Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paris vs Perish

"My illustration Simple Living is an idea inspired by the medias constant cover of completely meaningless things. My thought was: Since doing nothing but wearing designerbags and small ugly dogs appearantly is enough to get you on a magasine cover (read : Paris hilton), maybe it is worth a try for people who actually deserves and needs attention." - Nadia Plesner (artist/activist) commented on her controversial simple living campaign t-shirts n posters.

rather shockingly, Louis Vuitton filed charges against her for what they claimed as '
infringing their intellectual property rights' . She rebutted LV's claim by explaining that she 'didn’t use the exact pattern of a Louis Vuitton bag, and that the drawing simply refers to designer bags in general'. (well.. yeah it isn't really the exact LV monogram, but at a glance you know it imitates LV 'monogram multicolour' theme..)

I am an LV goods fan ( bags, pochettes, shoes in particular) , but i am really saddened by their action against Nadia. i am well aware that Louis Vuitton is very particular about copyright. one of numerous examples was britney; She was sued for displaying LV bags in her Video clip without permission from the Paris-based elite retailer. However in this case, i think they went too far. How can you have the heart to sue someone who are campaigning on a good course? i have to admit that LV and its fellow lavish colleagues are meant for vain people. but then, is it really necessary to affirm that vanity by filing a lawsuit against a selfless person who might, paradoxically , boost your sale? well, now i guess it's gonna be the other way round. im sure many people will be disgusted by the move.

I love charity, I'd love to get involved in human relief programme if i had the opportunity.. but that does not mean i don't yearn ( or am repressing myself from yearning) for Louis Vuitton products.. sigh. am i not allowed to like both? wasatiah ape.. hehe

Friday, April 25, 2008

loving makes your love grows fonder

In my eyes, i only see you
In my heart, i only feel you.
alors, je t'aime vraiment =)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

time is running out - 6 weeks left!

so much has been happening since i last posted anything on this blog. where should I start. ok
let's start with this one :

My blog was blocked by the blogger's automated anti-blogspamming spy. i was like.. what the hell? their server auto-detected that my blog has several 'criteria' of a spam blog. but then, in what way did my blog 'meet' the so called criteria? i posted my own words. I RARELY commented on other's blog, let alone leaving my link there REPETITIVELY like their claim of a spam blog. the only nearest thing to a spam blog that i can think of is my SEMI- anonymousness -( otherwise i wouldn't be using pseudoname i.e. Cherie ;) ). however when i requested for my blog to be unblocked, they gave me an automatic message of apology - stating that this blog is probably not a spam blog as i, the owner, does actually exist ( i.e. by sending an unblocking request is sufficient to prove that blog-bliss has a living and sound owner). My blog was subsequently reviewed and thankfully unblocked the next day.

My car and a handful of other's had been sabotaged by a bastard psycho/ group of bastards psychos who owes me an apology (which won't be granted) before he could enter Heaven (if he/she would ever manage to). what he did was so malicious and beyond your imagination. this/these thug/thugs deserve/s all sort of curse words available in the world. my dear friends, you are allowed to do so on my behalf. hehe.

i Passed my ACLS course =) that's quite rewarding , after a bad weekend ( referring to the event above) plus the fact that the course consumed my whole weekend + my Monday. it was fun. i enjoyed the mega code session - where we learned how to manage cardiac arrest with defibrillator and several life saving drugs - and we were taught how to be a team leader in such condition ( that's the best part. for a moment, it gave you this feeling of how important you are then. hehe) . Grandiosity? yeah wharrever. During the last session, whereby they handed us our result, Dr Leah, the ACLS course coordinator, told me ( and the class) 'ohh, you've been very quiet' . My friends looked and smirked at each other. 'this girl? quiet? hahhaha. you obviously don't know her.' hehehe. well, i guess I'm not too talkative ( right? right?), but I am loud and outspoken at times. Quiet is definitely so not me. during that ACLS session i did keep a low profile though. i sat at a secluded corner and i didn't make myself too prominent by impressing the facilitators with outstanding skills and knowledge ( as if i could. hahaha) nor that i flanked so badly to be noted. i didn't get distinction in any station. but passing them did suffice for me:) apparently my group broke the all-time passing rate record of 40-50% ( cant remember the exact percentage). Ours are 63%. =) For the surgical batch, Best of luck in breaking that newly set record :p hehehe.

i met my cousin in Facebook recently and i was very happy about it. Thanks FB (i still prefer Friendster though);P. we haven't been in touch for quite sometimes. He's just got a baby and my new nephew is sooooo cuteeee!

LAstly, Riz of AF6 performed my favourite Muse's song, ' time is running out' , on Saturday night. as i expected, he and the AF band didn't do any justice to that song at all. He was severely pale in comparison to Matthew Bellamy of course, but that's still forgivable as i think he did quite well for his league. but the band.. how could you undo the rocky-ish of that song by sounding sooo... dull. it sounded so poppy and well.. may i say..flat. what an insult!!. ( did i sound like a true rock music lover now? hahhaa) that's statement is half sincere and half teasing i guess :P opss hehe. But I do love MUse!i do indeed! i get this sensational rush down my spine every time I watched their Live concert. they are really really good at Live Performances. Even better than their studio version. ask any muse's fan and they would say so too if you don't believe me.That's why i think it's a bad choice to select Muse's song for a karaoke singing competition like this, as it is very hard to achieve that level of greatness.
this video is to give you a taste of what muse likes in action. A Blast! This may not be their best live version but i'd say it's among the latest and most memorable ones (as it was performed at the new Wembley stadium.. not many artistes have done that so far;))

The studio version is now backgrounding my recently blocked Blog-bliss. =)

Vote Muse for Live act!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

what's in there baby?

as i've been tagged by Aja,
here are the junkies i stuff in my purse . alors, voila !

