Sunday, December 17, 2006


May God bless and purify my heart and his. and may He reward us a long lasting love and happiness and unite us eternally. Ameen.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Once upon a December

Last year and the year before that, i spent winter holidays in France, Nancy in particular.. now i sort of miss it very much knowing that i wont be able to do that again this year :( miss Paris a lot too, i really regret not going to Chateau Versailles actually. xpela, ade rezeki pegi lagi..inshaallah;))

here are some Pics of nancy's most famous tourist attraction place ; Place Stanislas

cute! (these two pics, cilok tanpa permission fr him hehe)

nancy at nite
Nancy's most eligible but unavailable bachelor hehe

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


bonjour people!

i was soo cheerful the whole morning because of mon chere . hehe. pasal ape biarla, sekadar me n him y tau. but the bottom line is, im just happy. no news whatsoever. it just simply.. him. je t'aime tres tres fort!! tellement..

ok habis part jiwang :p
Bola-cat... Gosh it was both fun and horrible.
It was fun in term of college spirit and havin- a-good-time kinda feeling. but getting hit by three bullets at the vulnerable parts of your body weren't that fun i'd say. i guess luck must have bypassed me then. i got hit on the ;
  1. medio-distal femoral region of the right lower limb(in English, it means sumwhere right above the right knee, slightly to the left ) - still aching n bruising until now;
  2. right at the central lower abdomen (English: 1.5 cm below your belly button)on the second game. whatever that was inside my bowel seemed to regurgitate (i.e. upward) then. luckily it didn't.
  3. and also a close-range shot to my left chin! , which made my face 'berbirat' for awhile, Thank God no bruising!!! :p
the latter two hits, went through just slightly beneath my protective vest n mask respectively. what a bad luck. i was actually sieging my enemy on both occasions. already gestured them to surrender but they shot me anyway. but i was brave wasn't i ? hehe. puji diri sendiri lak.

"O Allah, guide n bless my every deed and may with that , put a smile on my parents' and honey's face.. amen."

Friday, December 01, 2006

ils sont musulmans

Robin Van Persie has recently been blessed with a son; named Shaqueel .

so the rumours must have been true then;

Another Muslim footballer! alhamdulillah:)

cik Elle Pires, how come u never tell me this??:P:P but i still like Ribery better. hihi

pour mon petit copain, felicitation pour la gagne last night. allez nancy!! ;))

Brother Robin

Brother Franck

uh oh, by the way, did you know that Ribery has adopted an islamic name 'Bilal'? and he's also had a 1 year old daughter now:)

je veux la sac de ville de 'Monogram Denim Cruise mini pleaty raye' . kene simpan duit nampak nye hehe. lawaaa gileeerrr.

p/s this is blog-bliss's hundredth entry (aka crap) :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nuclear + War

erm, so today i completed my sub-rotation at the nuclear medicine department ; the coolest department in the whole hospital .. in fact, in the whole Malaysia! (n when i say the coolest, i meant both literally n metaphorically . y, it was freezing cold in there, esp in the meeting room. i felt like i was in Dublin during autumn being in there) . Penang Hospital is the pioneer base for Nuclear Meds in this country.i had the chance to stare n admire the first ever PET scan(positron emission tomography) used, which only started operating fully for the public use by August last year. Nuclear med differs from the other radiological/imaging methods in term of its mechanism n function. basically they inject the person with the radioactive isotopes (which usually probes a certain chemical) , the machine will then detect them and scan it for the doctors to interpret.where as, the non-nuclear imaging, the machines are the ones that transmit the radioactive agents, n try to get through ur body and get printed on the opposite site. while normal CT scan n its colleague mainly used to determine a disease's anatomical position, Nuclear Med imaging focuses more on its functional activity. n i just learnt from the technologist just now malaysia, actually do have a cyclotron centre , bunking underground at the Putrajaya Hospital (was it.. but it was in putrajaya btw). cool!! cyclotron is - i think- some sort of particle accelerator. i know quite vaguely on how it works; -again, i think- the atomic particle basically can emit a really big energy in return. it has something to do with mater-anti mater properties ; n the energy its produce is sooo huge to the extent where, if a very tiny amount mater n the anti mater touches each other ,a real big explosion would occur. For God sake, u physic people know better la. most of my knowledge on this came from Dan Brown's angel n demon anyway ( i have a real passion to go to CERN in Geneva since then hehe)

and oh, we'll be having a paint ball war this weekend.yeehaa :D behold!!my fellow radiology clan, let's crash the the ears noses n throats of the ENT militants, let's crack the eyes of the ophthalmology guerrillas, n let's torture the anesthesiology terrorists so that they endure an unbearable pain n keep em away even from the mildest form of analgesic . hua hua hua.;))
i just hope my skin wouldn't bruise afterwards.. i just heard some horror stuff about the paintball shootings :(

life's like that, skool's like this

just now, on the way back from skool, i listened to mixfm/hitzfm (cant recall which one) n there's a celeb news about that bond guy, Daniel Craig. apparently there's been an anti-Daniel Craig campaign launched against him. so they seem to share my first impression when judging him - that is he's not bond enough - why? coz he "a short, blond actor with the rough face of a professional boxer and a penchant for playing killers, cranks, cads and gigolos."
but i think that's such an unfair comment to make on him.yeah he's blond. but Brosnan looks even more 'gigolo' than him though. well, of course Sean Connery is out of comparison . he's like a vintage car.or an old painting. the older you get the more valuable you become.hehe. off record - my mum likes him a lot (shhh). i really personally feel that Craig deserves a credit. even my bond-lover pals said this one is the best bond movie they've seen so far. cant comment on that either coz i dont watch much bond films.

skool life ; pheewwww merci merci merci merci beaucouuuuuuuuup Prof Peter JamesLlee!!! for extending the portfolio submission dateline, not for another week, but for another month!!! hihihihik, THANK YOU! but the public health things erghh, i dunno , i did love statistic subject during A Level, but now, i just simply hate all the terms. standard deviation, outliers, interquartile range, frequency polygon n God-knows-what-else. we'll be dumped at baling for three weeks this january to do our so called 'research' on Baling's babies n mums. Apparently the percentage of neonatal jaundice (demam kuning in babies) in Baling is remarkably higher than malaysia's average. n our job is to determine and establish the risk factors. hmmm, just hope it'd be a nice trip. Baling, be nice to us.

Monday, November 27, 2006

the 'it' guy

salam semua..
aa td tgk blog jhaz, nampak gambar swiss guard . baru teringat, dari aritu da nak kutuk (opss) i mean comment, tapi lupa hahahaha.

they say, a picture can say a thousand words.. kan? take a look then

no, he's not a clown. that, my friend is a swiss guard. but they are not guarding a swiss bank or whatever that has to do with Switzerland ;

they are the guardians of the Vatican.

