Tuesday, April 25, 2006

don't play play

yesterday, while i was wandering semi-idly in the ward im currently assigned to, i saw this very pretty young girl occupying one of the beds there. my first thought was, 'lawanye die ni' n 'she cant be more than 20'. she looked distressed though. i also happened to hear a nurse consoling her who apparently was crying, while clerking a patient next to her bed. i cant help wondering what 'disease' a person so young like her,could have(it 's relatively uncommon actually)

And so today, while following the H.O (housemen officers) ward round, i stopped at her bed to see her medical record. kinda curious to know. and what i learnt then was least expected!

she had some sort of paracetamol overdose/or (a nicer thought would be) paracetamol allergy<>. the record stated that she'd taken 20 tablets of PCM!! she most probably was attempting suicide.why??

huhuh.. that's the most shocking(interesting??) part.. She's 15 and she's pregnant.
the record said that she admitted of having episodes of intercourses with a 20 year old boyfriend these last few months. she might be a rape victim too,but perhaps too shy/afraid to tell.still ,im inclined to believe the earlier claim. upon questioning , she claimed she didnt know that she was pregnant when she took the PCM. quite fishy heh? im sure she knows la. otherwise , why would she want to commit suicide?

soo sayang. she definitely cant finish school. the boyfriend must be either on the run or in any lock-ups (she's under age for God sake). imagine the stigmata she'd have to endure from now on. luckily she got the look la. but i doubt that would help much. so children, finish school first b4 indulging yourselves in the LOVe-fantillusion. you're too young to even think of the consequences.

tamat la cerite budak pompuan lawa yang malang..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

double combo

"My Videos have been viewed 12073 times" ( youtube)

wuhuu it reaches 12ooo already hehe.. Never thought they would .. really.

Football:Both my fav teams performed incredibly last night. felicitation a tout. both Liverpool and AS Nancy Lorraine won crucial matches. English FA cup semi final n French League Cup Final respectively. Ironically, with same results - 2-1 wins - huhu. Liverpool gunned down Grumpy Morinho's Chelsea while Nancy took on Nice of Provence. Cheri went to see the Nancy against Nice match at Place Stanislas with friends. They set up this one big screen there broadcasting the match from Stade de France. cayala Nancy!! cant wait to c u in UEFA cup next season. it really something for them you know. i mean, it wasnt really part of their mission at all to bring back the cup. Their main aim this season is to avoid relegation( which is already accomplished). they weren't in the league 1 last season n suddenly came with such a loud 'boom' in the french football scene. though this cup is some sort of English Carling/wortington(worthless??) cup equivalent, which is almost always won by the underdogs, it's still very much acknowledged by UEFA. and in the end, who's got the place to play in Europe? C'est NANCY sur bien!!;-)

john anne risse opens the scoring for liverpool

As for Liverpool, it's almost a sure thing that they would bring back the FA cup this season. hurrahhh!!

ok ok tutorial time my dear.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


huhuh.. the weather nowadays is 'predictably' unpredictable. very hot sunny day just b4 lunch and there came the storm n heavy pour right when you finished. c'est la vie. but i hate it.

you 're 1

this blog turned 1 year old yesterday. it's been a good fren to me .especially in helping me goin thru my ups and downs.. as well as bringing out my unexprssed feelings to quite a fair extent (though very much restricted still). so pinkie, happy birthday. MMMuaahhhx !!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

heart your heart, love your lung

so .. this is my fourth week (officially) doing clinical rotation in the wards (every weekdays morning). Am currently assigned to respiratory ward(+ tb ward). Well, have to say i learn incredibly a lot from here. never thought heart murmurs sound like they actually do ( i used to think they were some sort of dup-dup sounds, but they turn out to sound like a whooshing wind).

Am also beginning to interpret chest radiography now.. piles of Tb cases i tell you. And half of the guys in the resp. ward are under paliative therapy due to late-stage lung cancer. If you go clarking these patients you'll definitely find in your history taking that they were ex-smokers. ex- HEAVY-smokers. 5-year survival rate is quite low for these guys. coz most lung cancers aren't diagnosed until they're too late. and by the time you found out, there's nothing much you can do about it. only supportive + pain killing treatments. In other (aggressive??) words, you can only wait for them to die... smoking is a killer. really it is.

