Friday, March 30, 2007

encore, c'est le roi soleil

extracts from the musical theater. not the best extractions id say. this doesnt do justice to the mesmerizing performances of the spectacle

Thursday, March 29, 2007


exam is over.. well provided i won't be called for viva.
but for now, yeah it's over. both ENT and Ophthalmology OSCE were pretty scuked actually. heheh. it was fun doin the ophthal OSCE, even though my case presentation was hopelessly a blunder. aiyoo pakcik, i asked specifically whether your chief complaint was blur vision or visual loss. n u kept repeating it was blurring of vision. duh. u made the whole thing went haywire you know. xpe lah pakcik. u r very nice anyway. the two examiners ( from ministry of health) kept smirking n even bluntly laughed at my stupid irrelevant answers. chiss.

i wasn't called for ophthal oral. which means, i am neither at the borderline nor (very much expectedly) a likely candidate for a first class honours. whatever, i just hope i am not among the failures.
ENT.. ntah bile nak kuar oral list. n seriously, i am more concerned of my ENT exam perfomance than of the Ophthalmology. soalan OSCE seme xde kene mngene ngan mnde routinely belajar ke?? horor lah. of all things vocal cord papillomatosis y kuar, cis lagi. tanye la mnde common kat malaysia. nasopharyngeal ca contoh nye. ni thyroid ca mnde syllabus surgery jugak y kuar.double chis-es. sorry ye guys. just nak melepaskn geram. im sure u pretty much have no idea what i was merepek-ing about. neither do i actually haha.

okeh, i've been tagged by my two friends ( miey comel ngn Jhaz the traveller) to list down six weird stuff about me. Or was it 6 things about me that could confirm i am a weirdo? doesn't matter, i am a relevant subject either way.

1) i am not a fruit eater

dont ask me what fruit i dont eat. instead, ask the opposite q. trust me, u'll be saving a significantly a lot of time with the latter q. durian is my arch enemy. so, if any of u baru lepas makan durian, duk jauh jauh n please please dont touch me ok. i really cant stand it.

2) i can be a real selekeh vague-looking ala betty la feya at times and a real bergaya to the bit sylo chic the other. tak lah up to the bon chic bon genre league, tp on my level of vogue looking definition, cukup bergaya da la kot ( abis la kene condemn ngan ilyasak pas ni- pengkritik tetap of my daily outfit) hahahah. well...i sort of have a cycle on this u c ;p

3) i often have a very different understanding and concept compared to my fellow colleagues' , on the exact same things that we study on.

4) i prefer to shop alone. coz i usually dont like to do the waiting part. u see, i have to complete the 'tawaf' of the mall. hehe. the exception would be shopping with my sweetheart la kot, coz i love buying things for him( ...or teman him to buy things most of the time;p;p). but there's a different between meeting frens at a mall for 'meeting or entertainment sake' and shopping-spree purpose ok. i love doing the former.

5) i love driving. n with that come speeding. is that weird? ntah lah.

6) day dreaming is my routine part time job. go figure .

err i am supposed to tag people. but i dont know who else to tag. my cheri nak ke? hehe. kalau sudi wat la k;)) or else,this tagging game ends here pour moi :)

sepatah kate farid vogue ; daaaaaahhhhhh ;p

Saturday, March 24, 2007


kgkadang terase diri ni suke nyusahkn org lain. susah kn mak bapak. susahkn kekasih. kgkawan kadang2 ade gk mase y kne disusahkn.

sy cume harap w/pun sy susahkn mereka, mereka akan tetap syg saya. sebab saye sayang mereka. yey yey nak balik tgh bulan ni.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

wawasan twenty twenty

menarik x number tu? hehe .kebetulan time cek, ini numbernye. cant resist to print screen ;))

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

ophthamology madness

sorry about the technical problem:)

my blog has turned back to normal now. but the address didnt. tensen tul.

