Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Loss and gain..

I am a career woman now :)

but God knows best of how stressful my career is :(

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Mr Darcy

you know , i have always thought Mr Darcy in both P&P and Bridget Jones' diary is charming. How I would be smiling dreamily every time i watched or read them. the most recent one being this afternoon- leading me to write about this hehe. but in reality, I am not too sure if I want my husband to have a personality as such. I like the romantic part of it but I don't fancy the excessive pride displayed by Mr Darcy's character - if it was for real. no, my husband is no Mr Darcy in term of self pride. but he is just as reserved, and just as well- composed as Mr Darcy - TO ME. if only he was just as rich :P:P

don't worry hubby, money only matters when you are truly broke :p

I have been in contact with my close friends since i got back from France. It feels wonderful to hear from them. But now I dread to start working. i have heard unfavourable rumours of the hospitals i applied. i really really hope that i would find it otherwise. i don't want to be in that miserable state of depression! I am done with feeling pathetic for myself. i just want to be happy or moderately low at worst. too much to ask for but ask i did. i want to be someone who would not regret what she chose in life. career is definitely one of them. a major one infact... oh hell yeah, let me get lost in my own fairy tale land. a place where we all can live , happilly, ever, after. oh just let me:P

Mr. Darcy: Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you... I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family's expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony.

Elizabeth Bennet: I don't understand.

Mr. Darcy: I love you.

Me : owhhh....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

quitter Paris pour Pangkor

et je ne reve pas
je sais quand j'arretarai
je vais quitter Paris
je sais apres, je vais payer pour ca
- les limites par Julien Dore -

i sing those lines every 5 minutes. no. every 2!.
so i am called to attend an induction course scheduled at Pangkor Island starting this Monday. Of all places they send me to Pangkor; where i definitely can't drive my car to. sigh.
i hope it'd be fun. it'd better be so.I will probably be starting my internship by 6 December. don't know where yet.the thought does transmit a chill through my spine. let us all hope that i would become a great doctor ; for everyone's benefits ;-)

to Aja and Apis, selamat bersiap dgn aman dan bahagia. jgn stress2 or gabra2. it will be one of the sweetest days in your life. yes, believe me. coz i ve been there n done that. hehe.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

bitte gib mir nur ein wort

c'est le Bon Dieu qui nous fait
et c'est le Bon Dieu qui nous brise
It's the Good God that makes us
and it's the Good God that breaks us

extracted from the song Caravane by Raphael

i met a foreigner at Starbucks the other day. we went there for the same primary reason ; internet access. and surprisingly with a same mission ; to find out the latest result of US presidential election. although i did have another bigger and fatter mission of wanting the internet access so badly; which was to 'buzz' my husband's yahoo messenger in hope that he would wake up to the annoying sounds. because i miss him awfully much. Alas, much to my dismay, his sleep was not disturbed at all by my lousy attempts. i couldn't call him as i am yet to activate the IDD call service. My parents were out of town hence no phones to borrow. i don't like to be in that state of desperation. it's just soo freaking frustrating and nothing i can do about it.

anyway, the mat saleh atuk was, dare i say, poorly literate in IT. Therefore he kindly asked me to establish the internet connection for his computer. Apparently he just bought it 2 weeks ago . he is one of the typical westerners who prefer to spend most of their pension money on traveling around the world. He was so delighted to finally find someone whom he can discuss international politic with. hahahah. talk about bumping into the right person :p no, I'm not good at it but i sure like to talk about such things.

a mon mari cheri,

my life is much more meaningful now than it was ever before. i look forward to spend eternity with you. i miss you terribly yet i'm at ease and feeling very secured and fortunate to finally be married to you. am grateful on being officially yours. voici, j'ai mon coeur ancre dans ton coeur ;X hope i french it right again ;)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

the parting

i have landed home safely - with mixed feeling of sadness, grateful, love, loss, and sadness again.

God knows how hard it was to leave my husband. leaving on a jet plane lyric fitted the situation at that moment like a glove. it happened exactly like the song narrates, except for 'taxi blowing its honk' part. i can't describe how wonderful a husband he is. je t'aime tellement. he asked me to remember happier moments when i think of him, and I'm doing just that. till we meet again chouchou.

we went to visit the other side of my family 1 week before i left. i am glad we did. everyone was very happy and we had too much of a great time that left a great impact when we parted. i miss them very much.

predictably, my tears streamed down frequently during my journey back, at the airports, in the planes ( it took three planes for me to get to kuantan). but i have regained my composure now. i haven't cried at all since i got into the taxi heading home. i am more composed than i thought i would be. good for me.

mon frere : when will abg N come back?

Moi : Next year.

mon frere : When? January?

Moi : probably June or July i guess.

mon frere : uish. that's gonna be quite a while.

Moi : i know.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


We bought the raclette grill yesterday evening. Have been browsing several shops since a couple of weeks ago and we  have finally made up our minds on which one to buy.taraaaaa!!!!
The grill.Behind it was the apron that i mentioned inthe previous post. Just as backdrop:p
Indeed we  shopped en masse yesterday. Mostly on necessities though. Our kitchen had run out of supplies. Chere's printer was running out of cartridge too and hence need a new one.Plus,by purchasing Raclette grill, it obligated us to buy the raclette 'food' as well.the cheese particularly is not that cheap. sigh.  We decided for a simple raclette meal in the end.
Raclette  is  both a cheese, and a grilled dish served with the raclette  cheese.  Both are called raclette. Raclette -as stated in the  grill's manual book- originates from Switzerland.But is so equally  famous in France that you would think it is French's by origin.  I think it would be just as fair to call it a French cuisine too though.  it is not important what you choose to grill as long as you have the cheese heated in the coupelles underneath the grill. it can vary from vegies like tomatoes to meat slices to seafoods . traditionally, it is usualy accompanied by steamed or boiled potatoes as well.  Of course baguette is no alien too :) .
The coupelles
Our package of raclette last night consists of  chicken and beef salami, a platter of boiled potatoes, and a baguette. i wanted to add meat slices to our meal but cheri reminded me we had already had our dinner earlier. a dozen slices of salami would do for the night. allright.

the raclette cheese is a bit smelly but you'll forget about it once you have tasted it. As a matter of fact i smelled nothing when it has  melted.  I have to say this, SEDAP GILE; hehe
the melting cheese
Cheri's plate
my plate ;)
so that was my tail of raclette.  fin :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

killing three birds with one stone.You betcha!!