And before you laugh him off, let it be known to you that the designer of that man's garish attire is none other than Michaelangelo himself. pretty bizarre isn't it. i guess Mike must have gone through some idea-drought period when designing that uniform..either that or he was then too drunk to think straight. i mean come on, he was like the master of building architectures of his time ( the basilica was so damn marvelous i tell ya), not to mention all the painting masterpieces. and yet, all that he could come up with was this puffy tunic with blue n gold stripes? looks more like a Shakespear's costume to me.

the only thing that swiss about the swiss guards are the men themselves. they are recruited from Switzerland and have undergone training with swiss army.n oh ladies, if u re thinking of hitting on them, forget it- they cannot marry you. but girls, i'm sure you've got a better taste though, or ..haven't you?. hehe.

the Vatican. the dome up there is mike's saint peter basilica

i did write something on Rome n co last year. in case you guys wanna look at em again; click here

Friday, November 24, 2006

casino royale

erm today. heheh agak leisure sebenarnye. signed in at the radiology department reporting office around 835. then headed to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) room as i am currently rotating there. n guess what? the machine broke down. so we waited and waited until this one doctor trashed us into the tutorial room so that we can do futher waiting and did nothing but chatted away. oh dear, i love radiology posting!! hehe. as we got bored of waiting for at least a tutor to come in and preach their imaging knowledge on us , we then decided to take our usual but earlier roti canai break. chatted away again.
machine still not working.. "Guy's let's go to Gurney n watch movie" at first i thought my colleague was jokin. to make the story short, we ended up watching Casino Royale by 12 o clock hahahaha.

well, honestly i wasnt really that moved to watch the bond movie initially coz to me, that Danial Craig guy wasn't Bond enough to be playing Bond.
but hey, i think i really had to take back my words afterwards. his acting was cool in fact. and obviously much better than brosnan. as from what my bond-lover frens said, this movie is some sort of a prequel of the other james bond films rather than a sequel. n that's why - according to them - the bond character is quite careless and he was fooled at times. but over all, i think the guy totally play the part in that movie. a lot of fancy cars (no bentley honey:p ) , hot chics, mafias, actions BUT barely a gadget used (which i found , very atypical, considering this is james bond movie).

leh la kasi 4 bintang kot ..heh

a plus madam et monsieur

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

fear factor

Oh God Oh God.. is it gonna be like this until April??? every single day?? it's only been two days but im already freakin out!
8.30 am - 12.00 pm = wandering in multidisciplinary departments (in n out time recorded)
12.00pm-1.00pm = public health lecture
2.00pm-5.00pm = series of lectures mainly consists of that boring public health course!

n there wouldn't be anybody who can compete the 'boredom effect' swirling out from the public health lecturers, and i tell you,they can produce it quite extraordinarily.

oh mon Dieu.. qu'est-ce qu'il faut faire??? noonnnn omd..omd..omg!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

the return

holaa everyone. im writing again at last! xm was horrible actually. but well, what's done is done. no point regretting over the spilled milk (unless the milk spilled into another jar/glass in which case you ought to be super lucky, or if u are an extremely unhygienic person who dares to lick the floor for it.) the mcq for surgery used the negative marking scheme (i.e. minus one mark for each question that is wrongly answered.if u leave it blank u got zero mark) it's like 'head i lose, tail they win' kinda, it's more like 'head i lose,tail im dead' kind. i have no choice but to know my stuff, which was the hardest part for someone so slow n lazy like me. medicine paper fortunately did not apply this ridiculous scheme.but, hell. i still ended up guessing almost half of the answers.

enuff with xms. my car got caught in flash flood recently.happened the night i was supposed to go home for raya holiday.couldnt be more dramatical than that. i was all-excited bout the prospect of celebrating eid with family for the first time after three years. really i was. but when i saw my car half-covered in that stinky water, my heart sank along.worse, i ve put my bag at the back seat earlier that day. luckilly the water hadnt got onto the seat just yet . but missing it just by inches - not more than two i'd say. now then, if i opened the door, more water would've flushed only option was to climb through the booth to retrieve the bag. i did it. I HAVE TO CATCH MY BUS NO MATTER WHAT.I WANT TO BALIK RAYA. the thought of walkin through the thigh-level flood again made me sitting in the booth for a while. i started callin people frantically then.yep,still sitting in there;p. n started crying(erk) the moment i croaked my 3rd words(i did try to neutralise it by some weird forced laugh,not workin so well though).it was embarassing really. but, put ur self in my shoe. i dont know what upset me more. the car or the flood or my wet legs(talk about all the germs!! yarckkss) or the almost-possible possibility of missing the bus that nite.
to add up to the misery, i tripped and cut my knee n my trousers koyak kt lutut, which made me look like a pathetic rugged-looking homeless girl. tapi tu la, dlm bencana ade cahaya. i dont know what would hv happened to me without all the helps from people around and not so around me.. thanx alot. n yes in the end, i missed the bus, but alhamdulillah i survived. i bunked over at angeline's place that nite. she and her boyfriend, kean yew(also a good friend of mine) picked me up from the scene. i finally went back to temerloh the next morning , sib baik ade kawan y x balik lagi so i tumpang them sampai KL. My Black Beauty? she's still a bit fragile now. but she's recovering good.

but i had a quite cool return journey. i was in the Red Devil Airbus. the very airbus that flew to manchester and signed by the Man United players in May. HAHAHA to MAN U fans:p:p Red in colour (of course) ,bearing an MU crest , also with some famous faces in the team terpampang kat badannye. im not their fan, but i dont hate them either. so, it's :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

apa apa saja

ma jour ne commence pas bien. bad dreams (not exactly nitemare, but wasnt something i favour either),head ache, n a few stuff i for certain do not want to share with anyone other than my sweetheart.
sorry i think i might not post any crap for sometime after this.
i need to focus on my study which proven to be very difficult to do.
God help me..
i need ur 'good luck' wishes, ppl. coz ill only get thru this mind-tangling xm out of luck. so it seems.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

eid mubarak

Salut everyone. comment ca va?tout va bien? hope so:)
Alhamdulillah. raya celebration was fantastic for me. i really2 enjoy raya this year. cheri seems to enjoy it too. at least this year's eid was much better than the previous two or three years kn, chou? ;)) nk nk lak merah berjalur2 tahun ni hehe. jt'<3 ;) The first syawal was so hectic for me. after solat raya at surau, me n gran rushed back home to help mom n aunts preparing foods n dishes at home. Routinely, at my kampung after solat eidulfitr we will be parading from one house to another untuk tahalil kat almost setiap umah kt kmpung tu. and this year, the number of guests visiting ours during the tahalil alone were like twice the number of previous years. roughly there were almost 400 of them! banyak rahmat rumah wan ngn aki hehe. after that, relatives came and went x putus2. what im gonna say might sound cheesy , lame or whatever.. but it just feels great to see them again.

and seperti tahun2 sebelumnya, after solat zuhur, we (mostly consist of my aki's siblings n their families) went to visit the graveyard to sedekah tahalil to our loved ones that have passed on. then cabut2 rumput liar ngan wan that parasiting on my late great grandparents' graves.

and another thing y best is that my friends from both primary and secondary skools came berhari raya to my place !! korang, thanx sebab dtg raye ye. terharu lak hehe. but truly am sorry, coz hidang kuih ngn kek je. lenkali bg tau awal2 nk dtg , baru la leh wat spesel2 hehe.

alors d'accord.. j m'arretai ici. coz i need to study for my incomin xm which will be in 2 weeks time.not to mention that i have a basic life support course to attend tomorrow which includes some sort of test by the end of the workshop that is supposed to make me a certified cpr life saver. whattt everrrrr!

miey aja zaty, ill blog on my tragical balik kampung drama (hehe) in the next entry. jeng jeng jeng.. nanti kan drama y bakal tercalon ke anugerah skrin taun depan.. haha poyo lak ;D

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

c'est la vie

The day was cloudy today.mine wasn't so bright either..
may be all this feelin-down thing was juz me. but somehow, at least 20% of it must have been caused by those people around me. and the 20% yielded on its own to become even larger in proportion (as i kept thinking about it) which eventually forced my lacrimal glands to secrete their contents.. big time.

then cheri played his role. made me smile again.. thankfully :")

Attending terawikh prayers @ masjid negeri (which is just sekangkang monyet from home) was definitely helping too. i feel at ease once more. Alhamdulillah.
sekian kisah untuk hari ini.

pictures of Glendalough, Ireland.
taken during my last ireland trip with mum, coyeen n ally:)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ladies stuff

ermm.. today, i started the day rather lazily. but as time flew, it's actually not bad . why?mainly  bcoz i just came back from spoiling myself with a pedicure hihi. it's what Encik PDX (y comel) called "a'wanita moden' 's  things" though i'd very much prefer calling the act as 'being  feminin' :p
The feet  massage felt really good.n i definitely would come there for more. they basically wash ur  feet, remove whatever fungus on the nailbeds, peel off calluses, do oil treatment, massage and then make ur toe nails look shiny. u can opt whether u wanna colour them or not( i chose not to obviously).Went there with two of   my groupmates. one of them got a manicure instead. i wanted that as well, but i will be severely  offbudget if i did. hence restraining my 'nafsu' proves to be the one and only option i had. hehe. suddenly realise how good it feels to be  a woman!  God im soo grateful u gave me the XXchromosomes. Praise be to Allah!

