Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nuclear + War

erm, so today i completed my sub-rotation at the nuclear medicine department ; the coolest department in the whole hospital .. in fact, in the whole Malaysia! (n when i say the coolest, i meant both literally n metaphorically . y, it was freezing cold in there, esp in the meeting room. i felt like i was in Dublin during autumn being in there) . Penang Hospital is the pioneer base for Nuclear Meds in this country.i had the chance to stare n admire the first ever PET scan(positron emission tomography) used, which only started operating fully for the public use by August last year. Nuclear med differs from the other radiological/imaging methods in term of its mechanism n function. basically they inject the person with the radioactive isotopes (which usually probes a certain chemical) , the machine will then detect them and scan it for the doctors to interpret.where as, the non-nuclear imaging, the machines are the ones that transmit the radioactive agents, n try to get through ur body and get printed on the opposite site. while normal CT scan n its colleague mainly used to determine a disease's anatomical position, Nuclear Med imaging focuses more on its functional activity. n i just learnt from the technologist just now malaysia, actually do have a cyclotron centre , bunking underground at the Putrajaya Hospital (was it.. but it was in putrajaya btw). cool!! cyclotron is - i think- some sort of particle accelerator. i know quite vaguely on how it works; -again, i think- the atomic particle basically can emit a really big energy in return. it has something to do with mater-anti mater properties ; n the energy its produce is sooo huge to the extent where, if a very tiny amount mater n the anti mater touches each other ,a real big explosion would occur. For God sake, u physic people know better la. most of my knowledge on this came from Dan Brown's angel n demon anyway ( i have a real passion to go to CERN in Geneva since then hehe)

and oh, we'll be having a paint ball war this weekend.yeehaa :D behold!!my fellow radiology clan, let's crash the the ears noses n throats of the ENT militants, let's crack the eyes of the ophthalmology guerrillas, n let's torture the anesthesiology terrorists so that they endure an unbearable pain n keep em away even from the mildest form of analgesic . hua hua hua.;))
i just hope my skin wouldn't bruise afterwards.. i just heard some horror stuff about the paintball shootings :(

life's like that, skool's like this

just now, on the way back from skool, i listened to mixfm/hitzfm (cant recall which one) n there's a celeb news about that bond guy, Daniel Craig. apparently there's been an anti-Daniel Craig campaign launched against him. so they seem to share my first impression when judging him - that is he's not bond enough - why? coz he "a short, blond actor with the rough face of a professional boxer and a penchant for playing killers, cranks, cads and gigolos."
but i think that's such an unfair comment to make on him.yeah he's blond. but Brosnan looks even more 'gigolo' than him though. well, of course Sean Connery is out of comparison . he's like a vintage car.or an old painting. the older you get the more valuable you become.hehe. off record - my mum likes him a lot (shhh). i really personally feel that Craig deserves a credit. even my bond-lover pals said this one is the best bond movie they've seen so far. cant comment on that either coz i dont watch much bond films.

skool life ; pheewwww merci merci merci merci beaucouuuuuuuuup Prof Peter JamesLlee!!! for extending the portfolio submission dateline, not for another week, but for another month!!! hihihihik, THANK YOU! but the public health things erghh, i dunno , i did love statistic subject during A Level, but now, i just simply hate all the terms. standard deviation, outliers, interquartile range, frequency polygon n God-knows-what-else. we'll be dumped at baling for three weeks this january to do our so called 'research' on Baling's babies n mums. Apparently the percentage of neonatal jaundice (demam kuning in babies) in Baling is remarkably higher than malaysia's average. n our job is to determine and establish the risk factors. hmmm, just hope it'd be a nice trip. Baling, be nice to us.

Monday, November 27, 2006

the 'it' guy

salam semua..
aa td tgk blog jhaz, nampak gambar swiss guard . baru teringat, dari aritu da nak kutuk (opss) i mean comment, tapi lupa hahahaha.

they say, a picture can say a thousand words.. kan? take a look then

no, he's not a clown. that, my friend is a swiss guard. but they are not guarding a swiss bank or whatever that has to do with Switzerland ;

they are the guardians of the Vatican.

And before you laugh him off, let it be known to you that the designer of that man's garish attire is none other than Michaelangelo himself. pretty bizarre isn't it. i guess Mike must have gone through some idea-drought period when designing that uniform..either that or he was then too drunk to think straight. i mean come on, he was like the master of building architectures of his time ( the basilica was so damn marvelous i tell ya), not to mention all the painting masterpieces. and yet, all that he could come up with was this puffy tunic with blue n gold stripes? looks more like a Shakespear's costume to me.

the only thing that swiss about the swiss guards are the men themselves. they are recruited from Switzerland and have undergone training with swiss army.n oh ladies, if u re thinking of hitting on them, forget it- they cannot marry you. but girls, i'm sure you've got a better taste though, or ..haven't you?. hehe.

the Vatican. the dome up there is mike's saint peter basilica

i did write something on Rome n co last year. in case you guys wanna look at em again; click here