Somewhen last week, we woke up at 5.15 a.m.
Took  a  shower (separately), got dressed, prayed together, had a quick breakfast, and off to Paris. Yeayyy!!! it was quite an abrupt decision. We only decided this minutes before falling asleep the night before.
We went there for three errands; whereby  two of them were mine,
  • Souvenirs hunting
  • Window shopping at Val d'europe
  • Mondial de l'Automobile / Paris Motor Show (the main and probably the most important reason for such an abrupt and hasty decision:p and no, this is primarily cheri's wish- not mine)
By 8.45 p.m we were already at the Gare de l'est, one  of  the six Paris' train stations. Wasting no time we headed straight to Place St. Michel via Metro. It  is situated just opposite the ever famous Notre Dame Cathedral, separated by River Seine. We weren't there for sightseeing purposes,but as I mentioned earlier, I wanted to buy souvenirs, and it so happened that souvenir shops around that area sell them at cheaper prices. That's the main and sole reason why we were there. We left St Michel metro station for Val d'europe at 11.00 a.m. ,after spending a whopping 75 euros on the souvenirs... huhu. I have to.  The shop owner were kind enough to give us not one but five free gifts worth  12 to 13 euros ,plus a decent discount on the stuff we bought. thanks Monsieur, God Bless your business! i bought myself an apron,with pictures of various types of French Cheese, backgrounded by the French Flag. It looks cool and very french.hehe
Val d'europe is only stops away from the Disneyland. It probably can be labelled as the 'Champs Elysee' for the middle class. It is for me at least! shopping heaven!!! I swear Cheri has never seen me smiling so broadly as that moment  since i came to France. Initially we passed by the usually seen outlets such as GAP, Esprit, Naf Naf, Etam, Armand Thierry etc. Then to the slightly rarer ones like United Colours of Benetton. These shops were all in one long mall. Once we reached the other end of the mall, cheri pulled my hand towards the exit door. what,i want to shop! but to my big, mind-blowing surprise, there's a village of designer outlets located next to the roofed mall!!! Gosh i felt like hugging  him right there for bringing me to this most wonderful village! rambang mate terus.   I look left, Armani. I looked right, Celine. I look futher front, Furla, LancelBurberry!!  I had to step inside every of these outlets. I just had to. there were Christian Lacroix's, Salvatore Ferrangamo's, Dolce and Gabbana's, Calvin Klein's, Tommy H's, almost everything -you name it. It's there. Jimmy Choo and Baccarat is opening soon. No LV/ Dior/ Chanel though. thanks cheri dear. Monsieur Chere was slightly restless and agitated by two o'clock, so i quickly decided what and which items that i wish to buy and shopped i did!! i ended up buying myself a bag and a wallet,plus a long purse and a tie for ma mere et mon pere respectively.

La Vallée Vilage

The world class car exhibition surely attracted millions. We took a connecting underground metro network to Porte de Versailles station to get there.By now it was Chouchou's turn to smile broadly :p  It was really fascinating. not just we were able to see the posh and luxorious cars at close range, we even witnessed various types of limited editions and concept cars from various established major automobile brands. Of course,Proton or Perodua were not there. sigh. too high for their league. we spent more than 4 hours there and even that was not enough to finish the tour. Alas, we had  a train to catch. by 10.00 p.m. ,we were safely home once again. It was a very tiring unplanned trip but satisfying I'd say.   je te remercie mon chere , tu sais que je t'aime :)

les Pains et les Fromages

I have been a fan of French Baguette since many years ago. It was quite a frequently bought item during my tesco-shopping  years. Back in Dublin, a couple  of French baguettes are  must-buy compliment whenever i purchased the Dunne Store's Food-to-Go salad or pasta. For the present, bagutte is almost a daily routine in our menu, alongside with Malaysian dishes  and pasta.
The made-in-France baguette proved to be extradelicious compared to the rest. 'So good you can even eat it on its own'. Ah of course, the French eat baguette virtually in every meal of theirs. Either as sandwiches or some sort of desserts/ appetisers. As for me, I find that baguette tastes best  when eaten with camembert cheese.ohhh.. once you start eating that, you'd find it very hard to stop.and that's exactly the case for me. Not to mention that we usually eat this after a heavy meal. I will not be surprise if I put on weight after these two months in France. but so far, my weight remains at a plateau - since as long as I can remember :p  Now that I know how tasty camembert cheese is, I desperately wish i would find it in Malaysian hypermarkets' refrigerated department. I surely pray so.
I have finally gotten over my long-standing craving for kebab, as i have ingested tons of them in this past one month and half. hohoho. Really, Malaysian 'kebab' is  an absolute insult and disgrace to the real kebab;  both in taste and presentation. Can't the arabs migrate to malaysia for a change? and bring along your shishs, falafel and the rest of your over-the-roof calories and salt content  meals. hehe.
oh I also discovered that pasta is better served with emental cheese rather than the usual parmesan, ceddar or mozarella. Cheri can even eat speggeti sprinkled with that cheese alone without any sauces and it still tastes great.
Raclette. One of the dishes that i had  in mind before boarding for France was raclette. Cheri and I are planning  to buy the raclette grill this afternoon. cant wait!! I will tell more about this unique French food once we bought the grill. hopefully.
talking about food makes me super hungry. i should start preparing lunch now. Alors, a plus!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

