Saturday, January 22, 2011

My personal experience

Breastfeeding benefit from my personal experience :

  1. a  huge contributing factor for a healthy and chubby baby I am granted with currently.
  2. even though my baby was born with a low birth weight, his weight pick up exponentially after birth, surpassing many of his baby collesague, even those who have already aged 8 - 9 months.
  3. mommy lose weight incredibly too! no jamu, not much exercise but may be hectic oncalls are to blame too. i weigh lighter than my pre-pregancy days :D
  4. the physiological changes I endured during pregnancy have gradually dissapearing.e.g. hyperpigmentation is getting much lighter just as before :) it has gone back to normal now. luckilly no stretch marks.
  5. satisfied feeling seeing bottles of breastmilk filling in the top compartment of the freezer :)
  6. money saving! no need to buy those expensive powdered formula milk.
  7. effective contraception. baby is 5 months old and Im still menstruation free. expected to last up to 6 months. we'll see ;-) 
I hope I could continue to breastfeed Harris for 2 years. Btw, Harris got his 5 month old  jab yesterday and he did not even cringe let alone cry when poked! kuat anak mama nyh ;p

Harris milkstock. Used to be more.. but because of frequent busy calls, it has depleted :(
weekend is here but no, i haven't weaned him :p

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Should I , Should I not.

Should I wean Harris to Solid now? He's only five months old yea but he seems ready and he weighs incredibly too. I think he has probably weighed about 8 kilos by now ( wanna bet?-  am going to the KK for 5 month old appointment next week inshaallah.)
furthermore his milkstock is ain't that much now =( going to be oncall tomorrow, hopefully the milk can last till evening next day. sigh. 
Bought Harris a bottle and food warmer via online. loving it, though my granny said it is a just a waste of money as she doesn't favour it that much ;p
may be, just may be, I'll feed Harris with mashed milked potato next week. ha! =D