Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Athens - June 2005

Of all Athens' remaining (now preserved) ancient temples, i love this one the most. cantik kan?? funny.. Greek empayar.. the origin of plenty basic scientific discoveries.. yet too blind to see that these so called Gods n Goddesses r nothing but their own fictions.. There are never Gods. There's only God.

ni plak academy.. aa salah satu tu socarates la.. not sure which one..

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

im a muslim, get me out of here

So...recently, i attended a talk given by one of my favourite public figures; brother Moez Masoud . well, of course most of you don't know him, because who bother to watch arab channels rather than the middle easterners themselves?in fact, me knowing his existence(which im very glad i did) can be considered by chance.i was browsing from channel to channel to find any interesting program to be watched, when i happened to 'unintentionally' press the no.5 button on my tv remote control which instantly made my tv blinked and displayed the ART channel. i was about to press the remote button again when i realised the forum program was in english. i watched it instead. after 20 minutes, i was in love with it already. The title of the youth program was Parables in the Quran, whereby they exracted several verses in the Quran (particularly Surah Yusuf) and pondered its meaning and tried to apply them in daily lives. Moez was the host. he is brilliant! At that time, i was two months away from leaving for Dublin to further study. That show had definitely boosted the dose of desire to study abroad in my heart. Y? because all my life i've always wanted to do all those things, atending talks, forums, ceremonies, etc etc where you can meet ppl(muslims particularly) worldwide,get involved n get togeher regardless races or cultures, no more boundaries (biaselah, dak2 baru mmg semangat lain macam sket hahaha).
therefore,when came back home during summer holiday last year, i was quite disapointed to find out that the program is no longer aired. so it's a bit like a dream come true laa to have actually met (and talked to) him in person! hehehe.
during his ceramah he stressed upon the importance of having the inward islam within your heart .. i.e. Ihsan. Ppl pray, fast, pay zakat, etc etc but that only the outward of islam (the five pillars), ppl believe in Allah, heaven n hell and so on, but thats just a dry iman unless you feel it in the inside and you display what you believe with your deed . well more or less that's what the talk about. (ill try to get the audio/video record soon inshaallah, n see if i cd put up here).
further info about Moez , feel free to browse moezmasoud official website