Friday, September 26, 2008

just a brief crap

The first syawal is approaching.  it will be a modest celebration for me it seems. yet i'm not complaining at all. for the first time i could spend the day evening with mon cheri!! yeayy . His schedule is full for that he won't be home until 630 p.m.  sigh.
anyway,  Bonne fete de l'Eid   to all Muslims and whoever that appreciates this date as well.  i hope you guys have a blessed ramadhan. i'm not really in the blogging mood right now, so i guess i stop here =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a video says a zillion words

Palin                              Fey
this video is a must-watch !!! 
check out the scary resemblance of tina Fey ( the main character in '30 Rock') and Mc Cain's running mate, Sarah Palin. Freaking hard to differentiate the two.  another reason why you should watch that video : unbearably HILLARY-ousssss!!!! ( and yes, ' hillary' shared the podium too).
there were certain issues you must be aware of in order to FULLY understand the  parody.but i assure you it would still be armpit-tickling funny nonetheless, even if 'democrat and republican' is the only thing you know about the USA. believe me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

activist mode

i am suddenly troubled significantly by the global warming, an issue that has  long been discussed with little been done on its sounded lame but indeed i am. i guess the CNN documentary of North pole this morning played a role in awakening my conscience.
how can i not be when the ice thins about 2 metres in less than a year. perhaps it was just at that specific area in north Pole, but still, it sure sounds scary.  
i also heard (i was half asleep at this point) the news presenter (in other ocassion) quoting  Sarah Palin that  'Global Warming is Not man-made'. huh??
it might be partially true.. we will never know . according to cheri, there  is a theory saying that this earth has its own seasonal cycle. apparently we just happen to live while the earth are having its summer time.interesting isn't it. it could be true, or  it could be just a decoy plan to compensate and rationalise the wreckage we have done to this planet we are living in.
nevertheless, i still feel men are the main single cause of GW. i now rest my case :p 

Friday, September 12, 2008

tuning in

I am half-heartedly reading the PDF version of Obstetrics Illustrated currently.. just to realise how much i have forgotten. Even those fundamental basics about pregnancy and labour! i'm glad i'm still at home lazing with fun and idle activities.
I must say, mon cheri is somewhat a different man after we got married. Perhaps it's the title and status change.. perhaps he's just getting old more mature. whatever it is, i love this new guy he becomes. Unfortunately for him, i barely change. but the way he handled my silent tantrums has made it difficult for me not to let my heart liquifies , over and over.hoho

Thursday, September 11, 2008

L'amour est dans l'air

here I am, postponing housemanship for two months or more. regret? Non! Love it? oui!  
I made it to Versaille Finally. I've had always desired to go there and last week, that dream came true! the hearsays and written discriptions of versaille do not exaggerate of its majestic grandeur even  slightest! 
Versaille : king of all chateaux ,and bien sur, the residence of  The Sun King ; Le Roi Soleil =) 

Hall of mirrors : view from the main garden. Even the garden has numerous wings. imagine how many that 51000 metre square castle itself has..

from the outside