Monday, October 09, 2006

mari kawan2,kita baca Quran

salut mes amis et mon chere,

alors, ajourd'hui c'est le nuzul quran. time goes by in a blink.
it's the 17th day of fasting already. the annivesary of the very first Qur'anic revelation onto our dear Prophet (peace be upon him). every Muslim knows ( or should) the very first word Archangel Gabriel commanded Muhammad (pbuh) to repeat after him ; IQRA'. i.e READ.
that word consequently reminds me about Qiraat Sab'ah (the seven (types of) recitations) that i used to learn back in secondary school. it was my favourite subject in the Incentive Quranic skills class then ; an elective curicullar once-a-week class.

i dont think many people know about it though. but if u watched Akedemi Al-Quran competition recently u might have noticed.the diversity in arabic dialects invariably lead to many different kinda recitation (BUT meaning and spelling of EVERY word is ALWAYS the same) put it this way : kelantanese pronouces pergi as 'gi', kedahan as 'pi' n n9 folk as 'poie' - though this is not so accurate as anology, it's more or less like that. same word, but pronouciation differs slightly.

there are basically 7 imams (that's y seven qiraats) (there are actually more, but these seven are the most popular), with every imam's recitation bifurcates to produce two more narrators (rawi)'s recitations (rawi ni kire anak murid imam2 tu la). for example the qiraat that unanimously used in malaysia today is the qiraat of Hafas', under imam Aasim. The other rawi of Imam Aasim was Shu'bah.

here's the list ;

1) imam nafi' - Qaluun n Warash
2) imam aasim - Hafas n Shu'bah
3) imam ibn kathir - Qumbul n bazi
4) imam ibn amir - hisham n ibn zakuan
5) imam abu amru - duri n susi
6) imam hamzah - khalaf n khalad
7) imam kisa'ie - duri n abu al-harith

sometimes (long time ago, coz now i kinda forget a lot), when i lead a solat, i recited the surahs using qiraat other than aasim's , n usually i get frowning faces afterwards.but well, my intention was to make them realise that there are other ways to read the Quran. n i was very happy indeed when the AQ series actually put qiraat as one of their judging'a exciting topic really. i really really think qiraat lesson should be taught in a wider scale. my qiraat knowledge is degrading now though.. i used to be soo damn good at it. now i barely remember which is which.. as in which qiraat belongs to which imam. shoud get a book sometime soon.
by the way, my big enormous thanx to Ustaz Rodzi, the person who introduced me to all these things:) tahapians, bes kn ustaz rodzi;)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

setan pakai prada

watched The Devil wears prada yesterday evening. Oh well, of course i like it hehe. 
i like meryl streep's character as Miranda presley. it's kinda unique way to potray a villainess. u know, usually that sort of impossibly demanding and freakingly mean character correlates with high-pitched snobbish lookin personality. but this one is just.. different. well done director. u may mistakenly thought she was a soft-spoken type of (fashionable to the bits) lady, if u didn't grasp whatever she was saying then.
Oh i think Chanel no. 5 must have been their main sponsor coz that movie is soo full of chanel stuff! boots,sunglasses, accessories, paper bags are all chanel's! jimmy choo's heels were shown too ( jimmy choo is a malaysian born world class designer. was one of princess diana's favourite. ct x knal lg kot. pas ni sket2 jimi cu la die hahah). and that emily girl was slinging Fendi Spybag right b4 she got hit by a car!
 Karl lagefeld and donatella (versace) were mentioned here and there. not so much of prada though, except for the first appearance of the 'devil' where the camera zoomed in to her 'prada' bag. (teringat cerita white chics - "it's not jst a's Prada" ;)  )
 Mamat citer 'entourage' pn ade blakon ( i like entourage series). forgot his name, too complicated (for me) to spell n pronouce;p by the way entourage is pronouced on-tur-rajh n not en-twer-rej (it's another french word usurping into english.. just like cliche, a-la-carte..etc etc. femes tul phrase a-la-carte kt restaurant2  skang nih hehe). Back to the devil story. Honestly though, Meryl Streep was practically the whole show. And she steals it 
accordingly. Anne hathway(princess diary girl)  was soo badly overshadowed. ironically, they didnt show any LV or Dior in there (or may be i just did not notice).. but well, it's a good sign... coz only Angels wear them;)) hehe.  
 Metrojaya was on sale now. (up to 70%). i was out by ten this morning to buy something i've been eying for months ;) Unfortunately that item's price was only cut off by 40% :( x mo beli pape da smpai lps raya.. ohh pompuan.. hehe

Friday, October 06, 2006

online nikkah

i 'terkekek-kekek' all the way when i first read this a few months ago. soo hilarious! anyway, this is merely just a JOKE . so dont go n take it too seriously okay people? hihi, some part of this article reminds me of 'stan' especially when he said "shut up cartman" ^(^^)^. the whole article does sound a bit like SP actually.but very very much islamised . So hit this URL :


n i guarantee u'll laugh till ur stomach aches hehe.

is tea by the way..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

y we shouldnt let idiots drive

dear WAU ##,
    don't you know the rule of parking??
    that is not to KISS another car LITERALLY!!

that's exactly the message i  left behind that stupid car's wiper this morning (question marks, underline, capitals included).
and i feel soo stupid myself of not snapping a picture of the kissing scene. erghhh! judging from all the dolls on the dashboard, i take it the owner is a woman (must be a really stupid one). she must be an albino. coz albino has blond hair. and blonde is really damn stupid! 
asian->albino= blonde = stupid . Algebra solved!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

left out

'Spain captain Raul was dropped from the national side for the first time in 10 years for reasons other than injury on Friday when he was left out for next week's Euro 2008 qualifier away to Sweden ' soccernet

siannye.. heheh

Saturday, September 23, 2006

it's that time of the year

Alhamdulillah, the most (or expected to be) anticipated month of the year is just hours away:)
the month worth of million rewards of every good deeds. it's not juz about fasting, it should  also be about other things... self-reflection, charity, prayers,zikrs, unity, and most importantly, peace.

would like to share a song from my second fav international nasyeed singer ( after yusuf),
Brother Zain Bhikha. it touches the deepest pit of my heart.i hope it'd do the same to yours...
Voici !

She was just standing there, little girl all alone
Barely covered head to toe, barely just twelve years old
Why is she all alone, why's the world just so cold
Why don't we play our part what has hardened our hearts?
What has hardened our hearts?

Underneath the waterfall, million dollar shopping mall
Two boys play their games, helps to keep them nice and warm
Thousand people walking by, feeding their vain desire
Don't they see, are they blind, Allah loves the orphan child
Allah loves the orphan child

Like our Beloved Muhammad, Peace be upon Him
He was an orphan and Allah sheltered him
What status is given to these children… children?

