Monday, November 28, 2011

gambar hiasan
it's been a while since i last wrote . i guess today i want to discuss about work. again. can you believe my odd , getting THREE  MAS* with PPHN** in THREE consecutive oncalls! i just shook my head in disbelief. may be God wants me to learn tip top in managing pphn. one survived one died and one is still battling. May Allah save this one too...

if you think about it, labour is a very risky phase in pregnancy.It can be tragic. some children grow well in utero with no complication at all, ready to get out of the womb. but, because of complications such as prolonged 2nd phase due to various reasons, commonly poor maternal effort in pushing, or cord prolapse,  or sudden placental abruption, they  end up with severe asphyxia , with sequalae or even death. the same goes to those baby who passed meconium ( poo) in utero (which happened alot) . at the very moment they are about to come out, a few number of them swallowed and aspirated the meconium into their lungs, causing blockage in gas exchange therefore compromised breathing.
i can't help feeling sorry for the parents. they surely have imagined a better , more cheerful life with a new member in their little family, but end up in sorrow and grief because of one unfortunate event during labour.  it would be different if things have already been anticipated long before labour. atleast they are mentally ready..

alas, this is life. i'm glad i could be at the other end. trying to save these babies. most of the time it was not apreciated at all, which is fine as we do get the satisfaction solely  by resucitating and managing them without their parents thanking. it just that sometimes these people went overboard by complaining of petty things added with false statements that makes me think, your child was almost dead and he survived well  after much effort to revive him from going 6 feet under  and you are still complaining?? ungrateful cows you are.

* meconium aspiration syndrome
** persistent pulmonary hypertension of newborn