Tuesday, October 31, 2006

eid mubarak

Salut everyone. comment ca va?tout va bien? hope so:)
Alhamdulillah. raya celebration was fantastic for me. i really2 enjoy raya this year. cheri seems to enjoy it too. at least this year's eid was much better than the previous two or three years kn, chou? ;)) nk nk lak merah berjalur2 tahun ni hehe. jt'<3 ;) The first syawal was so hectic for me. after solat raya at surau, me n gran rushed back home to help mom n aunts preparing foods n dishes at home. Routinely, at my kampung after solat eidulfitr we will be parading from one house to another untuk tahalil kat almost setiap umah kt kmpung tu. and this year, the number of guests visiting ours during the tahalil alone were like twice the number of previous years. roughly there were almost 400 of them! banyak rahmat rumah wan ngn aki hehe. after that, relatives came and went x putus2. what im gonna say might sound cheesy , lame or whatever.. but it just feels great to see them again.

and seperti tahun2 sebelumnya, after solat zuhur, we (mostly consist of my aki's siblings n their families) went to visit the graveyard to sedekah tahalil to our loved ones that have passed on. then cabut2 rumput liar ngan wan that parasiting on my late great grandparents' graves.

and another thing y best is that my friends from both primary and secondary skools came berhari raya to my place !! korang, thanx sebab dtg raye ye. terharu lak hehe. but truly am sorry, coz hidang kuih ngn kek je. lenkali bg tau awal2 nk dtg , baru la leh wat spesel2 hehe.

alors d'accord.. j m'arretai ici. coz i need to study for my incomin xm which will be in 2 weeks time.not to mention that i have a basic life support course to attend tomorrow which includes some sort of test by the end of the workshop that is supposed to make me a certified cpr life saver. whattt everrrrr!

miey aja zaty, ill blog on my tragical balik kampung drama (hehe) in the next entry. jeng jeng jeng.. nanti kan drama y bakal tercalon ke anugerah skrin taun depan.. haha poyo lak ;D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

c'est la vie

The day was cloudy today.mine wasn't so bright either..
may be all this feelin-down thing was juz me. but somehow, at least 20% of it must have been caused by those people around me. and the 20% yielded on its own to become even larger in proportion (as i kept thinking about it) which eventually forced my lacrimal glands to secrete their contents.. big time.

then cheri played his role. made me smile again.. thankfully :")

Attending terawikh prayers @ masjid negeri (which is just sekangkang monyet from home) was definitely helping too. i feel at ease once more. Alhamdulillah.
sekian kisah untuk hari ini.

pictures of Glendalough, Ireland.
taken during my last ireland trip with mum, coyeen n ally:)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ladies stuff

ermm.. today, i started the day rather lazily. but as time flew, it's actually not bad . why?mainly  bcoz i just came back from spoiling myself with a pedicure hihi. it's what Encik PDX (y comel) called "a'wanita moden' 's  things" though i'd very much prefer calling the act as 'being  feminin' :p
The feet  massage felt really good.n i definitely would come there for more. they basically wash ur  feet, remove whatever fungus on the nailbeds, peel off calluses, do oil treatment, massage and then make ur toe nails look shiny. u can opt whether u wanna colour them or not( i chose not to obviously).Went there with two of   my groupmates. one of them got a manicure instead. i wanted that as well, but i will be severely  offbudget if i did. hence restraining my 'nafsu' proves to be the one and only option i had. hehe. suddenly realise how good it feels to be  a woman!  God im soo grateful u gave me the XXchromosomes. Praise be to Allah!

Monday, October 09, 2006

mari kawan2,kita baca Quran

salut mes amis et mon chere,

alors, ajourd'hui c'est le nuzul quran. time goes by in a blink.
it's the 17th day of fasting already. the annivesary of the very first Qur'anic revelation onto our dear Prophet (peace be upon him). every Muslim knows ( or should) the very first word Archangel Gabriel commanded Muhammad (pbuh) to repeat after him ; IQRA'. i.e READ.
that word consequently reminds me about Qiraat Sab'ah (the seven (types of) recitations) that i used to learn back in secondary school. it was my favourite subject in the Incentive Quranic skills class then ; an elective curicullar once-a-week class.

i dont think many people know about it though. but if u watched Akedemi Al-Quran competition recently u might have noticed.the diversity in arabic dialects invariably lead to many different kinda recitation (BUT meaning and spelling of EVERY word is ALWAYS the same) put it this way : kelantanese pronouces pergi as 'gi', kedahan as 'pi' n n9 folk as 'poie' - though this is not so accurate as anology, it's more or less like that. same word, but pronouciation differs slightly.