went to the eye clinic and ward pagi dan ptg. kiasu x? hahaha

terpakse. tomorrow last day leh assess patients kat spital. after that, any ward or clinic visit will be prohibited. apparently for quarantine purposes. cam pasar raye clinic tu pnuh ngn med student carik mangsa. my first patient of the day was this one wheelchair bound lady with diabetic retinopathy. she was initially reluctant to let me do fundoscopy on her eyes since she couldnt stand anymore glares from the opthalmoscope's lights. thanks to dozens of fellow kiasu med students before me. then while practicing my doc-patient communicating skill with her, without any intention to further pursue my errand, i explained to her why suddenly so many of us crowding the clinics, that the osce exam will be next week and we only got tomorrow left to practice on real patients. and may be, just may be, she was so touched by my pathetically-sweet facial expression (hehe perasan kan? ;p;p) that she actually offered me to look into her fundus(inner eye part). she said something like, ' klu mcm tu, buleh la adik, kena berlatih nak periksa, meh tgk meh' - org mengantuk mintak bantal dapat tilam sekali nampak nye hehehe.

sepetang berdiri dlm bilik doktor tu letih gak la. da la tgh sakit perut.. takpe .. demi Ilmu.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


i feel fat, old and trashed

i took the stairs today coz i began to worry of not doing enough exercise ( have i done any?) and i eat too much.hehe
i feel old coz im almost 24
i feel trashed coz i just feel like it

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Sun King

La Troupe du roi soleil : kumpulan Raja matahari

enfin! (finally)
i eventually got to watch LE ROI SOLEIL: the theatre.
it was awesome it was brilliant.
the choreographies were weird but fantastic! and the props were like... wowww!
some of them were very good at singing live actually. very good. manu was a bit inconsistent. he cant really hit the low pitch.
i definitely will watch it again after the exam. and hopefully, this time id be able to understand at least one fifth of the whole conversation;)) but hey, i managed to understand the storyline. that's good enough, what (manglish there:P). the down side though, whoever french guy that produced this dvd should have enclosed English subtitle as well. kuar la dr tempurung, terima hakikat ; French is not a universal language. it's not like they are not aware of the existence of the international fans. i am pretty sure they've least, the official forum has.

well anyway..oh Gosh this DVD really reincarnates my roi soleil era. only now i have a much better view of what roi soleil ( the band) is about.n i keep re-listening to mon essentiel, la vie passe n tant qu'on reve encore..over and over again.

Thanks hunn for the DVD. judging from the DVD's presentation, you must have spent quite a significant amount on that. im just so lucky to have someone so loving n considerate like you hehe. ;p;p teruskan amalan baik ni ye :P

gmbr amik pki fon buruk je. so jd cmni la hehe

saya mahu belajar :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

life reflection

it's one of those days where i am really in need to look at, or to listen to something soothing.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Law and Order : House MD edition

For these two weeks ( starting last saturday) we are having a series of crash-course lectures on forensic, legal medicine and ethics given by Prof Dennis Cussack y best. his presence made me miss Earlsfort Terrace a little . this legal forensic part of medicine is pretty interesting actually. i am basically a temporary law student for a fortnight hehe.

as for multidisciplinary rotations, i am currently assigned to ENT ward (ear nose and throat) which is also the last rotation before starting the POPGP rotations (Psychiatric,Obstetric n Gynaecology, Paediatric, General Practice) that is due to begin after THE EXAMS. one paper down, bunches more to go. aduii:(
and this morning, a terminal larynx cancer patient passed away due to carotid blow-up. the carotid artery literally blows up (put 2 or 3 fingers on either side of the neck, feel a pulse? that's ur carotid artery. NB do not occlude both sides simultaneously! kang korg pengsan x pasal2 i kene masuk court :p:p)
can see blood splattered on the bed and the floor. the thing is, the outcome could have been totally the opposite for him, had he not refused surgery when it was still early. if anyone has no choice but to pick up a cancer in his life time (God forbid), Larynx ca should be on the top of his list . Because this cancer is among those with the best prognosis.i.e, survival rate is relatively very long.

i guess you can't just simply say "tawakkal to alallah".Tawakkal comes after your effort remember..

seeing all these cancer patients (nasopahryngeal ca mostly) in the wards reminds me how short life can be, how sudden God can take back lives that He lends us. God's Mercy is the only thing that shelters us from all the tragical things that happen... Illness is one of them.

Jhaz nanti la ye mnde tag tu. heheh