Saturday, April 30, 2005

soaking ur fingers in the the butter

this lyric is very poetic to me.. but it's a lovely one. very much reminds me of someone who is soo buttered up with a band to whom this song belongs :p


Di sini mengelamun,
hari mendatang - hari mendatang
kiranya ku memeluk hiba
Begitupun beralun,
hari mendatang -hari mendatang
kiranya ku memeluk hibur

Derusan...kabus ribut yang melimpah
yang mengucap tiba
ku ingin bersamamu
sehingga akhirnya...
Kabus...kabus ribut
indah berseri - seri
Kabus...kabus ribut
bilakah sampainya waktu?

Friday, April 29, 2005

my emotional downturn

im just completely stressed out @ the moment
it s my most miserable time of the year
summer exam..with few other things complicating my currently twisted life
oh i really feel like breakin down
im missing those happy moments
dear exam, please begone quickly n MAKE SURE i got through you without the word fail!!
tu me manques mon coeur .. tellement.. tres tres fort!! :"(

Friday, April 22, 2005

our world...

Every morning on every news flash
I hear the sorrow of the world
It seems like everybody lost and scared
Trying to make sense of it all
And as I travel to and fro
So many faces passed me by
I see lonely hearts living lonely lives
Just biding their time

And while we call ourselves civilised
Many people living empty lives
As they drone their way
Through day and night

I pray for our world,
I pray for every child
I pray for our world,
to be filled with smiles
Like the colours of a rainbow
And not just black and white
I pray for our world,
to be filled with light
I pray for all of us
To choose the path that’s right
To believe in Allah everyday of our lives

In the evening on the TV news,
I see images of war I see brother killing brother ,
with no consequence at all
And while those who claim to be leaders
Sell us tales of deceit
But Allah alone know in their hearts
what they reveal and conceal
And while we call ourselves civilised
We go on killing human lives
Too caught up in our own web of lies

Every mother, every father,Every daughter, every son
Don’t you see that the answer lies
Only with the one

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bonjour a Blogbliss!!

ah bonjour!!

blissful paradise.. that's what i have in mind.. hope i could turn this so-called personal space of mind into sumthing heaven-like hehehe.what a dream!!
i used to write a lot. quit for quite sometimes..
but now guess im back.
im no professional.suck in many ways.nothing exuberant.i live a simple life.but i just love it.i could never thank God enough for what He has Granted me with.. THANK YOU ALLAH my ULTIMATE saviour

i despise war. Be whatever reasons people give to justify their acts.
it simply doesnt bring us anywhere other than dreadful blood shed.
however, if you end up in one (GOD forbid!!), i believe that RESISTANCE is a duty.
i pity for the fate of the palestians, the chechens, the sudanese etc etc who are never endingly being oppressed by those who i suspect are mentally retarded. How can one be so cruel to another??
are they not human?
i cant help wondering, by killing one soul, they have broken the hearts of hudreds or even thousands others who were related to that person's life. imagine how many more were left in tremendous misery with such a massive loss of lives in war??

they are ways to avoid war...
by avoiding these;
  • hatred
  • racism
  • greediness
  • selfishness
  • and all the bad qualities you could think of
im also into theology (and thats why da vinci code is one of my all time favourite!!). i really think this is one important (or may be the most important) knowledge that a person should have. for me, the study helps to strenghten my faith and makes me appreciate the purpose of life much better.
music!! quite addicted at times. i basically listen to any genres. as for the time being, soo into french chansons esp gerald de palmas' ;)
i like travelling - been to quite a number of places. u ll see lots of these in my blogSpot!!;)
ah sport - liverpool is my choice!!

family is everything
friends are my support
future husband is my present and my future..and he's been my past as well.
what a unique relationship God has created.. of all human relationships, man-woman is just different.

ah enough crap for the intro ;)

au revoir!!!