  1. Malaysian Identity card
  2. Driving licence D class
  3. ATM card
  4. Tesco card
  5. Bonus link supplementary card
  6. Jusco supplementary card
  7. Nails Hansen coupon for free mani/pedicure
  8. Dior club card
  9. MAS grads card
  10. RM 5 photocopier card ( used in PMC library)
  11. Tissot warranty card
  12. Gucci sunglasses waranty card
  13. Braun Buffel authenticity certificate card
  14. 2 passport photos of mon cheri
  15. 2 passport photos of moi
  16. dollars and euro notes for kenangan
  17. few Ringgit notes ( miskin tadak duit)
Itu sahaja. tag sape lagi ek? jhaz mungkin? sapa sapa nak buat , sila lah =)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Birthday and Thank God It's Friday


after all the good things in life that happened to me in the recent past, i feel obliged to acknowledge them here. I can't thank God enough, and I cant thank YOU guys enough. thank you.

My birthday happened to pass by quite recently. As much as I'm upset with the notion of being a quarter century old that auto-engraved itself on my mind without my consent, I actually feel so good with the support and care i received in return.

this year, the earliest person to wish me happy ageing birthday is MIEY (~,^) - on the eve of my birthday ;)

then a couple of wonderful friends and close contacts texted their warm wishes to me at 12.00 am . my future adik ipar was one of them. hehe. i was already asleep by that time due to exhaustion from playing futsal earlier that evening.

as the day went by, more wishes came pouring my way. rase cam org tabur petals je. haha. baba was the first parent to call me that day;) my mom n my abah only did so later that night. so this year baba won lah:P

the best part of that day only emerged after sunset. me and my entourage here in penang went dining out celebrating my 20th+5 bday at TGIF ( i was made to choose between Chillis and TGI friday. of coz la i pilih TGIF kan hehe). The 3-course-meal was extravagantly abundant and super delicious! TGIF is an ideal place to celebrate birthday really. The crew are all well trained to co-celebrate with you. The TGIF staffs brought me a slice of cake ( for free ) and made me stand on a chair, embarassing really huhu. They gave me a pepper mill 'unique TGIF microphone' and i almost believed him. You cant blame me, his facial expression is so indifferent! i was asked to sing ( shoot!) the only song that came to my mind was Letto's haha. eventually, i sort of reluctantly (and nervously) sang two lines but apparently no one heard it, which was a good thingggg coz im so freaking ashamed of how cocky and off-tune i sounded!! Then the craziest part was when they made me blow the candle from more than one metre distance! that guy reminded me ' no saliva, yea' hahaha. naturally i didn't manage to blow it that far, until that guy brought the cake slice up to 90 cm hehe. yippie! done it! then the crew sang their classic version of birthday song to me as well as the unanimously known birthday anthem ( at this point my colleague joined along i guess :P ). Thanks Coyeen, Ally, my housemates the two siti hasmahs ( ct n ceme ) , maz, julie, Chaon, Nuni, Dolly, Haizum, Effa, Aleq, Mie, anas and sani for making my birthday so memorable and wonderful!

Cheri, played his part too. He was the last person that day to wish me - purposely i guess. when he called at elevenish that night, i was a bit 'muncung' already la kan hehe. tp naturally, my masam muka cam sangat lah transient, sweet talk mana yang patut cepat je berbunga balik haha. present? well, cheri biasanye will delay the delivery until we meet. tahun ni probably hadiah dlm hantaran terus kot hehe. but i usually like his gifts. practical and elegant;) keep it up. sunset boulevard kah? hehe. up to you really hunn ;) D300 tunggu saya bergaji dulu lah baru leh kate 'ye' okie;))

anyway, i got gifts from my adorable friends instead ! I got a beautiful mauve colour head scarf from Cheme. I'm so touched by my dear house mate's thoughtfulness !!! Nuni gave me this floral scented body wash. Her special request is to save a few mililitres for my wedding night :P. will do nuni hehe.
Dolly gave me this very pretty mauve card with meaningful nostalgias and wishes ;) love her. Asten gave me a cute lovely lace mini bear ( now hung in my car) . so cutee!!!! Angeline,Elyssa and kean yew gave me a very lovely bracelet with a magnetic hook. i likeee it like mad!! Saliza, another angelical friend of mine, who is my studymate nowadays, brought me to Bella, an elegant Italian Restaurant. The food, i tell you,is soo damning delicious with authentic Italian taste. Thanks for the treat Saliza. like I said before, i can't thank each of you enough. this is the best i can do for now. thanks guys for being so nice to me. It feels good. and it is good. i am so grateful to have you, friends. i am!

oh yeah, Mie and Anas also tried to organise a bowling session on Saturday, alas the whole lanes in Penang bowl were booked for tournament and Midlands bowling centre only opened by 12 noon. next time yeah hehe.

merci beaucoup a tous ! merci merci merciiiiiiii !

au revoir :)