Friday, November 24, 2006

casino royale

erm today. heheh agak leisure sebenarnye. signed in at the radiology department reporting office around 835. then headed to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) room as i am currently rotating there. n guess what? the machine broke down. so we waited and waited until this one doctor trashed us into the tutorial room so that we can do futher waiting and did nothing but chatted away. oh dear, i love radiology posting!! hehe. as we got bored of waiting for at least a tutor to come in and preach their imaging knowledge on us , we then decided to take our usual but earlier roti canai break. chatted away again.
machine still not working.. "Guy's let's go to Gurney n watch movie" at first i thought my colleague was jokin. to make the story short, we ended up watching Casino Royale by 12 o clock hahahaha.

well, honestly i wasnt really that moved to watch the bond movie initially coz to me, that Danial Craig guy wasn't Bond enough to be playing Bond.
but hey, i think i really had to take back my words afterwards. his acting was cool in fact. and obviously much better than brosnan. as from what my bond-lover frens said, this movie is some sort of a prequel of the other james bond films rather than a sequel. n that's why - according to them - the bond character is quite careless and he was fooled at times. but over all, i think the guy totally play the part in that movie. a lot of fancy cars (no bentley honey:p ) , hot chics, mafias, actions BUT barely a gadget used (which i found , very atypical, considering this is james bond movie).

leh la kasi 4 bintang kot ..heh

a plus madam et monsieur

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

fear factor

Oh God Oh God.. is it gonna be like this until April??? every single day?? it's only been two days but im already freakin out!
8.30 am - 12.00 pm = wandering in multidisciplinary departments (in n out time recorded)
12.00pm-1.00pm = public health lecture
2.00pm-5.00pm = series of lectures mainly consists of that boring public health course!

n there wouldn't be anybody who can compete the 'boredom effect' swirling out from the public health lecturers, and i tell you,they can produce it quite extraordinarily.

oh mon Dieu.. qu'est-ce qu'il faut faire??? noonnnn omd..omd..omg!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

the return

holaa everyone. im writing again at last! xm was horrible actually. but well, what's done is done. no point regretting over the spilled milk (unless the milk spilled into another jar/glass in which case you ought to be super lucky, or if u are an extremely unhygienic person who dares to lick the floor for it.) the mcq for surgery used the negative marking scheme (i.e. minus one mark for each question that is wrongly answered.if u leave it blank u got zero mark) it's like 'head i lose, tail they win' kinda, it's more like 'head i lose,tail im dead' kind. i have no choice but to know my stuff, which was the hardest part for someone so slow n lazy like me. medicine paper fortunately did not apply this ridiculous scheme.but, hell. i still ended up guessing almost half of the answers.

enuff with xms. my car got caught in flash flood recently.happened the night i was supposed to go home for raya holiday.couldnt be more dramatical than that. i was all-excited bout the prospect of celebrating eid with family for the first time after three years. really i was. but when i saw my car half-covered in that stinky water, my heart sank along.worse, i ve put my bag at the back seat earlier that day. luckilly the water hadnt got onto the seat just yet . but missing it just by inches - not more than two i'd say. now then, if i opened the door, more water would've flushed only option was to climb through the booth to retrieve the bag. i did it. I HAVE TO CATCH MY BUS NO MATTER WHAT.I WANT TO BALIK RAYA. the thought of walkin through the thigh-level flood again made me sitting in the booth for a while. i started callin people frantically then.yep,still sitting in there;p. n started crying(erk) the moment i croaked my 3rd words(i did try to neutralise it by some weird forced laugh,not workin so well though).it was embarassing really. but, put ur self in my shoe. i dont know what upset me more. the car or the flood or my wet legs(talk about all the germs!! yarckkss) or the almost-possible possibility of missing the bus that nite.
to add up to the misery, i tripped and cut my knee n my trousers koyak kt lutut, which made me look like a pathetic rugged-looking homeless girl. tapi tu la, dlm bencana ade cahaya. i dont know what would hv happened to me without all the helps from people around and not so around me.. thanx alot. n yes in the end, i missed the bus, but alhamdulillah i survived. i bunked over at angeline's place that nite. she and her boyfriend, kean yew(also a good friend of mine) picked me up from the scene. i finally went back to temerloh the next morning , sib baik ade kawan y x balik lagi so i tumpang them sampai KL. My Black Beauty? she's still a bit fragile now. but she's recovering good.

but i had a quite cool return journey. i was in the Red Devil Airbus. the very airbus that flew to manchester and signed by the Man United players in May. HAHAHA to MAN U fans:p:p Red in colour (of course) ,bearing an MU crest , also with some famous faces in the team terpampang kat badannye. im not their fan, but i dont hate them either. so, it's :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

apa apa saja

ma jour ne commence pas bien. bad dreams (not exactly nitemare, but wasnt something i favour either),head ache, n a few stuff i for certain do not want to share with anyone other than my sweetheart.
sorry i think i might not post any crap for sometime after this.
i need to focus on my study which proven to be very difficult to do.
God help me..
i need ur 'good luck' wishes, ppl. coz ill only get thru this mind-tangling xm out of luck. so it seems.