn’t it?he got all the riches in the world! save the pity for sumone else.

n zizou : well, your headbutt is awesome. puas hati tengok haha. u know what, that scene definitely overshadows the italians win. in next 20 years, football world will not remember 2006 as the year italy was the champion but as the year when zidane left his mark! zidane y va marquer! hahahha. harimau mati mninggalkan belang, zidane bersara mninggalkan tandukan untuk materazzi..hihi.but seriously zizou, YOU ARE A GREAT PLAYER!!

wimbledon –time wc dulu ade wimbledon skali, so nk merepek mnde ni gak.
deep-eyes roger federer cruises on. he’s so cool. barely sweating that guy. where by his opponents were sprinting right and left, gasping for breath by the end of second set,but he’s still just bein.. federer. cool with his slight (hate to say this) arrogant look(winced). but I don’t care a bit. go roger go! nadal on the other hand is what I despise in tennis scene. the rest, ie the like of Richard gasquet, andy roddick, agassi, lleyton Hewitt, even sharapova, the masculine mauresmo, mary pierce n bla n bla – I don’t hold any grudge on them :)

Zidane y va marquer

hahhHaha this video (actually the lyric i'd say, is pretty funny) .
i first heard about it just before the final wc match (frannce against Italy) in one of BBC news article. 'zidane y va marquer' has quite a number of meanings ( well, french language is all-flowery and poetic after all ;p) According to BBC it means Zidane is gonna score. but there is an alternate meaning as well, which is 'zidane is gonna make a mark' (he certainly did hehe). BUT according to my sweetheart it also means 'Zidane akan tanduk'. Hahahaha what an accurate prophecy, frenchies!

Heal the World

i said i wanted to make a special entry on post-worldcup last time, but unfortunately i feel obliged to postpone it again coz of things that matters even more now. it'd sound soo ignorant to show deaf ears while others are losing their homelands and even more tragical, their lives.

u know, i ve never felt so much hate to anybody as much as i am now. but the blood-thirsty Israel - to whom Allah has forbidden to re-enter baitulmaqdis- has crossed the line way too far. I cant understand to those who still consider Israel is not a terrorist regime and Hizbullah is. ridiculous and unbelievable!!! for God sake, who's killing who?talk about 2 stupid israeli soldiers 'claimed' to be kidnapped by the palestinians ( which i doubt very much) and the toll is on the innocent lives of the lebanese and the palestians to pay. what makes you (or anybody else who claimed to be an anti-terrorism act group) think that these two soldiers are worth a war?? that was the stupidest start-of- war reason i've ever heard in my whole life.But of course, i believe there IS a HIDDEN AGENDA. Of all you know the two guys are safe and sound somewhere in California (well they're the closest of friends,aren't they - or perhaps America is slightly 2 or maybe 99 inches below the zionist country, why? coz the Jews control the American politic and the world's Economy!)
Why must ppl make a big fuss about the holocoust? as if other terrible things ( which were more horror than the hitler's genocide mission) is not worth to be remembered just as much.simple. coz the Jews control the world! their numbers are few. Muslims and Christians outnumbered them like 20 times. but the scale of their powers in influencing World's history and even more scary, future, just doesn't make sense. but true it is (cam yoda bercakap lak hehe). Perhaps -nauzubillah- the Dajal is here..
God save us. i want to live in a peaceful earth. and please make the zionists and whoever behind this conflict pay for all the crimes they've done.Ameen.