Just by the riverside, right next to that orphan child
Families come to play, they don't see that's where she stays
Looking through empty eyes, who cares that she might die
O my child, don't you cry, Allah loves you more than I
Allah Love's you more than I

She was standing there, barely just twelve years old
What has hardened our hearts, why's the world just so cold 

Friday, September 22, 2006

sumthin to smile about

did u guys (football fans) see it??? 'the' match. 
which Alonso scored his second wonder goal for liverpool. that goal was awesome. he shot from approximately 60 yards distance.n that means it was from the  liverpool half.  REDS will lift the premiership throphy this year hihihi. rafalution still on the way!

moi moi moi

j me s3ns seul.  oohhhh la vi  et l'amur

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

photo celebration


quick fact
  1. metz is the birth place of ;
  • Louis Le Prince, first man to shoot moving images
  • Pilâtre de Rozier, first man to fly in a hot air balloon       

     2.  is the capital city of Lorraine (Nancy, i.e my manisan hati's town is in lorraine too)

metz has been one of the most beautiful towns ive ever been to. quiet and lovely..

yey i can upload photo through blogger again. thanx to opera browser:)

osce n islam

i did my medical OSCE xm (objective structured clinical examination) this morning . it was.. well .. honestly i don't know.first, i thought i did horribly. then after analysing a while later, i began to think it was allright after all. but now, i think it was an insidious disaster! OMG..

liverpool lost.. again. but at least morinho is less grumpy this season.

mm yusuf islam. keep on listening to his father n son track. and i just watched the second bbc biographical programe of Yusuf.(the first one was more or less the same thing, but this one is more uptodate) he's a great man. n he's playing guitar again now. yeyy! oh yeah, guess who were among the 'testifiers'? bob geldoff.interesting rite? (or am i the only who thinks that?) but that's still not as shocking as having Dolly Parton to give accounts of yusuf's life!! hahha

Yusuf Islam - His life and conversion (part 1)

part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Sunday, September 17, 2006


im writing this through email. just wanna see if it really works :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

anyone of us

i listened to gareth gate's stupid mistake just now, and it reminds me of venice. i guess it's the video clip. klu x salah, it was shot in venice.. with the masquerades and all..
romanticnye venice :)
oh ye, cant wait to play tennis with aishah sometimes soon.
Netball .. hehe. ahh well i wanna be fit too. dont wanna be some fat hypertensive housewife by thirty-nine .

Thursday, September 07, 2006

woman woes

i chatted with a couple of classmates this afternoon while in the (ever noisy) library. then one of them brought up the reason of his recent break-up. it's because he cant stand a nagging girlfriend.
that scuks. because girls nag.

and what with these ppl who call their girlfriends the antonym of brilliant? just because the girls ( like these guys too) are not smart enough to avoid / notice certain negligible things? and as i mentioned negligible, what's up with these mawi-sort-of-men neglecting girlfriends/ fiancees for months?? for God sake, be a man.

it just that.. well i cant start on my orthopaedics tutorial with a peaceful heart until i had this written down.yes, i am a feminist. guys, salute your woman.

Monday, September 04, 2006

so long farewell

have you heard?? have you heard??

Our real-life version of Rubeus Hagrid has passed away. 'Rubeus who??' well if u ask urself this question, never mind the rest then. crocodile hunter man , steve irwin died at the barb end of a stingray. can u believe that? i mean, of all dangerous creatures that he mingled with.. i never thought stingray would even be a candidate! (yes, i did have the instinct that he would eventually get killed doing this).
hmm would that mean Hagrid will die due to doxy bite rather than at the course of battling a fifty-feet long mouth-firing and tail-slashing hungarian Horntail? hmm.. i wonder..

from God we came To God we'll return.

Friday, September 01, 2006

forgive me pals

OMG ! OMG! (DnG) OMG!!! Guyss.. miey, apis, sahar(mie;p;p), jhaz , mariyah and anonymouses .. am soooo damn soryyy guyz. i hadnt realised until 5 minutes ago that i have a dozen comments needed to be approved here.. i forgot what my 'comment' setting was n obliviously thought that noobody had ever commented (n yes yes, never bother to check other parts of blogsetting other than template n posting stuff)
well if u must know, i am like that. absent-minded queen. i am trying hard to change that though hehe.

suddenly, i miss doing volunteering stuff.. and being part of human right activists. still am at heart though. it just that here, there arent much such oppurtunities (or perhaps- more precisely put , there's hardly an 'easy access' to such things.) i know islamic relief has quite recently spreaded their wings here too, but well, like i said - apparently no easy access to it. FOSIS n ISOC did a lot of good stuff when i was there back then. and i really really felt like at least i d done sumthing for my religion and for my fellow muslim brethens as well as for the unfortunate non-muslims. but now.. charity-wise , i feel so useless and with that comes this empty, spoiled, selfish and subsequently guilty feeling of doing nothing...

speaking of charity, what happen to Bob Geldof and his 'Make Poverty History' Mission? havent heard about this guy for sometimes. he was so influential last year. appeared in every european Mega-award ceremonies and concerts (he ran the LIVE8s) to give his magical lets-help-the-dying-africans speech. and yes, when Geldof speaks, everyone listens. even Blair then agreed to relieve africans' multibillions-dollar debt. i am so amazed by this guy's capabilities.' we do not just talk, we act' he said. his aim wasnt to raise money, but to collect as many support as he could to force the G8 leaders to acually do someting about the imbalance of world's resources distribution, modernization and worst, civilization.Geldof n co have drafted out the plans for them. but of course, Mr. Bush never agrees ( if i hadnt mistaken. correct me if im wrong).

Geldof and his weirdly named daughters (Fifi Trixiebelle, Peaches, Pixie and Tiger Lilly. Seriously Bob, what were you thinking???? freak.)
Owh by the way, geldof was born n bred in Blackrock , Dublin- a place i used to go to sit for my exams back then:)

Sir Bob Geldof at dublin airport. hey, been there million times!miss the bus back there:(

Cheri has flewn back to you-know-where. miss you already:((

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

history and my side of story

to be honest, the merdeka aura doesnt reach me this year. it doesnt mean im not patriotic, it just that i dont really feel I need (or am needed heheh) to be so huu-haa about past victories and's history.move on.the present and future stuffthat matters. like, what am i gonna wear on Friday?should I go shopping this saturday? hahaha but hey, it does feel good to spoil urself sometimes hehe.
well seriously, it's good to have a little of what we call 'the Merdeka Spirit' in our mind. at least it'd be a good reminder that pisang shouldnt be fruiting for the 4th times kn (English wasnt the only one that colonized us).. but like i said earlier, dun be too immersed in it and idolising the tokoh2 too much la.that's not what we should be focussing on. it's tomorrow that should concern us more..
and i guess that's the best reason i could give to justify why sometimes, i skip my malaysian studies classes hehehee;)) alaa cikgu, wat ptg sangat, almost everyday lak tu. maaf ya hye hye hye.

Monday, August 28, 2006

a preventable haze

Sebanyak 10 buah kereta terlibat dalam kemalangan di Kilometer 7.2 Lebuh Raya Butterworth Kulim (BKE) dari arah kedua-dua hala di Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang, semalam. Ia berpunca daripada asap tebal yang terjadi akibat pembakaran jerami secara terbuka di kawasan terbabit.Dalam kejadian kira-kira pukul 3.15 petang itu, seorang pemandu kenderaan cedera ringan dan mendapat rawatan di Hospital Seberang Jaya. - utusan

incidentally, i just discussed about this legal open burning with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago (and he keeps on makin fun of it with a tone that anyone can tell, full of disgust). it shouldnt be legal in the first place!! what a blunt air pollution! preposterous!!
i mean, kenapa la malas sgt nk kutip jerami tu. there must be other ways to cope with all the paddy junks. like the mat saleh do with their hampas gandum. they roll up the thing into cilinders and apparently recycle/ feed the cows with it / or buat children huts whatsoever ( im not sure of all these, but one thing im sure of they dont burn those left-overs soo openly!).
so much for our dear beloved Malaysia ..