monday morning mumbling

Husband is out for school, and I finally got the chance to dominate the internet!! continue to be an old fashion  housewife just  as a true conservative housewife should be:p - at least I wish  I was one. haha.  though I must admit I'm not sure if I could stay this way if it was meant for a long run. you know.. with all the modern lifestyle ideas surrounding your mind's every angle; I should be rewarded big time if i could exempt myself from such temptation. haha. good crap:D
Tina Fey should win an Oscar. Seriously. those Palin skits are hillarious. the only less funny about them , was just how true the jokes were.  Palin is a joke. and that is a scary thing. usually it makes no difference to me whoever is in the white house, as their foreign policies sadly have no major differences but trivial. ( like how both parties love and compete on who kisses Israel's ass the most. like we have to spread democracy but then dont let the palestinians hold an election because Hamas will sure win! and they are terrorist. listen here America, how did u expect to solve the  palestine-israel conflict when you are clearly a pompous bias nation towards one side? im telling you, if hamas is labelled as terrorist group,israel should be one too coz there were no difference in their actions agaisnt each others' citizen; uh oh.. except for the bloody invasion and land robbery by the zionist many decades ago?)ok i should get back to tina and palin things. having said that though, Palin's case is exceptional. i should worry. why? because she's a dumb bimbo brunette from Alaska! imagine if she ever took over the oval office... and all the scary decisions and judgements that she would make..  she may be 'charming???' but governing requires knowledge which seems to be lacking from her 'homer simpson'-like brain.if Iwere to select my leader, Iwouldn't want an average hockey mom or an average six-pack-joe,- ' who is just like me' to be one. I would want someone who is hell smarter than me. anyone can be president, yes; but only if he or she deserves it. And uh oh.. with Mc cain's extensive record of medical conditions ( God knows how many cancers he has had!), it would be more than possible that this self-proclaimed hockey mom from alaska- who only received her first ever passport last year- would be world's most important person. Heaven Forbid!!! the world will never be a better place if not worse.  I want nothing but peace all over. I'm sick of hearing warfare news. and how unjust this world seems to be.
I am not in favour of Obama's Policies in many things. infact Mc Cains' seems to fit my ideology better. nonetheless, Mc Cain is not a convincing choice for a president. He is simply ...not the president material. Obama on the other hand, does have what it takes ;the booming voice, the ability to execute (or so it seems), almost straight to the point messages, well composed,and  he own a more confident personality.
You should watch their debates. both Mc cain -Obama and Biden-Palin . You'll have a good laugh watching the latter. I guarantee. And make sure to watch all the Palin's skits on SNL. What an amazing impersonation by tina fey. The body languages, the accent were all very palin-like. And of course, you definitely should watch Palin's  horrible CBS interview with KAtie Couric!!  - then watch fey :D

I got this while surfing the other day.  Thought it was funny. and quite summed up the debate too. She appeared to be EXACTLY like what this chart  tried to  portray.

Friday, September 26, 2008

just a brief crap

The first syawal is approaching.  it will be a modest celebration for me it seems. yet i'm not complaining at all. for the first time i could spend the day evening with mon cheri!! yeayy . His schedule is full for that he won't be home until 630 p.m.  sigh.
anyway,  Bonne fete de l'Eid   to all Muslims and whoever that appreciates this date as well.  i hope you guys have a blessed ramadhan. i'm not really in the blogging mood right now, so i guess i stop here =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a video says a zillion words

Palin                              Fey
this video is a must-watch !!! 
check out the scary resemblance of tina Fey ( the main character in '30 Rock') and Mc Cain's running mate, Sarah Palin. Freaking hard to differentiate the two.  another reason why you should watch that video : unbearably HILLARY-ousssss!!!! ( and yes, ' hillary' shared the podium too).
there were certain issues you must be aware of in order to FULLY understand the  parody.but i assure you it would still be armpit-tickling funny nonetheless, even if 'democrat and republican' is the only thing you know about the USA. believe me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

activist mode

i am suddenly troubled significantly by the global warming, an issue that has  long been discussed with little been done on its sounded lame but indeed i am. i guess the CNN documentary of North pole this morning played a role in awakening my conscience.
how can i not be when the ice thins about 2 metres in less than a year. perhaps it was just at that specific area in north Pole, but still, it sure sounds scary.  
i also heard (i was half asleep at this point) the news presenter (in other ocassion) quoting  Sarah Palin that  'Global Warming is Not man-made'. huh??
it might be partially true.. we will never know . according to cheri, there  is a theory saying that this earth has its own seasonal cycle. apparently we just happen to live while the earth are having its summer time.interesting isn't it. it could be true, or  it could be just a decoy plan to compensate and rationalise the wreckage we have done to this planet we are living in.
nevertheless, i still feel men are the main single cause of GW. i now rest my case :p 

Friday, September 12, 2008

tuning in

I am half-heartedly reading the PDF version of Obstetrics Illustrated currently.. just to realise how much i have forgotten. Even those fundamental basics about pregnancy and labour! i'm glad i'm still at home lazing with fun and idle activities.
I must say, mon cheri is somewhat a different man after we got married. Perhaps it's the title and status change.. perhaps he's just getting old more mature. whatever it is, i love this new guy he becomes. Unfortunately for him, i barely change. but the way he handled my silent tantrums has made it difficult for me not to let my heart liquifies , over and over.hoho

