Monday, August 16, 2010


i am currently at 37 week 2 day of period of amenorrheoa. my early scan at 11th week correlated nicely with my estimated due date. for the past 9 months my pregnancy-hood can be considered uneventful except for mild anemia ( whereby Haemoglobin level dropped to 10.2 currently from the baseline of 13) . I am considered risk-free from developing gestational diabetes melitus both interm of history and clinical ( thank God) but i still decided to have a go for Modified Oral Glucose Tolerance Test at 32 week POA JUST because I am more than 25 years old. Apparently it was supposed to be in the new GDM guideline, however since the screening was not cost effective, the ministry decided to scrap it off. My blood pressure maintains at 110 mmHg systolic/ 70 mmHg diastolic throughout.

I have completed my anti tetanus toxoid jabs in time and my infectious screening are negative. I felt the quickening as early as 17 weeks of POA, and the fetal kicks increase over time both in term of frequency and intensity. My husband and I can even recognise the fetal parts when the baby kicks prominently as I entered the late trimester :)

At one ocassion, as I went for my routine ultrasonography at 35 week 1 day POA, my baby's parametres were found to be quite significantly smaller than the expected range but growing still. Therefore I have to repeat scan ( done 3 days ago) to rule out the diagnosis of Small for Gestational Age. Glory be to God, it has been ruled out after the subsequent scan:) That was not the only matter that troubled me at that point of time. I also noticed he was kicking less actively than usual within about 15-20 hours, thus prompted me to have a Cardiotocography done, just to make sure the baby was ok. Baby is indeed in good condition. the CTG was reactive with sufficient accelerations and excellent baseline variability. yeay! and yes, the baby then started kicking and coiling around like no body business right after the CTG completed!

As for now, being a 37 weeker, I wait patiently and anticipatingly for the arrival of my baby. My first child . My fundus currently sizing about 36 weeks ( can still put my two knuckles in between the xiphoid sternum and the fundus) - in keeping with my pregnancy age;-) my baby is obviously a singleton, longitudinally lied, with cephalic presentation and head has alredy engaged by 2/5th below the pubic symphysis:)

baby dear, we are ready to have you in our lives :) muahx

Monday, August 02, 2010

2nd annivesary

26th of July 2008 : 20.09H

We were solemnised as husband and wife at this date and time. can't believe it has been two years since then. I still remember every bit of it and never tend to forget the historical moment. we upgraded our love to another level... and now after two years, we are about to reach another milestone - parenthood.

Happy 2nd annivesary husband. this (currently in-utero) child is our marriage's greatest gift :)