Monday, February 26, 2007



Thanx Star World for putting exactly how i feel about these whole singing audition thing into words. FREAK! DELUSION DRIVEN FREAK!

I mean, hell ,i do love singing. very much. BUT I DO MEASURE AND I KNOW MY OWN CAPABILITY. pandai ukur baju sendiri. i realise and pleasantly accept the fact that im just not talented enough.full stop. (not that i want to anyway. never! yarks)

tapi budak budak SAIKO ni, dgn muke x malu dan yakinnya came for audition, with unbelievably high level of arrogance or what they called THE 'self-belief' (yeah right), but sadly with zero talent! and the saddest and the most irritating part is - they didn't realise it! .. or perhaps more realistically, they simply refuse to admit it!! when point-blankly rejected,i cant believe they still wondered why! kambing pun sedap lagi hahah.

but then, looking at the bright side of this madness, I am entertained. yeah freaks, you guys made me laugh so hard. thank you for that.

falseto voices melt my heart. owh..

Saturday, February 24, 2007

true loves

i went to a schoolmate's wedding reception earlier this afternoon, whose mom used to be my teacher and whose sister i was pretty close to while in highschool. the most joyous part actually was the opportunity to reunite with the friends i havent met for years (as well as for months, which is applicable to some;p). gossips were buzzing in everyone's ears, while oral diarrheoa created havoc kt kenduri org since everybody got a lot of stuff to tell to everybody.heheh.kecoh meja pompuan tu;p

another friend who is currently studying abroad (germany to be exact) also tied a knot sorry i couldn't attend your wedding. i can't possibly manage to drive all the way to teluk Intan. ke jaya gading tu pun kire betuah la mak nak bagi kete die hehe.

congratulation to you both!:) and for all friends that have already enganged or about to in near future, congratulation too:) may all the engagements end with blissful wedlocks;))

i love weddings. it shows how truthful you are in loving your partner. how you're willing to take the chance to walk the same path hand in hand with the person you love.

semoga Allah mempercepatkn jodoh ku dan rakan rakan ku ;))
and may all the good intentions, efforts and acts towards marriage reciprocated with blessings from Allah S.W.T.... amiin.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


i've been spending furiously a lot these last two weeks. my savings is decreasing at an exponential rate!! huhu..

so latest news; i ll be movin into a new apartment right after this chinese new year housemates and new room. the latter excites me considerably hehe. gonna miss my future ex-housemates ( im confused, you?) though.. juz came back from dining alfresco with the two of the Breeks. sedap seeh. harga pun sodap. (but actually, not bad at all. it's more or less in secret recipe's league i'd say, n yet better taste n larger quantity) - anyway, the stressing part : packing!! and unpacking!!! (barang2 untuk pindah, bukan take away,,po breeks)

juniors are about to crowd the already overcrowded hospital wards soon. cmne nk final year taun depan ni.. berebut patient la nmpaknye:(

ok la. need to revise my ophthalmology ( im rotating kt dept. mata sekarang) for ward teaching tomorrow. my fundoscopy findings (thank God) are improving(finally!). at least now (which is the 3rd week i.e the last week) i've managed to appreciate the location of optic disc , blot haemorrhage, healing scarring n exudates. but the cup disc ratio thing..n yet that's so crucial to know. huhuhuh erghh tension nyee:((

coming soon this march...


Brought to you by PMC (pshyco mad-ical college)

Friday, February 09, 2007

law breaker

buat julung kalinye, u tube padam video aku.
org nk try glamer kn hang je sami yusuf oit, xpe la u x nak:p:p
le roi soleil gak y bes. offcial forum relax je. siap tanye lagi sape ade video huhuh. keep it up roi soleil! keep it up manu!;)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Rouging Addiction

Mon nouvelle collection :)
(adding up to the bucket actually ;)) )

i bought the bracelet using the voucher that came with the cosmetic purchase.
i don't know when I'm actually gonna use these. but then,let me just say; this is part of realising 'what a girl wants' kind of stuff hehe.

Friday, February 02, 2007

periksa zaman tok kadok

got my exam result this afternoon. quite shocking really. hahaha. selalu la cam ni. mnde y rase leh dapat bes dapat biase je, mnde y rase x dapat bes dapat better dr y sangka dpt bes tu hahaha. anyway. alhamdulillah sangat2. sebab lulus.
merci mon dieu merciiii.

anyway, exam ini di ambil pada bulan november y lalu..