Thursday, September 11, 2008

L'amour est dans l'air

here I am, postponing housemanship for two months or more. regret? Non! Love it? oui!  
I made it to Versaille Finally. I've had always desired to go there and last week, that dream came true! the hearsays and written discriptions of versaille do not exaggerate of its majestic grandeur even  slightest! 
Versaille : king of all chateaux ,and bien sur, the residence of  The Sun King ; Le Roi Soleil =) 

Hall of mirrors : view from the main garden. Even the garden has numerous wings. imagine how many that 51000 metre square castle itself has..

from the outside

Sunday, August 24, 2008

One of the parts I love the most about my wedding is the handmade  dipped flowers. Beautifully crafted by 2 aunts in-law of mine. credit to nuni for these lovely shots. 

as for this one, not that i like the chandelier so much, i just love the shot from this angle.  good job nuni!  
Life is glitteringly wonderful for me at this moment. i know it's gonna be hard after a few months; once i commence housemanship, once the distance takes place and all.. mais  que serra serra . i chose it to be this way, so be it. whatever it may be. 
Liverpool delivered a stunning late performance in last night's match against Boro. Gerrard and caragher were the heroes. Sorry Torres, (for once) it wasn't meant to be your night :p 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

conferred and married!

Peace be upon each of you. hello again.

my apology for the super long silence. i've been busy. busy and happy. it is an awkward combination of adjectives there. but that's what best to describe life in this past two months ++.
Praises be to You, dear God.

June 17th 2008 was the last day of my life as an undergraduate medical student. the Final exam went rather smoothly with not much drama except for my unfortunate encounter with that intimidating RCSI professor during my surgical long case. God, he's a nightmare. i quite enjoyed the rest of the exams actually.

July 3rd 2008, mon cheri landed home. yeayyyy.

July 6th 2008, i was conferred with MB BCh BAO (NUI) degree(s) by my college and university; which entitles me to join the medical professional team. i was very happy indeed. my parents, my grandma, and my sister were there, attending the ceremony along with us. too bad cheri and his family couldn't make it. He had to attend his pre-marital course. i wore my mom's Kurung Tenun Pahang Diraja ; the cloth which my mom plans to put in the list of valuable inheritances of our family:P :P it was quite big for me but thanks to the graduation robe, the problem was well taken care of. As much as i was overwhelmed by the scrolls, mortar board, robes, mat saleh bigshots and all, i was quite sad by the end of it as i did not have the chances to part with a handful of my good pals properly.everybody was busy attending their family circles at the foyer.Some were in the high-tea hall, and some just 'vanished' out of my sight.i didn't take much photos too. how i regretted it.. Luckily that wasn't the end of the day. i eventually met cheri and his family later that night. his parents and mine were busy discussing about our marriage while we were 'busy' smiling at each other and cherishing the opportunity of meeting in person after almost a looong 10 months apart.

the rest of July was hectic for me and my family ( and my wedding planner). all sorts of people came to our house. Tuan Qadi, JKR staffs, interior experts, are to name a few. i don't dare (even until today )to ask my parents how much this wedding prep has cost them.. i just pray to Allah that their sacrifice for my sake would worth it. i pray that Allah would help me to repay them as much as they deserve.

July 26th 2008. that was 'the' day. at 10.09pm i am officially wedded to my long-time sweetheart after three attempts. hehe. he wasn't nervous. it was more to the fact that our jurunikah was being fussy and confusing. thanks miey for recording the time for us. two best friends i have to thank the most for my wedding is Ally and Miey. Sorry for troubling both of you for my cause.. you guys have no idea how grateful i am for what you have done. and of course to you too nuni, without you, who else would be my back up photog;-) and i'm sorry that you and zaman had to endure the mud. let it be known that i appreciate greatly that you went through all those 'obstacles' for the sake of our friendship ;-) to coy (and pakcik), please do read the sentence before this as well ;-)
back to the bride and groom story. we only started rehearsing for the next day by +- 11.30pm and finished around 1.00 a.m. . i was starving to death. i still couldn't believe that my status has changed. i was both thrilled and numb. and happy. and hungry. :P

July 27th 2008. Our first reception. i am overwhelmed by the number of people turned up to our humble home. 2500 guests! my only regret was that i couldn't meet and thank a lot of people who mean the world to me that day. there were just too many people to entertain, plus the unfortunate fact that i am notoriously known for not capable of handling hectic scenes smartly. huhu:P my big big apology. to those of whom the invitation did not reach them, i regret dearly. i meant to invite each of you. i have too little time to spare then. my friendster apparently was 'bengong' as well when i sent the invitation to friends' message boxes. i have the feeling that not everyone received my post online.. stupid friendster. believe you me, i didn't purposely leave any of my friends out. i'm true sorry if any of you feel that way.

all, in all it was a very very very memorable day of our lives ; ie my husband's and mine. and i hope it was for many of you who attended it too. thanks for sharing our special day with us. PMC mates, tahapians, SKTL buddies , smkt friends, jasinians............ a BIGGGG thank you from both of us.

we don't really have a proper planning for our future yet, but one thing for sure, we plan to live happily ever after together :-)

I'm yours =)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

there will be two more clinicals to go and i wasted my whole day, doing nothing productive. thank you so much.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

take a break, have a franck

France midfielder Franck Ribery was voted Bundesliga player of the year in a poll of 268 league players published in
Kicker newspaper on Monday. - soccernet

congratulation =)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

this is it...

he nailed it! ( finally) .i missed the concert Live show, therefore i surfed for its Youtube clips instead. I was doing some reading when suddenly my stomach gave a flip in response to one of Nubhan's beautiful coloraturas. I quickly opened that particular firefox tab to watch the whole thing again.. and again ( hehe). i'm still gaping in awe at the mo. hhuhuhu. gila lah lagu ni:P

i wanted to write about a lot of things, but i don't really have that much time left to procrastinate further...

