Saturday, October 03, 2009


*message alert* for cheri :P

1. new CD's j'adore
2. lovely lace's chest box
3.refridgerator ( yes havent got one!) visit
5. dark brownish shades ( a morgan will do)
6. white coco chanel 2.55 <--------aim : by 2020 ;-)

Friday, October 02, 2009

MY Best Friends' weddings

alhamdulillah. i have a marvellous time for these past few weeks. I'm happy at work, I'm happy at home. why? for many reasons.well, i have only three oncalls last month. Plus, a more than willing friend will take my call this coming weekend, my two bridesmaids -Miey and Ally- has just got married (attended) and is getting married (will attend) respectively (hihi), meeting fams during eid, pampered meself with a pair of armour plate buckle flats for raya friends coming over for eid, etc etc etc. but most of all, i am very ultimately happy to be at my husband's side again. with him around, everything seems to fall into place as its should. it partially feels like miracle, you know. whatever it is, im just grateful, and cant thank God enough for it.

Miey and Afif, what more can we say . CONGRATULATION!!
I was so touched when I heard the akad. the Tok kadi was the one who was nervous instead of afif who sounded so steady when declaring the akad:P and yes miey, id say this again ; Finally! ;-)
many Tahapian friends turned up at the reception. it quickly became our batch's unofficial mini reunion. the bride and groom were looking very radiant. it was a very harmonious saturday. meeting friends I havent seen for 9 years ( i'm feeling very old:(( ) at my bestfriend's wedding:)
it was rather incredible to find out what each and everyone of us has become, an ADO, daddies, mommies, husband and wives, lecturers, etc and then looked back at what we were 10 years ago. i know i personally have changed a lot since then ; in both priciples and attitude, although it is not something i regret doing. as i age through time and space, I sort of discovered a wider perspective about life. and I'm glad that my husband and I are sharing many similar views .aah.. c'est la vie and jai ho :-)

to all tahapian friends, Hanis just delivered a beautiful 3.1 kg baby girl ( alia aqilah) early morning yesterday via caesarean section in HOSHAS. both baby and mother are well;-)

pmc/dubliner mates, hope to meet you guys at ally's wedding this weekend;-)