** and incidentally(again hehe) ,this morning , Prof Malik slipped a joke of Grafton Street (a famous street in Dublin) being a perfect place where u can find a lot of paddy-ies around heheh ( in case u didnt get the joke - Paddy is a typical, traditional Irish name ). but still, he was then referring to the the same haze , causing asthmatic attack on certain group of ppl coming to Penang general hospital.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

a time to kill

what to write huh? well.. there're just too much of Paris Hilton n CT these days. they're too ubiquitous... too over exposed.
honestly, i neither love nor hate them. they re both laughable icons to me (and him).Paris with her plastic, posh n spoiled lifestyle, while cik siti being a successful Mrs. Malapropos over her 1o-year involvement in the local music scene(hahahahaha).

these are some ct's popular malapropism blunders she'd commited so far hehe ;

dj :so ct, which part of ur body that u like the most?
ct : ( im too ashamed even to write it down((blush)). but she meant to say my dimple. hahahahah.. oh ct kesayangan malaysia..)

ct : ct suke kartun po-oh ( pooh)

ct : ct suke bace majalah vo-gue (vogue) . it's pronouced voug la cik ct

dj : so ct, what's ur recipe to success?
ct : i like ayam masak merah
dj : what's ur recipe to success again??
ct : ayam masak merah

stewardess : how would u like ur tea served?
ct : in a cup please

mtv asia award speech : id like to thankSS all my fans out there...

ct ct, selamat berbahagia lah dgn atuk 'K'-erepot tuh hehe

and BTW Paris, i like ur taste of handbags. i envy ur Chloe Paddington bag so much.
oh speaking of handbag, i saw Federer's GF/manager, Mirka clutching a gorgeous white Fendi Spybag twice on separate tournaments. gonna get that if i ever(against all odds) become rich someday. hehe what a dream hunney.
paris, u're too amateur to be a singer la. cik ct, ajar la die sket (bangga la tu ct, ceh) . still, stars are blind is a cute song with a catchy tune :))

Thursday, August 24, 2006

blog-bliss make-over

wuhuuuu!! felicitation a moi! congratulation buat diri sendiri! uhuh,uhuh uhuh uhuh (imitating David Spade in Emperor's New Groove hihi. btw its phonetic is a-ha okay;) ) I've deciphered the html code - ALL BY MYSELF! u've no idea how exuberant my feeling is at the moment.
i studied (almost) every line of this blog's html template and did what's like a thousand try-and-errors to bring about this blog-bliss new look 8-) plus, editting the picture for the header... these whole html-decrypting works are not simple (like how u want the pic to repeat horizontally or vertically or on both directions, guessing the colour codes..etc etc). It costs me 4 solid hours for heaven sake!.. huhuh
At first, i tried googling free blogplates, but i couldnt find a single template that is 'free' and fabulous. all the good ones are the 'no-moolah-no-talk' kind. so that triggered me to 'meng-ketuh keteh' sendiri template ini demi merealisasikan rupa blog y baru hehe.

well, perhaps it's nothing for you guys to whom this sort of stuff are as easy as peeling potatoes (y peeling? y potatoes?? hahah i dunno. apparently that's just crossed my mind) .but still, to a semi-IT-illiterate like me, it's quite an achievement :)) TahNiah!

the 'old' blog-bliss

and one last thing.. apparently, my blog looks much better with Firefox browser than Explorer. im afraid i couldnt identify the reason why it is less compatible with the latter browser.. anyone can help me with that?merci in advance

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

when femini-menon hits

initially, my errand was to find the so-much-talked-about photocopy shop somewhere in pulau tikus area, but then, i made a pretty aggressive detour to Gurney Plaza instead after failing to locate where the place was.hye hye. and without second thought (and before i had time to make any), i rushed to lovely lace boutique to purchase two things that's been lingering on my mind for quite sumtime ;
  • the classical Lovely lace 'teddy dream' scent and
  • this one beautiful cream-coloured, lace-embroidered bin.
and yes! mission accomplished!!! yey yey! im now sitting in my room with ultimate satisfaction , sipping in the lovely lace scented air. aaaahhhhh segarnye ;)) oh i have my black beauty scented with this too, replacing the long-exhausted ambi-pur aroma . oohhh, i am so high now.. God thank you for the air i breathe!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

galloway wrecking Skynews

way to go george! we need more ppl like you (ie All-english, big shot n calling a spade, a spade sort of person) . at least he's not beating around the bush like the other George did

- got this from my aunt who fowarded the email containing this vid n im all captivated by it, so i searched you-tube n pasted it here to share with my few but loyal blog-readers:) finally, i found somebody who agrees with me (and can clarify things perfectly in this matter,)that HIZBULLAH is not a terrorist group and Israel, on the othe hand, IS a terrorist state!!!

when injustice is law, resistance is duty - and that is exactly what hizbullah and hamas are doing!! u stupid ignorant ppl! huh

btw, i was a regular viewer of skynews when i was in least much much more regular than my other housemates back then. there were times when i feel like spanking the heads of the news presenters, but most of the time, i was quite allright with their reporting.. especially on domestic affairs. sadly though they're never good in dealing justly with things like muslim vs west sort of staff and a few other important international affairs.(sigh..)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

tu me manques vraiment

this song reminds me awful lots of returned into mind when he mentioned it a couple of days ago. like everything about cette chanson- the genre,the music, the lyric n of course, the super-heartmelting voice of darren hayes'(despite the fact that he's married to a bloke - yuckies).

'It sounds ridiculous, but when you leave a room
There's a part of me that just wants to follow you too.. coz i miss you'

Friday, August 04, 2006

my post-world cup crap

dah tulis lame, tp jd draft je kt dlm pc sbb xde pluang nk publish kt tenet hehe.

Joaquin n gerrard : who’s the Spanish version of stevie G? Joaquin. they resembles each other quite a lot.dont u think?

Raymond domenech : alan Rickman lookalike, metrosexual look if not gay. but like him still. oh yeah btw Ray, the diving/acting gesture was funny :D

Ribery : this guy looks like 30. in 1998 he was still among the average franchmen celebratin on the street,n now he's been in his counrty squad.cayalah franck. I wonder why he’s not amongst the nominees of fifa young players award though. really should have been one.

thuram : the true French goalkeeper.not barthez the reckless chap.only that he doesnt wear keeper attire and not touching the ball with his hand.

raul = one of the few veteran players in spanish team.lost 3-1 to france on his 29th bday. he scored against Tunisia, who lead for quite sumtime,then things started to go the opposite way from that point onwards.

rooney : I enjoy seeing his face reaction when he was red carded during the match against portugal. the way he stared at the card that was bein shot up by the referee.haha like a toddler bein scolded by his mummy.cute- I mean babyish cute ,not the girl-to-guy kind of cuteness. he’s a flambuoyant striker.big but speed (like ronaldo heheh)

kewell got gout I heard. ouch.

petr cech : this Chelsea goalkeeper has done very well for his country but due to stiker draught – Czech out is unavoidable