Dr Irene predicted that i would become a paediatrician ;-) and yes i see myself either as a physician cardiologist/rheumatologist or a Paediatrician. hmm... sekali GP je ke.. huhuhuhuh

time to study

9 - 19 june 2008 ~ my future depends heavily on my performance at this particular period. Pleaese pray for me. I am plain scared right now. no kidding.. i need support and that's it. no dramas . i cant afford to be deviated from this sole focus. no kidding.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

My life in the air ~(^^)~

It's my annual activity now : watching French movies in cinema ( gsc) in conjunction with Cannes film Festival:)

last year i watched 'mon meilleur ami' and another beautiful epic which title i forgot. This evening, i was in GSC Gurney Plaza once again to watch 'ma vie en l'air'. And it's worth it!!!!

ma vie en l'air (literal translation :my life in the air -its official English title is 'love is in the air' though) was very relaxing yet thoughtful ,spiced with both psychological and comical elements throughout.

oh by the way, one of the main casts was Marion Cotillard; the Oscar winner for Best Actress through La Vie En Rose ( Life in Pink?). Only this time she chose to venture her life through air instead of colour ;) :P err actually La vie en Rose was produced much later. Probably the other way round then:P:P

One thing for sure, French films are VERY different from Hollywood's. You should give it a try. How about Amelie for a start?;-)

au revoir et gros Bisous ( muahx) !

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Monday, May 19, 2008

chedet MUDAH LUPA ( demented already? )

mahathir ni memang la saje cari pasal nak kene kutuk.

today he is no longer a member of UMNO.
what are you playing at, old man?
believe you me, he's acting like a joker in our political scene these days. what has he done other than dividing Malaysians into deeper and wider chasm? he wants dolah badawi to step aside. but can you name me just ONE person who you think would be eligible for that number 1 spot from the BN side. just one. who??
Najib? nak berperang ngn monggol ke?( ni satu lagi, just sebab sorg pelacur, huru hara negara. let go lah BA . there are thousands other issues which are more healthy that you can bring up to fight against the BN) . muhidin yasin? renti kan dulu. Ku li? he's a 'has-been'. he hasn't been in the cabinet for 20 light years. after all YOU are the one who brought him down, remember????

Anwar is no longer a BN guy. there's a possibility. tp you dont want him to be in power , do you? at least not while you're still alive. Im sorry to say this, but you'd better just let go. shut up. g masjid. istighfar byk2 atas pe hang da buat puluh puluh taun jadi PM. I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again. Dolah Badawi hasn't introduced anything new to the current government. whatever wrongdoings and loopholes that chars the UMNO's credibility have long been practiced dating back to your reigning era. ( or even before thAt!! ). and YOU did it at a worse scale!!!

i mean yeah, i have always looked at the umno members - be at whatever level - with disdain because i think they are no more than just a bunch of 'empty cans' . but really, for someone as influential as you mahathir, to whine, sulk, and retaliate like a baby, as if you're the hero of the situation.. is just beyond acceptable and it is destructive. Bear in mind, that this is coming from ME, a person who is very cynical about UMNO. for you guys die-hard UMNO devotees... i don't know . if I were you, I'd hate him to bits. well I have... even more minute that bits then :P

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It is better to teach a man how to fish rather than giving him one.

while dining alfresco at the Gurney Drive with my 'library peers' this evening, a beggar with crutches approached our table. I gave him some change i had left in my purse. then he left.
a friend asked why did i do what i did.
' my father said, if they ask, give' i replied.
then another friend came out with the words of wisdom as above.
'very true. however, i am not capable of teaching him how to make money. i don't have time for it, and moreover i just don't know how to do so.the only thing i'm capable of doing at the moment is to give him some.'
after all, part of what you have rightly earned is someone else's. therefore, give it to them. it's theirs:)


one side of life : constrictive pericarditis

had been encased in a hard fibrosed shell for quite a while that i failed to expand to accommodate adequate useful input.

chronically it has now invaded the inner me that i am unable to pump out any profitable output too. outcome would be fatal if untreated. so please do.

other side of life : mildly anaemic otherwise pretty healthy

supportive treatment and assurance are the management of choice

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a la peaceful melody

"There’s no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I’m yours"

i love this bit of that song :-)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

ill but at ease :)

destiny is not a matter of chance

it is a matter of choice
it is not a thing to be waited for
it is a thing to be achieved :)
- William Jennings Bryan

I've been having quite a troublesome flu since yesterday. i should be attending class right now but am too sick to function academically and physically. even now im typing in a 'lateral decubitus' position with the laptop by my side. 'Exam finale' is approaching. those stupid write-ups are piling.

i called my grandparents just now, and found out from 'aki' that 'wan' is in KL at the mo.and as usual (which happened almost everytime my granny went 'out station')'my sister skipped classes as well since she is now replacing me as my wan's youngest daughter:P

like big sis like lil sis. but of course my reason is valid where as hers is not!:P

miey, hope we could meet up this weekend;-)

i love my family
j'aime mon chouchou
and i love my friends :)

'wahai lalat, bugger off' .. ;-) honey, i luv this bug macro photo.

p/s : les images sont les propriétés de mon cheri:)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

you'll never walk alone;-)

last weekend main futsal for college. igtkan indoor, sekali open court la plak. i look like a lobster panggang now. muka merah cam malar rash.x lame lagi ceklat. duh!

