Thursday, April 30, 2009

lull - a - bye

Une chanson douce
Que me chantait ma maman
En suçant mon pouce
J'écoutais en m'endormant
Cette chanson douce
Je veux la chanter pour toi
Car ta peau est douce
Comme la mousse des bois

Pour toi ô ma douce
Jusqu'à la fin de ma vie

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ladies first

what a nice pair of shoes. And legs. don't know why, but i do have a thing for ballerina shoes these days. and the shades of gray does complement her beauty. oh By all means, Michelle looks great too.

Barrack is quite lean for a president, don't you think? as for sarkozy, marrying a supermodel does come with a price. :D

i quietly turned 26 yesterday. it was a very humble birthday compared to previous occasions. what did I do at 12 midnight? - ambu-bagging one newly intubated patient while waiting for bed availability in CCU. i wished myself happy birthday under my breath and smiled.

i also had an end-of- posting assessment with the hospital director in the evening the same day. perhaps, it was my birthday luck, he endorsed and let me proceed with the next posting rather easilly. for the record, he is quite notoriously known for his liking to extend us housemen over trivial and petty stuff. that's why i felt like i must have had that birthday charm with me during the assessment hehehe.

and so, i called up several friends afterward to have dinner at secret recepi to sort of celebrate my getting-through with the pengarah. it was a fine evening. by God, i didnt intend to celebrate birthday at all, i didnt even order cakes. the reason i chose secret recepi was because i was salivating for their grilled blackpepper chicken. however one of my friends suddenly remembered the date and thus they threw me an abrupt and brief birthday party. thanks anyway. like i said. it was a fine evening.

thanks miey and dolly for the lovely thoughts. these two has so far never failed to wish me happy birthday since they first knew me. i am touched - greatly.

and most of all, thank you my dear great loving husband for all the love, thought and care you have showered me with. it was so sweet when you said your love for me would never be the same today and tomorrow as it keeps on growing each day. that was very sweet and i will never forget that for eternity. i just hope you kept your words for just as long.

i love you, baby.

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