Thomas rosincky – shone on the first game .. lucky wenger bought him b4 wc. his transfer rate will rocket up outrageously after the tournament. but I think I heard a commentator quoting wenger’s piece of advice ‘ do not buy player based on wc performances, coz usually these people sucks in the league’ hihih.. cant agree more. look at Ferdinand, ahn jung huan, n the whole Senegal squad hahaha. it’s sumthing like one hit wonder in music analogically.

beckham : pity him abit with all the harsh critics. but the bend it like beckham goal was superb. I sumhow like the couple, coz depite their celeb lifestyle, still remain strong until today . just cute. I like family man. and most footballers are. (most of them are married by 24- no, even younger! raul ended bachelorhood as young as 20 I think, ribery now only 23 but dunno when he got married. owen n gerrard already got kids), sheva also.morientes, n the list goes on.

ronaldinho ; hmm this guy,is fun to watch. smiling all the time. even when being sent off(remember worldcup 2002?) .i guess that’s how u should look at football. in the end of the day , it’s just a game. and when ppl playing games, they’re supposed to have fun and enjoy the moment. and that’s exactly what this ‘jongang’ (oppsy..) fella did on the pitch. a player who plays the game but pardonez moi ronaldinho, I really2 don’t like your team mates.:P:P

Thierry henry – wow. that goal against brazil was really something. I mean, god.. how can nobody mark him?it’s henry dude.stupid brazillians. but thanks though hye hye hye.

carles puyol ; this Spaniard is the most prominent thing in the Spanish squad. of course with the curly messy bushy hair hihih. but this is one hard workin man on the pitch.just like makalele ( and thuram I must say..well viera too)

oh yeah, the Saudi Arabian ( mabruk zayd was it?) goalkeeper should got credits too in this ‘post of fame’ of mine (hehe). he saved about 20 shots from the determined Spaniards. congrats man. jaziri of Tunisia also shone quite brightly in this tournament.
mm who else? ah, Lampard. I think he ha been ‘jampi-ed' by some javaneese bomoh or sumthing. I mean, he got like 30 shots on goal and NONE found the net.what a pity – not really actually. I mean he’s a Chelsea man –1. money 3. money – so not that pitiful after all isn’t it?he got all the riches in the world! save the pity for sumone else.

n zizou : well, your headbutt is awesome. puas hati tengok haha. u know what, that scene definitely overshadows the italians win. in next 20 years, football world will not remember 2006 as the year italy was the champion but as the year when zidane left his mark! zidane y va marquer! hahahha. harimau mati mninggalkan belang, zidane bersara mninggalkan tandukan untuk materazzi..hihi.but seriously zizou, YOU ARE A GREAT PLAYER!!

wimbledon –time wc dulu ade wimbledon skali, so nk merepek mnde ni gak.
deep-eyes roger federer cruises on. he’s so cool. barely sweating that guy. where by his opponents were sprinting right and left, gasping for breath by the end of second set,but he’s still just bein.. federer. cool with his slight (hate to say this) arrogant look(winced). but I don’t care a bit. go roger go! nadal on the other hand is what I despise in tennis scene. the rest, ie the like of Richard gasquet, andy roddick, agassi, lleyton Hewitt, even sharapova, the masculine mauresmo, mary pierce n bla n bla – I don’t hold any grudge on them :)

Zidane y va marquer

hahhHaha this video (actually the lyric i'd say, is pretty funny) .
i first heard about it just before the final wc match (frannce against Italy) in one of BBC news article. 'zidane y va marquer' has quite a number of meanings ( well, french language is all-flowery and poetic after all ;p) According to BBC it means Zidane is gonna score. but there is an alternate meaning as well, which is 'zidane is gonna make a mark' (he certainly did hehe). BUT according to my sweetheart it also means 'Zidane akan tanduk'. Hahahaha what an accurate prophecy, frenchies!

Heal the World

i said i wanted to make a special entry on post-worldcup last time, but unfortunately i feel obliged to postpone it again coz of things that matters even more now. it'd sound soo ignorant to show deaf ears while others are losing their homelands and even more tragical, their lives.

u know, i ve never felt so much hate to anybody as much as i am now. but the blood-thirsty Israel - to whom Allah has forbidden to re-enter baitulmaqdis- has crossed the line way too far. I cant understand to those who still consider Israel is not a terrorist regime and Hizbullah is. ridiculous and unbelievable!!! for God sake, who's killing who?talk about 2 stupid israeli soldiers 'claimed' to be kidnapped by the palestinians ( which i doubt very much) and the toll is on the innocent lives of the lebanese and the palestians to pay. what makes you (or anybody else who claimed to be an anti-terrorism act group) think that these two soldiers are worth a war?? that was the stupidest start-of- war reason i've ever heard in my whole life.But of course, i believe there IS a HIDDEN AGENDA. Of all you know the two guys are safe and sound somewhere in California (well they're the closest of friends,aren't they - or perhaps America is slightly 2 or maybe 99 inches below the zionist country, why? coz the Jews control the American politic and the world's Economy!)
Why must ppl make a big fuss about the holocoust? as if other terrible things ( which were more horror than the hitler's genocide mission) is not worth to be remembered just as much.simple. coz the Jews control the world! their numbers are few. Muslims and Christians outnumbered them like 20 times. but the scale of their powers in influencing World's history and even more scary, future, just doesn't make sense. but true it is (cam yoda bercakap lak hehe). Perhaps -nauzubillah- the Dajal is here..
God save us. i want to live in a peaceful earth. and please make the zionists and whoever behind this conflict pay for all the crimes they've done.Ameen.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

kanak kanak ribery-na

Ribery plays for Marseille, the club Zidane supported as a boy, and like the playmaker, is Muslim, having converted to Islam when he married his wife Wahiba. - soccernet

Oh god Oh God!! really?? i was so shockingly happy when i read that line. Ribery?? woww, coz he IS one of my 'player of the moment' in this world cup tournament. Gosh.. yeah let franck be the next zizou. and hopefully i'd see ur face on the arc de triomphe(or however u french spell it) . Zizou made it in 1998.. anyway zidane was briliant in the last two games ( against spain n Brazil). he really PLAYED with the ball. kidding every opponent around him. huhuh.

anway, im intending to make one special entry on this world cup after July 9th. just about those whom i hate and whom i like.stuff like that.

btw cheri , i tried to log-in my msn , but well... failed to. mum's laptop. im currently in the car. receiving the school-wifi from here. not so good though.poor connection. and battery is running out now!! erghhh

well, really really hoping to see France in the final (as i hate most of portugal players plus now ribery is the number 1 'player of the moment' haha- err sorry cheri for supporting them ;p;p;p)

oh yeah, my one big fat condolence goes to the germans. well, italy sucks, but ur defenders sucks too. hehehe. Klose, i wish u luck for ur kasut emas.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Où ça mène quand on s'aime

'The conditions have made it hard for us. I think we are finding the pitches particularly difficult because they are not putting water on them.' paul robinson , england goalkeeper.

now you blame the pitch. aiyoo main kt korea kate korea panas sgt, main kt german selang sebuah je dr umah kate padang kering la plak. byk songeh tul. da x tere tu ltak la memane hampeh gak.i mean, it sounds so stupid to voice out such comment.wouldn't it be more 'relevant' to point out to things like physical fitness, admittedly wrong strategies, injuries and stuff. but just soo.. idiotic..

i loitered at Mc D greenlane just now, reviewing the passing semester. life's changed so much.In all forms.. how independent i've become. how lonely i've become.. It's quite.. pathetic. mais c'est ma vie. and people just dont give a damn about it.nobody does.