senior futsal team was really spectacular. junior team too actually. senior team punye skill and control bagus. where as junior team stamina kuat and they played with speed.congrats to both teams. our team? hehehe i was quite disappointed really. i feel like we played better during practice matches. if only time could be rewinded... sigh. pas ni xde da kot chance untuk join tournament2 ni. doktor2 pompuan cm x main je futsal. n x tau la suami bg ke x nnt. harap2 klu ade tournament die bg la:P i really enjoy playing it. more than netball or any other girlish sports... one thing for sure, ukhwah senior year mmg jadi best giler la akhir2 ni. at least that's how i feel. most of my colleagues are really really nice and kind hearted types. well, there are a few shallow and vain and superficial types here and there but as far as my happiness is concerned, they are quite irrelevant really.

james, my current group mate told me about the 'steven gerrard songs' the other day. "i don't really like Liverpool but i like their songs a lot!" so said the Die Hard AC fan i.e Kaka's idoliser :P blame him, i keep on humming these two songs these days..

(in que serra serra tune)
steve gerrard gerrard
he kicks the ball 40 yards
he's better than fat lampard
steve gerrard gerrard

(in dennis van hauten's can't take my eyes off you tune;) )
Oh Steven Gerrard
Because he hates Man U
Oh Steven Gerrard
He hates the Blue shite too
Oh Steven Gerrard
You’re a Red through and through

ok im delving quite deep into football mode now. haha.

ps ; risau lak byk mende x settle lg. wedding date dah dekat...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paris vs Perish

"My illustration Simple Living is an idea inspired by the medias constant cover of completely meaningless things. My thought was: Since doing nothing but wearing designerbags and small ugly dogs appearantly is enough to get you on a magasine cover (read : Paris hilton), maybe it is worth a try for people who actually deserves and needs attention." - Nadia Plesner (artist/activist) commented on her controversial simple living campaign t-shirts n posters.

rather shockingly, Louis Vuitton filed charges against her for what they claimed as '
infringing their intellectual property rights' . She rebutted LV's claim by explaining that she 'didn’t use the exact pattern of a Louis Vuitton bag, and that the drawing simply refers to designer bags in general'. (well.. yeah it isn't really the exact LV monogram, but at a glance you know it imitates LV 'monogram multicolour' theme..)

I am an LV goods fan ( bags, pochettes, shoes in particular) , but i am really saddened by their action against Nadia. i am well aware that Louis Vuitton is very particular about copyright. one of numerous examples was britney; She was sued for displaying LV bags in her Video clip without permission from the Paris-based elite retailer. However in this case, i think they went too far. How can you have the heart to sue someone who are campaigning on a good course? i have to admit that LV and its fellow lavish colleagues are meant for vain people. but then, is it really necessary to affirm that vanity by filing a lawsuit against a selfless person who might, paradoxically , boost your sale? well, now i guess it's gonna be the other way round. im sure many people will be disgusted by the move.

I love charity, I'd love to get involved in human relief programme if i had the opportunity.. but that does not mean i don't yearn ( or am repressing myself from yearning) for Louis Vuitton products.. sigh. am i not allowed to like both? wasatiah ape.. hehe

Friday, April 25, 2008

loving makes your love grows fonder

In my eyes, i only see you
In my heart, i only feel you.
alors, je t'aime vraiment =)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

time is running out - 6 weeks left!

so much has been happening since i last posted anything on this blog. where should I start. ok
let's start with this one :

My blog was blocked by the blogger's automated anti-blogspamming spy. i was like.. what the hell? their server auto-detected that my blog has several 'criteria' of a spam blog. but then, in what way did my blog 'meet' the so called criteria? i posted my own words. I RARELY commented on other's blog, let alone leaving my link there REPETITIVELY like their claim of a spam blog. the only nearest thing to a spam blog that i can think of is my SEMI- anonymousness -( otherwise i wouldn't be using pseudoname i.e. Cherie ;) ). however when i requested for my blog to be unblocked, they gave me an automatic message of apology - stating that this blog is probably not a spam blog as i, the owner, does actually exist ( i.e. by sending an unblocking request is sufficient to prove that blog-bliss has a living and sound owner). My blog was subsequently reviewed and thankfully unblocked the next day.

My car and a handful of other's had been sabotaged by a bastard psycho/ group of bastards psychos who owes me an apology (which won't be granted) before he could enter Heaven (if he/she would ever manage to). what he did was so malicious and beyond your imagination. this/these thug/thugs deserve/s all sort of curse words available in the world. my dear friends, you are allowed to do so on my behalf. hehe.

i Passed my ACLS course =) that's quite rewarding , after a bad weekend ( referring to the event above) plus the fact that the course consumed my whole weekend + my Monday. it was fun. i enjoyed the mega code session - where we learned how to manage cardiac arrest with defibrillator and several life saving drugs - and we were taught how to be a team leader in such condition ( that's the best part. for a moment, it gave you this feeling of how important you are then. hehe) . Grandiosity? yeah wharrever. During the last session, whereby they handed us our result, Dr Leah, the ACLS course coordinator, told me ( and the class) 'ohh, you've been very quiet' . My friends looked and smirked at each other. 'this girl? quiet? hahhaha. you obviously don't know her.' hehehe. well, i guess I'm not too talkative ( right? right?), but I am loud and outspoken at times. Quiet is definitely so not me. during that ACLS session i did keep a low profile though. i sat at a secluded corner and i didn't make myself too prominent by impressing the facilitators with outstanding skills and knowledge ( as if i could. hahaha) nor that i flanked so badly to be noted. i didn't get distinction in any station. but passing them did suffice for me:) apparently my group broke the all-time passing rate record of 40-50% ( cant remember the exact percentage). Ours are 63%. =) For the surgical batch, Best of luck in breaking that newly set record :p hehehe.

i met my cousin in Facebook recently and i was very happy about it. Thanks FB (i still prefer Friendster though);P. we haven't been in touch for quite sometimes. He's just got a baby and my new nephew is sooooo cuteeee!

