Wednesday, May 26, 2010

special entry

" i luv u my fair n luvly wife "

not that he seldom tells it, but it has definitely lighten up my night.

in fact, over and over, everytime he utters such things.

je t'aime aussi mon mari cheri.


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hi ho merry ho!

what a waste not to blog all these while when too many good memories gone uncaptured in writings. a quick update then.

1. I am currently posted in paediatric department. Frenzily working with babies. they are cute but sometimes can be annoying when you have to stuggle like hell to set a line for them. but all in all, it is fun to work when little babies revolves around you. makes you want to have your own, really.

2. Early pregnancy days, i was always tired. Energy treshold was very low. not so much of mood swing, more of euphoric swings actually, which is good:) and oh, I did not vomit even once. what a good baby in here. thanks for not making mommy suffers:P but certain smell really exagerrated my olfactory nerve e.g some foul smelling diabetic foot. erghh. made me nauseated whole day, had to take maxolon to get rid of it! yes , I had cravings too.

3. booking done at eleventh week. I am embarrased to say that I am not compliant to supplements when that was what i preached to every pregger i attended. well, not when i have to endure constipation because of hematinics! so nowadays, i sort of play doctor a little bit ( am i not one?;p ) Every now and then, i will take a look at my palm. so far it is still fairly pink. and my Haemoglobin level is still static 2 months in a row. so i guess i dont need the hematinics... just yet.

4. April was my birth month. I received a pleasant surprise ( was it?:P ) birthday treat from my now-very-fatherly husband at the revolving restaurant on the top of KL tower:) it was quite an experience. loving both the sentiment and the place. Hubby bought me a stunning Fred Perry peep-toe flats to wrap up the day. so Gorgeous!!

5.our little angel has begun kicking as early as 17 weeks. quite early for a primigravida ( first pregnancy), and nowadays the intensity is even harder. hmm a footballer/football fan in the making?hehe. you can team up with me honey:) (since my hubby is hardly a football observer, let alone a fan:P )

6. My entire household ( except for me, hubby and latest my dad) are going to perform Umrah this June. my dad has to cancel his trip due to working commitment. i obviously can't go due to my growing tummy. feel a bit sad as we couldn't go together as a family.

7.booked our obstetrician yesterday. if God willing, i plan to deliver in KPJ hospital. really hope baby wouldnt come out too early so we can get there in time when in labour. otherwise i may have to deliver in my working hospital which would defy the purpose that makes me want to deliver in private centre in the first place. we'll see... is mother's day! planned to bake a cake for my mother has also pre-planned a family photoshoot later today (and a subsequent Hyatt dine-out) as today is among the very few days when all of our siblings are around. i have to call hubby's mom too to wish her so:)
Happy mother's day! - oh by the way, i tried to make macarons the other day but failed miserably so now im planning to reuse the stuff i bought and change them into a'd better work!

the years long overdue blog update ( I wrote this while I was pregnant with harris)

quick update :

1. now posted in paediatric. Frenzy, but loving the specialists and babies. not liking the prolonged working hours and oncalls:( has started kicking as early as 17 week. another football fan in the making? ha!;)

3. weaning to maternity wears now. proper tailored blouses still not ready:(

4.special birthday treat from now-very-fatherly hubby at revolving restaurant a pair of Fred Perry flat shoes;-)