oh Tuhan

finally exam is over. my turn was at 815 this morning. luckily i got a TB case.quite a classic one. and to make me luckier, i got the 'sarcastic most of the time but so damn nice in examination setting' briton bloke(?? - hehe my compliment to you sir ) professor Lee and dr Irfhan as examiners. hua hua huaaa. but i WISH i had done better. i mean God, how can i forgot percussion???? ergh.. it's like the most cardinal thing in respiratory examination. erkkkgghhh.

today : spain - france . and pakcik raul's birthday .. that means, i HAVE to support spain huhuh. but really, how i wish that the opponent wouldn't be les bleus.. adeiih.

perlukah berfoya2 petang ni? hmmm...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the matador

yeyy raul score! striker spain ni antara my top list gk la dlm senarai feveret players. morientes is another spaniard whose 'charting' my top ten list. tp smp ati aragones x amik die masuk squad world cup spen. dah la rafa nk buang die jugak fr liverpool. he's not a trash!! (well, not yet heheh). cisse tu ye la jugak.kaki da patah due ;-S ngeri tgk gmba kaki patah die. cam putus huhuh.

tp mlm td cm tersokong tunisia sbnarnye. at least sedare seagame. i was like, nk tunisia mnang tp nk raul skor, for 76th minute, mnde tu mnjadi knyataan, tp si toress tu g skor la plk. eiiii toreh kepale tu kang hehe.

czech, sile bangkit kmbali ok!! pls do not 'czech-out' fr the tournament too soon..

england.. hmm two games of boring performances.. well it's a mere luck you guys get through. tak kire lah, let the three lions roarrr :lol:

Friday, June 16, 2006

narrow minded-ians + pengampu x yah bace

hmm mule2 rase nk diam je, tp akhir2 ni rase cm makin sakit ati lak ngan isu ni. so i decided to blog it out.

for God sake, back off!!! !your time 'reigning' this nation is over. why do you still have to meddle (busy body melampau2 lagi?? ) in this business? i guess he is too used to autocracitism that he cant help butting in when people dont choose to do it his way.erghh soo obnoxious!!
i mean what's the point of stepping down, if you still 'indirectly' want to rule the country. who do you think your successor is? a puppet??? (perhaps he used to be la, all the cabinet members were..).
you may advise but you cant harshly condemn when your advice is put aside. it is notYOU who decide what and what not to do.kite ade dewan rakyat ade parlimen ade raje sbagai tukang cop and ade cabinet sebagai pelaksana nye. why must everyone involved in making the decision mute their thoughts and succumb to your wish??what makes you think they should?
remember when it was your 'time'? --->"condemn me and you'll go down"<--as for now, show some respect to YOUR leader even if he was once below you (not anymore). your unfinished mega projects / plans are just too much for this POOR country to handle. perlu ke konsep biar berhutang asal bergaye? look at most european countries. they own modest infrastructure but it's their super-systematic system plus high civic awareness that contribute to the 'developed country' title. it's not the bangunan y melampai2 , mercu itu mercu ini. the self has to develop first before the self's home can. at least now things are more transparent. surat kabar pun da berani tunjuk taring kt menteri heheh. bagus bagus. tp sifat provocative surat kabar ni mmg still x leh hilang la. kotoran degil tul. brenwash brenwash... cubela tulis artikel/berite2 y mane at the end of the story leh buat org fikir nk pilih A atau let the readers be the judges. ini tidak, klu die rase mende A tu betul, dr ayat first smp huruf akhir sokong mende A hentam mende B. back to this 'hamba' Allah nye story, despite my luahan hati,i really really like him when dealing with international affairs.. - blunt but brutally right -. - tak bernama

tidak seindah scoreboard

merci you two

Thursday, June 15, 2006

baby blue

dont ask whats that.
the blue bunch thingy is just sumthing i smuggled out from the OT.
and the blue frame i got it for free

Monday, June 12, 2006

foot and ball fever

HOLA! allez allez allez!.. (heh pe aku merepek ni) so the irreversible episodic high pyrexia of known origin (of course) epidemic, erupts once again. though it's a worldwide phenomenon, the aetiological factor has always been geographical. it affects men much much more than women although the number of affected women are highly rising.if the last episode of fever that happened four years ago was traced to be originated from the far east, this time the place of origin apparently has been shifted - as well as being @ the highest risk epidemiologically - to Deustchland aka Germany.
the symptoms may vary. one can be either a maniac or being under depression or sometimes, both(bipolar disorder). In most cases, the affected person would present with /history of euphorious phase , which later followed by severe emotional breakdown. Only 1/32 of these people will continue to be in the manic stage until the fever subdue, and usually that would be those patients who are more inclined to the 'samba' culture.
Induced Insomnia is also to be expected which consequently, affect the quality of work due to increased number of sleepyheads in the work place/college plus oral diarrhoea caused by previous night's attack of severe mania/depression.

however, this fever is self-limiting. once infected, there's nothing one can do but wait for it to resolve spontaneously after a month. antibiotics and anvirals are non-contributary as the resistance rate is almost 99% .in other words , it's a super bug no doubt, but it knows where (or more precisely when) to limit its infection.

and that's how you diagnose a world cup fever.

go england, go espana and go czech!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

find x

i chuckled (n not laughed ok) at this the first time. hahah. what a cool joke dude.

alors d'accord, i have this one med-joke to share ( yep cheri, this is one example of the 'A'-ducated type of joke) - told by Dr Ang during ward round upon encounter with a CVD?diabetes?(cant rmmber) patient with associated pshycological problem.

how physicians, surgeons and psychiatrists different from one another :

a physiacian = knows everything , does nothing
a surgeon = knows nothing, does everything
a psychiatrist= knows nothing, does Nothing!!

hahaha - if i didnt know better , i would have opted to be a psychiatrist :D:D
but seriously i see myself more as a physician (tp seme bende blur, tak tau gk huhuh). surgery isnt really my forte i would say. and im not really into it. added with my unskillfulness ( chances of this statement to be true is potentially high, though i ve never tried any surgical/incisional procedure so far) , it simply doest seem like a right profession pour moi.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


had dinner at bt uban with intec buddies. ikan bakar n the tomyam was damn delicious.been a long time since we had this sort of 'reunion'. love you guys.

watched da vinci code with asten n dela last night. i like the movie. sleep over at asten's. met saliza there. had a nice chat with her. friends are lovely.

this morning, finally i stopped at the nasik lemak stall in front of scotland villa condo. been eyeing the stall for days this week, but couldnt afford to spend a minute to stop by(coz need to rush to hospital) .rm 1 only.very lemak one.yumm

then i reread the da vinci code book. legend.

potluck at angeline's tonight. im gonna bring my self-made kuih ketayap (buruk)

and yet,weekends r still if it was cursed or sumthin, urghhhhh.hate it.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

another win, another day.. the same way

you know. when liverpool goes final, it is meant to be classically dramatic. they aren't the best team in term of physical talents and tactic, but they do have one hell of brilliant team spirit. gerrard is legendary. and yes, he deserves the cup more than anyone else does!! when all hopes were seemingly gone, he still had the magical courage to fire the ball into the net with his half-cramp limping leg! just in time to drag the game into the extra time as well as diminishing the hammers's dream to lift their first ever FA cup trophy, which was just minutes away to be realised. Perhaps we may after all call these sort of finals as the 'liverpool phenomenon'. i guess, whenever we see matches with such classical comeback in the future, we may actually exclaim sumthing like ; "hey, they are doing Liverpool!"

hihihih.. KOP, im soo proud to be your fan heheh

click here / clique ici to visit my blog entry on the 'Deja vu' of this match , then you'll know what im talking about.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

never alone

when the world's not on your side

You don't know where to run to
You don't know where to hide.