LAstly, Riz of AF6 performed my favourite Muse's song, ' time is running out' , on Saturday night. as i expected, he and the AF band didn't do any justice to that song at all. He was severely pale in comparison to Matthew Bellamy of course, but that's still forgivable as i think he did quite well for his league. but the band.. how could you undo the rocky-ish of that song by sounding sooo... dull. it sounded so poppy and well.. may i say..flat. what an insult!!. ( did i sound like a true rock music lover now? hahhaa) that's statement is half sincere and half teasing i guess :P opss hehe. But I do love MUse!i do indeed! i get this sensational rush down my spine every time I watched their Live concert. they are really really good at Live Performances. Even better than their studio version. ask any muse's fan and they would say so too if you don't believe me.That's why i think it's a bad choice to select Muse's song for a karaoke singing competition like this, as it is very hard to achieve that level of greatness.
this video is to give you a taste of what muse likes in action. A Blast! This may not be their best live version but i'd say it's among the latest and most memorable ones (as it was performed at the new Wembley stadium.. not many artistes have done that so far;))

The studio version is now backgrounding my recently blocked Blog-bliss. =)

Vote Muse for Live act!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

what's in there baby?

as i've been tagged by Aja,
here are the junkies i stuff in my purse . alors, voila !

  1. Malaysian Identity card
  2. Driving licence D class
  3. ATM card
  4. Tesco card
  5. Bonus link supplementary card
  6. Jusco supplementary card
  7. Nails Hansen coupon for free mani/pedicure
  8. Dior club card
  9. MAS grads card
  10. RM 5 photocopier card ( used in PMC library)
  11. Tissot warranty card
  12. Gucci sunglasses waranty card
  13. Braun Buffel authenticity certificate card
  14. 2 passport photos of mon cheri
  15. 2 passport photos of moi
  16. dollars and euro notes for kenangan
  17. few Ringgit notes ( miskin tadak duit)
Itu sahaja. tag sape lagi ek? jhaz mungkin? sapa sapa nak buat , sila lah =)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Birthday and Thank God It's Friday


after all the good things in life that happened to me in the recent past, i feel obliged to acknowledge them here. I can't thank God enough, and I cant thank YOU guys enough. thank you.

My birthday happened to pass by quite recently. As much as I'm upset with the notion of being a quarter century old that auto-engraved itself on my mind without my consent, I actually feel so good with the support and care i received in return.

this year, the earliest person to wish me happy ageing birthday is MIEY (~,^) - on the eve of my birthday ;)

then a couple of wonderful friends and close contacts texted their warm wishes to me at 12.00 am . my future adik ipar was one of them. hehe. i was already asleep by that time due to exhaustion from playing futsal earlier that evening.

as the day went by, more wishes came pouring my way. rase cam org tabur petals je. haha. baba was the first parent to call me that day;) my mom n my abah only did so later that night. so this year baba won lah:P

the best part of that day only emerged after sunset. me and my entourage here in penang went dining out celebrating my 20th+5 bday at TGIF ( i was made to choose between Chillis and TGI friday. of coz la i pilih TGIF kan hehe). The 3-course-meal was extravagantly abundant and super delicious! TGIF is an ideal place to celebrate birthday really. The crew are all well trained to co-celebrate with you. The TGIF staffs brought me a slice of cake ( for free ) and made me stand on a chair, embarassing really huhu. They gave me a pepper mill 'unique TGIF microphone' and i almost believed him. You cant blame me, his facial expression is so indifferent! i was asked to sing ( shoot!) the only song that came to my mind was Letto's haha. eventually, i sort of reluctantly (and nervously) sang two lines but apparently no one heard it, which was a good thingggg coz im so freaking ashamed of how cocky and off-tune i sounded!! Then the craziest part was when they made me blow the candle from more than one metre distance! that guy reminded me ' no saliva, yea' hahaha. naturally i didn't manage to blow it that far, until that guy brought the cake slice up to 90 cm hehe. yippie! done it! then the crew sang their classic version of birthday song to me as well as the unanimously known birthday anthem ( at this point my colleague joined along i guess :P ). Thanks Coyeen, Ally, my housemates the two siti hasmahs ( ct n ceme ) , maz, julie, Chaon, Nuni, Dolly, Haizum, Effa, Aleq, Mie, anas and sani for making my birthday so memorable and wonderful!

Cheri, played his part too. He was the last person that day to wish me - purposely i guess. when he called at elevenish that night, i was a bit 'muncung' already la kan hehe. tp naturally, my masam muka cam sangat lah transient, sweet talk mana yang patut cepat je berbunga balik haha. present? well, cheri biasanye will delay the delivery until we meet. tahun ni probably hadiah dlm hantaran terus kot hehe. but i usually like his gifts. practical and elegant;) keep it up. sunset boulevard kah? hehe. up to you really hunn ;) D300 tunggu saya bergaji dulu lah baru leh kate 'ye' okie;))

anyway, i got gifts from my adorable friends instead ! I got a beautiful mauve colour head scarf from Cheme. I'm so touched by my dear house mate's thoughtfulness !!! Nuni gave me this floral scented body wash. Her special request is to save a few mililitres for my wedding night :P. will do nuni hehe.
Dolly gave me this very pretty mauve card with meaningful nostalgias and wishes ;) love her. Asten gave me a cute lovely lace mini bear ( now hung in my car) . so cutee!!!! Angeline,Elyssa and kean yew gave me a very lovely bracelet with a magnetic hook. i likeee it like mad!! Saliza, another angelical friend of mine, who is my studymate nowadays, brought me to Bella, an elegant Italian Restaurant. The food, i tell you,is soo damning delicious with authentic Italian taste. Thanks for the treat Saliza. like I said before, i can't thank each of you enough. this is the best i can do for now. thanks guys for being so nice to me. It feels good. and it is good. i am so grateful to have you, friends. i am!

