Tuesday, January 05, 2010

recepi of healthy lifestyle

at around 10.45 today :

palpitation.silence.tinge of happiness.happiness.broad grin.hesitation.broad grin.questioning the reality.grin again.scary.palpitation.happiness.confusion.happy

that's the recepi of healthy lifestyle for today:)

i love all of you:):)

Monday, January 04, 2010

The P News

One Hospital staff ( a cleaner to be exact) visited A&E clinic this morning accompanied by her mother. She is small sized, age 21, presented with vomiting for the past five days and lethargy. I was busy attending another patient when a medical assistant asked for my help to assess her hydration status. by checking her tongue and skin turgor, i concluded that she did not need to be intravenously hydrated.

Medical assistant : should I send a BUSE? (blood urea and serum electrolyte
- a biochemical investigation)

me : Sure. Do whatevs. (with the tone of one busy doctor. hohohoh)

then, 2 hours later, A staff nurse handed me the girl's card.With a result. which is not a buse result. But a urine pregnancy test. It was circled positive.

me : (gasp) I thought we only send A BUSE sample..

Staff nurse : I have a feeling it would turn out as it is now ( grinning)

then, we called the patient in :

Me : So You muntah2?

girl: yes. kenapa dgn saya doktor?

Me: You tinggal dgn siapa?

girl: dgn emak

Me : ada boyfriend? ( as i already know she's not married)

girl: sudah lama putus doktor

Me: ye ke? ujian air kencing you kate lain.

girl: kenapa doktor? ada kuman ka?

Me : ( dlm hati - tak, ada orang) . test yang kami buat ni menunjukkan awak mengandung.

girl : (dgn muka terkejut beruk) mana boleh doktor. Saya tadak Kawin lagi.

at this point, i feel like slapping her. this is the second time i received such exact response when told the P news. Will you people stop correlating pregnancy and marriage ? Not that I approve pre-marital sex but being unmarried does not biologically barricade you from making babies!

so, after prolonged interrogation, she finally admitted of having slept with the babydaddy last month, but only once ( yeah right:P)

after the consultation, the mother approached me.

girl's mother : Apa masalah anak saya doktor?

i looked at the girl and hesitated. she shooked her head behind her mom. I sighed.

Me : ada masalah dgn air kencing dia. lain2 you tanya dia sendiri ya.

i left. I hate to be in that situation. I must uphold to patient's confidentiality but at the same time I'm not supposed to lie. sometimes, it is best ( for my benefit) if the extramarital pregnancy involved underaged girls. I wouldn't have problem telling it straight to their mom :D . jahat kah? but then again.. they are even worse arent they???? ;-)