there are basically 7 imams (that's y seven qiraats) (there are actually more, but these seven are the most popular), with every imam's recitation bifurcates to produce two more narrators (rawi)'s recitations (rawi ni kire anak murid imam2 tu la). for example the qiraat that unanimously used in malaysia today is the qiraat of Hafas', under imam Aasim. The other rawi of Imam Aasim was Shu'bah.

here's the list ;

1) imam nafi' - Qaluun n Warash
2) imam aasim - Hafas n Shu'bah
3) imam ibn kathir - Qumbul n bazi
4) imam ibn amir - hisham n ibn zakuan
5) imam abu amru - duri n susi
6) imam hamzah - khalaf n khalad
7) imam kisa'ie - duri n abu al-harith

sometimes (long time ago, coz now i kinda forget a lot), when i lead a solat, i recited the surahs using qiraat other than aasim's , n usually i get frowning faces afterwards.but well, my intention was to make them realise that there are other ways to read the Quran. n i was very happy indeed when the AQ series actually put qiraat as one of their judging criteria.it'a exciting topic really. i really really think qiraat lesson should be taught in a wider scale. my qiraat knowledge is degrading now though.. i used to be soo damn good at it. now i barely remember which is which.. as in which qiraat belongs to which imam. shoud get a book sometime soon.
by the way, my big enormous thanx to Ustaz Rodzi, the person who introduced me to all these things:) tahapians, bes kn ustaz rodzi;)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

setan pakai prada

watched The Devil wears prada yesterday evening. Oh well, of course i like it hehe. 
i like meryl streep's character as Miranda presley. it's kinda unique way to potray a villainess. u know, usually that sort of impossibly demanding and freakingly mean character correlates with high-pitched snobbish lookin personality. but this one is just.. different. well done director. u may mistakenly thought she was a soft-spoken type of (fashionable to the bits) lady, if u didn't grasp whatever she was saying then.
Oh i think Chanel no. 5 must have been their main sponsor coz that movie is soo full of chanel stuff! boots,sunglasses, accessories, paper bags are all chanel's! jimmy choo's heels were shown too ( jimmy choo is a malaysian born world class designer. was one of princess diana's favourite. ct x knal lg kot. pas ni sket2 jimi cu la die hahah). and that emily girl was slinging Fendi Spybag right b4 she got hit by a car!
 Karl lagefeld and donatella (versace) were mentioned here and there. not so much of prada though, except for the first appearance of the 'devil' where the camera zoomed in to her 'prada' bag. (teringat cerita white chics - "it's not jst a bag.it's Prada" ;)  )
 Mamat citer 'entourage' pn ade blakon ( i like entourage series). forgot his name, too complicated (for me) to spell n pronouce;p by the way entourage is pronouced on-tur-rajh n not en-twer-rej (it's another french word usurping into english.. just like cliche, a-la-carte..etc etc. femes tul phrase a-la-carte kt restaurant2  skang nih hehe). Back to the devil story. Honestly though, Meryl Streep was practically the whole show. And she steals it 
accordingly. Anne hathway(princess diary girl)  was soo badly overshadowed. ironically, they didnt show any LV or Dior in there (or may be i just did not notice).. but well, it's a good sign... coz only Angels wear them;)) hehe.  
 Metrojaya was on sale now. (up to 70%). i was out by ten this morning to buy something i've been eying for months ;) Unfortunately that item's price was only cut off by 40% :( x mo beli pape da smpai lps raya.. ohh pompuan.. hehe

Friday, October 06, 2006

online nikkah

i 'terkekek-kekek' all the way when i first read this a few months ago. soo hilarious! anyway, this is merely just a JOKE . so dont go n take it too seriously okay people? hihi, some part of this article reminds me of 'stan' especially when he said "shut up cartman" ^(^^)^. the whole article does sound a bit like SP actually.but very very much islamised . So hit this URL :

browse http://www.maniacmuslim.com/Online_Nikkah.html

n i guarantee u'll laugh till ur stomach aches hehe.

is tea by the way..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

y we shouldnt let idiots drive

dear WAU ##,
    don't you know the rule of parking??
    that is not to KISS another car LITERALLY!!

that's exactly the message i  left behind that stupid car's wiper this morning (question marks, underline, capitals included).
and i feel soo stupid myself of not snapping a picture of the kissing scene. erghhh! judging from all the dolls on the dashboard, i take it the owner is a woman (must be a really stupid one). she must be an albino. coz albino has blond hair. and blonde is really damn stupid! 
asian->albino= blonde = stupid . Algebra solved!