Monday, April 17, 2006

it's the 'ten' thing

10 things that would be incredibly famous after The Da Vinci Code movie , premiering this coming mid-May : -

  1. Paris' Musee le Louvre
  2. Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and Mona Lisa(of course)
  3. Priory Of Sion
  4. Opus Dei (catholic sect)
  5. Mary Magdalene
  6. Louvre Pyramid inversee (inversed pyramid)
  7. virtual Rose Line in Church de Saint Sulpice ( now the church has to put a notice on the door that the rose line was simply a fiction made famous by the book due to too many dvc fans asking for its location ;p)
  8. fibonacci sequence
  9. the Depository Bank of Zurich (got a branch in KL you know - it's mentioned in the book .. definitely sumthing to exclaim 'wow' to .. heh)
  10. and of course Tom Hank's character - Mr. Robert Langdon :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

from 'president' to 'student'?

Irish college 'to welcome' Sheen

Sheen says he wants to finish his education after retiring
An Irish university has said it was "looking forward to welcoming" Hollywood actor Martin Sheen as a student next autumn.

The West Wing star plans to study English literature, philosophy and theology with special interest in oceanography in Galway.

A spokeswoman for the National University of Ireland said: "We are developing that interest with him."

Sheen has said he wanted to finish his education after he retires from acting.

The university is home to the Huston School of film and digital media here, of which Angelica Huston is a patron.

Sheen, who is 65, said he had been awarded several degrees, but had received no "proper education" since starting acting.

He has played President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing since 1999.

His big screen roles have included Apocalypse Now and Gandhi.

wwaaahh dak dak galway jumpe superstar ah pas ni.. chishh x acii :(

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the birth of the prophet

Happy Birthday my dear Prophet of God :-)

u know what surprised me the most today? it's this one rtm tv programme. a biography. it's not about those reknown politicians of the ruling party we normally - expect to?? -see. It was other wise. the Biography was of Tuan guru Hj Yaakob (Yaakob Gajah mati i think, his nickname). and they even interviewed Nik Aziz !!! ( who happenned to be one of Allahyarham's anak murid) . and yes, this guy is (in my opinion) very much like Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. As a matter of fact, one of Allahyarham's sons was the one who translated As-syahid sy Kutub's Fi zilalul Quran to Malay!!

i guess i am quite overwhelmed to see all these. Not because of my political stance, but because i now apparently begin to see some balance ( at least some efforts towards that) in our society's poilitical situation. the Debat Perdana thing is really good. way to go Dollah.

Oh by the way, despite my suggestive comments, i d like to point out that, as for now i dont belong to any party. i simply despise the aotocratic democracy that is (or used to be HEAVILY) applied to our political system. Look at France for instance, the prime minister doesnt necessarilly have to be from the same party as the president ( im not sure wether monsieur Villepin n Chirac are from different parties though. but i am dead sure that, villepin's rival, the stinky Sarkozy is from the extreme right wing) . And these are all done to make sure that the the ruling government doent have the 'ultimate' or 'excessive' power, which invariably will overide the people's voice.

Therefore let's walk hand in hand towards a better Malaysia :)

Monday, April 03, 2006

"today is the 93rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar, with 272 days remaining"

this is how you should write a date down. be specific :P:P

ma jour.. commence a 6.00 a.m. :) merci infiniment mon amant.. tu est tout a moi.

Je t'aime ...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

lovely lace

finally.. it's been a while since i last entered Lovely Lace ( one of my all time favourite store). Dublin hasn't got one. Laura Ashley does have something quite similar, but L.A is a bit too lavish for me. so L.L can be considered something affordable (really so??). if only i could have my room decorated with all those stuff.. i would not leave it even for a sec!! oh it d be so heaven-like..

if all those were mine , id feel like a princess in one of those fairy tale. with all those delicately hand-made laces, embroideries, creamy-maroon flowers, laced laudry basket etc.. oowwhh

i am also thinking of buying Lovely lace stuff bit by bit.. so that when the time comes, i wouldnt feel soo excessively habis duit heheh. i bough this one L.L box once. i hope it wd still be somewhere traceable...