Sunday, August 24, 2008

One of the parts I love the most about my wedding is the handmade  dipped flowers. Beautifully crafted by 2 aunts in-law of mine. credit to nuni for these lovely shots. 

as for this one, not that i like the chandelier so much, i just love the shot from this angle.  good job nuni!  
Life is glitteringly wonderful for me at this moment. i know it's gonna be hard after a few months; once i commence housemanship, once the distance takes place and all.. mais  que serra serra . i chose it to be this way, so be it. whatever it may be. 
Liverpool delivered a stunning late performance in last night's match against Boro. Gerrard and caragher were the heroes. Sorry Torres, (for once) it wasn't meant to be your night :p 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

conferred and married!

Peace be upon each of you. hello again.

my apology for the super long silence. i've been busy. busy and happy. it is an awkward combination of adjectives there. but that's what best to describe life in this past two months ++.
Praises be to You, dear God.

June 17th 2008 was the last day of my life as an undergraduate medical student. the Final exam went rather smoothly with not much drama except for my unfortunate encounter with that intimidating RCSI professor during my surgical long case. God, he's a nightmare. i quite enjoyed the rest of the exams actually.

July 3rd 2008, mon cheri landed home. yeayyyy.

July 6th 2008, i was conferred with MB BCh BAO (NUI) degree(s) by my college and university; which entitles me to join the medical professional team. i was very happy indeed. my parents, my grandma, and my sister were there, attending the ceremony along with us. too bad cheri and his family couldn't make it. He had to attend his pre-marital course. i wore my mom's Kurung Tenun Pahang Diraja ; the cloth which my mom plans to put in the list of valuable inheritances of our family:P :P it was quite big for me but thanks to the graduation robe, the problem was well taken care of. As much as i was overwhelmed by the scrolls, mortar board, robes, mat saleh bigshots and all, i was quite sad by the end of it as i did not have the chances to part with a handful of my good pals properly.everybody was busy attending their family circles at the foyer.Some were in the high-tea hall, and some just 'vanished' out of my sight.i didn't take much photos too. how i regretted it.. Luckily that wasn't the end of the day. i eventually met cheri and his family later that night. his parents and mine were busy discussing about our marriage while we were 'busy' smiling at each other and cherishing the opportunity of meeting in person after almost a looong 10 months apart.

the rest of July was hectic for me and my family ( and my wedding planner). all sorts of people came to our house. Tuan Qadi, JKR staffs, interior experts, are to name a few. i don't dare (even until today )to ask my parents how much this wedding prep has cost them.. i just pray to Allah that their sacrifice for my sake would worth it. i pray that Allah would help me to repay them as much as they deserve.

July 26th 2008. that was 'the' day. at 10.09pm i am officially wedded to my long-time sweetheart after three attempts. hehe. he wasn't nervous. it was more to the fact that our jurunikah was being fussy and confusing. thanks miey for recording the time for us. two best friends i have to thank the most for my wedding is Ally and Miey. Sorry for troubling both of you for my cause.. you guys have no idea how grateful i am for what you have done. and of course to you too nuni, without you, who else would be my back up photog;-) and i'm sorry that you and zaman had to endure the mud. let it be known that i appreciate greatly that you went through all those 'obstacles' for the sake of our friendship ;-) to coy (and pakcik), please do read the sentence before this as well ;-)
back to the bride and groom story. we only started rehearsing for the next day by +- 11.30pm and finished around 1.00 a.m. . i was starving to death. i still couldn't believe that my status has changed. i was both thrilled and numb. and happy. and hungry. :P

July 27th 2008. Our first reception. i am overwhelmed by the number of people turned up to our humble home. 2500 guests! my only regret was that i couldn't meet and thank a lot of people who mean the world to me that day. there were just too many people to entertain, plus the unfortunate fact that i am notoriously known for not capable of handling hectic scenes smartly. huhu:P my big big apology. to those of whom the invitation did not reach them, i regret dearly. i meant to invite each of you. i have too little time to spare then. my friendster apparently was 'bengong' as well when i sent the invitation to friends' message boxes. i have the feeling that not everyone received my post online.. stupid friendster. believe you me, i didn't purposely leave any of my friends out. i'm true sorry if any of you feel that way.

all, in all it was a very very very memorable day of our lives ; ie my husband's and mine. and i hope it was for many of you who attended it too. thanks for sharing our special day with us. PMC mates, tahapians, SKTL buddies , smkt friends, jasinians............ a BIGGGG thank you from both of us.

we don't really have a proper planning for our future yet, but one thing for sure, we plan to live happily ever after together :-)

I'm yours =)