You gaze, at the stars in the sky
At the mountains so high
Through the tears in your eyes.

Looking for a reason,
to replace what is gone.
Just remember, remember
That you are never alone.

Just reach into your heart
And Allah is always there.
Through sorrow and through grief
Through happiness and peace
You are never alone.

So now as you long for your past
Prepare for your future
But knowing nothings going to last
You see this life is but a road
A straight and narrow path
To our final abode

So travel well O Muslim
And Paradise will be your home
And always remember...

That you are never alone.

~zain bhikha~

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DPs go Pinkie

had the opportunity to attend a very fairytale princess-ish bday bash last sunday. pinky theme (just like you my bubbly blog-bliss) and soo ceria one.especially for the kids la. the celebrated 'princess' that day just turned 4. she's sooo cute with long hair n chubby cheeks, she seems to inherit her mom's beauty as well. but too early to comment on that i would say. anyway, i guess the best gift for her ( surpassing all those piles of presents on the alocated table/ tables??) would be the gift of a super-sporting and extraodinary mum =) her mum's practically a kid herself that day:D. having said that, i'm not in anyway wishing (nor would i ever wish )for another mum other than mine. seeing all those things just make me love and appreciate mine even more. perhaps, she couldn't afford to shower me with the lavish lifestyle, but i guess it is because of 'without all these things' that nurturing me to become who i am today . MUM, MISS YOU ALREADY =( HOMESICK!

bile da g mnde ni, all of sudden teringat kt seme princess2 disney.. i've mentioned in the previous entry that my fav disney princess was Snow White ( and still is! ) . she's soo comel !!.second would be Sleeping beauty, then belle and then (finally) Cinderella.okay. need to refurbish my half-heartedly done tutorial .. au revoir Princess and Happy Birthday.

## DP = disney princess ;-)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

don't play play

yesterday, while i was wandering semi-idly in the ward im currently assigned to, i saw this very pretty young girl occupying one of the beds there. my first thought was, 'lawanye die ni' n 'she cant be more than 20'. she looked distressed though. i also happened to hear a nurse consoling her who apparently was crying, while clerking a patient next to her bed. i cant help wondering what 'disease' a person so young like her,could have(it 's relatively uncommon actually)

And so today, while following the H.O (housemen officers) ward round, i stopped at her bed to see her medical record. kinda curious to know. and what i learnt then was least expected!

she had some sort of paracetamol overdose/or (a nicer thought would be) paracetamol allergy<>. the record stated that she'd taken 20 tablets of PCM!! she most probably was attempting suicide.why??

huhuh.. that's the most shocking(interesting??) part.. She's 15 and she's pregnant.
the record said that she admitted of having episodes of intercourses with a 20 year old boyfriend these last few months. she might be a rape victim too,but perhaps too shy/afraid to tell.still ,im inclined to believe the earlier claim. upon questioning , she claimed she didnt know that she was pregnant when she took the PCM. quite fishy heh? im sure she knows la. otherwise , why would she want to commit suicide?

soo sayang. she definitely cant finish school. the boyfriend must be either on the run or in any lock-ups (she's under age for God sake). imagine the stigmata she'd have to endure from now on. luckily she got the look la. but i doubt that would help much. so children, finish school first b4 indulging yourselves in the LOVe-fantillusion. you're too young to even think of the consequences.

tamat la cerite budak pompuan lawa yang malang..

Sunday, April 23, 2006

double combo

"My Videos have been viewed 12073 times" ( youtube)

wuhuu it reaches 12ooo already hehe.. Never thought they would .. really.

Football:Both my fav teams performed incredibly last night. felicitation a tout. both Liverpool and AS Nancy Lorraine won crucial matches. English FA cup semi final n French League Cup Final respectively. Ironically, with same results - 2-1 wins - huhu. Liverpool gunned down Grumpy Morinho's Chelsea while Nancy took on Nice of Provence. Cheri went to see the Nancy against Nice match at Place Stanislas with friends. They set up this one big screen there broadcasting the match from Stade de France. cayala Nancy!! cant wait to c u in UEFA cup next season. it really something for them you know. i mean, it wasnt really part of their mission at all to bring back the cup. Their main aim this season is to avoid relegation( which is already accomplished). they weren't in the league 1 last season n suddenly came with such a loud 'boom' in the french football scene. though this cup is some sort of English Carling/wortington(worthless??) cup equivalent, which is almost always won by the underdogs, it's still very much acknowledged by UEFA. and in the end, who's got the place to play in Europe? C'est NANCY sur bien!!;-)

john anne risse opens the scoring for liverpool

As for Liverpool, it's almost a sure thing that they would bring back the FA cup this season. hurrahhh!!

ok ok tutorial time my dear.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


huhuh.. the weather nowadays is 'predictably' unpredictable. very hot sunny day just b4 lunch and there came the storm n heavy pour right when you finished. c'est la vie. but i hate it.

you 're 1

this blog turned 1 year old yesterday. it's been a good fren to me .especially in helping me goin thru my ups and downs.. as well as bringing out my unexprssed feelings to quite a fair extent (though very much restricted still). so pinkie, happy birthday. MMMuaahhhx !!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

heart your heart, love your lung

so .. this is my fourth week (officially) doing clinical rotation in the wards (every weekdays morning). Am currently assigned to respiratory ward(+ tb ward). Well, have to say i learn incredibly a lot from here. never thought heart murmurs sound like they actually do ( i used to think they were some sort of dup-dup sounds, but they turn out to sound like a whooshing wind).

Am also beginning to interpret chest radiography now.. piles of Tb cases i tell you. And half of the guys in the resp. ward are under paliative therapy due to late-stage lung cancer. If you go clarking these patients you'll definitely find in your history taking that they were ex-smokers. ex- HEAVY-smokers. 5-year survival rate is quite low for these guys. coz most lung cancers aren't diagnosed until they're too late. and by the time you found out, there's nothing much you can do about it. only supportive + pain killing treatments. In other (aggressive??) words, you can only wait for them to die... smoking is a killer. really it is.

Monday, April 17, 2006

it's the 'ten' thing

10 things that would be incredibly famous after The Da Vinci Code movie , premiering this coming mid-May : -

  1. Paris' Musee le Louvre
  2. Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and Mona Lisa(of course)
  3. Priory Of Sion
  4. Opus Dei (catholic sect)
  5. Mary Magdalene
  6. Louvre Pyramid inversee (inversed pyramid)
  7. virtual Rose Line in Church de Saint Sulpice ( now the church has to put a notice on the door that the rose line was simply a fiction made famous by the book due to too many dvc fans asking for its location ;p)
  8. fibonacci sequence
  9. the Depository Bank of Zurich (got a branch in KL you know - it's mentioned in the book .. definitely sumthing to exclaim 'wow' to .. heh)
  10. and of course Tom Hank's character - Mr. Robert Langdon :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

from 'president' to 'student'?

Irish college 'to welcome' Sheen

Sheen says he wants to finish his education after retiring
An Irish university has said it was "looking forward to welcoming" Hollywood actor Martin Sheen as a student next autumn.

The West Wing star plans to study English literature, philosophy and theology with special interest in oceanography in Galway.

A spokeswoman for the National University of Ireland said: "We are developing that interest with him."

Sheen has said he wanted to finish his education after he retires from acting.

The university is home to the Huston School of film and digital media here, of which Angelica Huston is a patron.

Sheen, who is 65, said he had been awarded several degrees, but had received no "proper education" since starting acting.

He has played President Josiah Bartlet in The West Wing since 1999.

His big screen roles have included Apocalypse Now and Gandhi.

wwaaahh dak dak galway jumpe superstar ah pas ni.. chishh x acii :(