oh yeah, Mie and Anas also tried to organise a bowling session on Saturday, alas the whole lanes in Penang bowl were booked for tournament and Midlands bowling centre only opened by 12 noon. next time yeah hehe.

merci beaucoup a tous ! merci merci merciiiiiiii !

au revoir :)

Monday, March 31, 2008

wrong turn, my girl

sufiah yusof is now a hooker.
It was revealed and brought to surfaced by an undercover journalist from NOTW.
yes, that very Sufiah who entered Oxford at 12 years old.
what a waste.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

piggies de guinea

honey i shrunk the kid - kate ibu simba kepada mufasa
sori lah merepek siket. tgh jemu. ini koleksi dari zoo nancy hak milik encik cheri.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

euthymic or euphoric?

since the beginning of the week, i am visibly elated to others. and i am. as much as i am happy with such feeling, it actually freaks me out. eccentrically dressed, thinking (mini)grandiosely ( rationalizing : but i think it is a good thing to do! and it is possible) and uh well.. i can't explain further, but yes this has got to be tuned down stat. at least i got brilliant insight. that should count!

O mighty oft forgiving merciful God, make me happy and live my dream :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


guess what i did last night?
i watched AF 6

some were very amateur, but some were captivating.
i'll probably be observing more on several participants with potentials, particularly nubhan, stanley,that alicia keys girl, riz, and yes .. the clownish toi. ;)
I'm feeling good for the past two days. it feels better than good to be around good company and loving fiance. ;))
and ohh.. i'm instantly in love with letto's ruang rindu that i heard the first time last night, sung by Nubhan. hihi.

  • miey, come over here soon!
  • aja,your devils better be well prepared , for benitez army is marching to old trafford tonight with rising and rising skills and spirit. hohohohoho

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

light in the dark hours

Ummi emailed me these pictures earlier today. my flawed, empty,indifferent,blunted heart suddenly filled with Allah's greatness seeing these heart-taming pictures..
By God, no one i've met has gained more respect and salute than i have for this man.. The noble and humble Nik Aziz.

He just brought me to tears..

thank you Allah for the wonderful friends that you 'cross-path' me with
thank you Allah for the diamond hard supportive and loving family you lend me
thank you Allah for destining me to know Ummi's family from whom i learn how to run a family piously.
Thank you Allah for the gift of love that i cherish
thank you Allah for all the wealth and pleasure You grant me
thank you Allah for all the bad days you test me with to remind me to remember You.

happy birthday dear prophet.

Monday, March 10, 2008

what You give you Get back

i have to take back my words in my earlier blog post ; Malaysia's political scene is interesting. And it's good to see both sides are coming to term with the result rather calmly without any sort of violences taking place.

i hope this will teach the BN government a lesson; i.e. to dismiss their arrogance and ignorance over what the people have to say. this election was - as many put it- a very emotional-driven polling. Educated citizens - regardless of their political views - are too fed up with the way pak lah and his monkeys are running this country in an obsolete way. he did not introduce anything new. this kind of politic has been long practised during previous PM's reign, and that's why whenever he criticised Abdullah badawi on the lacking of freedom of speech and what not, i feel like shouting at him to SHUT UP. He did the same thing and it was at a WORSE scale. All these might not have happened this soon had you not disrupt the flow of future PMs.

A friend was calling me every 5 minutes (actually ade satu mase ni selang 30 saat je in between calls) to keep me updated. i was cheering either over the losses of candidates i dislike or over the wins of people whom i like or curious about.

before Saturday night, i did hope the 2/3rd majority could be toppled - 'fat chance'. so i thought.
i was indeed wrong. it actually happened! My wish, as we now have a stronger opposition,is to see these elected figures - be it BN or BA - to take governing matters seriously, to put the people first before the money, to fight corruptions, to hear and consider constructive comments, suggestions, or issues brought up by those who does not share same ideology as one does. Most importantly, The government must grow up. stop threatening us the malaysian citizens, stop using Special Branch in rampant to blackmail people, abolish ISA, stop controlling the media, and GROW UP.

update : i began not to like DAP at a new level.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sunday, March 02, 2008

pulling politic

election is around the corner. alas, i can't be bothered. I am more into Clinton-Obama race for democratic presidential candidate instead ; and that is interesting. ours is so dull. everything is a one-sided story. I'm particularly freaking sick of reading Utusan. i hate The Stars for its over liberalism and almost everything is about Chinese community. please, malaysians. come up with something more.. fair.

when i look back at Umno Policy, i do see its importance in maintaining 'equality' in our country. Malays are still very much stupid intellectually below par in average plus we are regretfully very lazy. if we are to fulfill DAP manifesto ' Malaysia for Malaysian' like now, that would be like the alternative of spelling the word D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.

admit it. chinese and Indians in general are more competent than the Malays at this moment. Malays are catching up, very true, but we are just not there yet. and that is why i think it is still very vital to preserve the bumiputra privilege. whether you like it or not. this privilege wont be a permanent thing. but the time is definitely not now to let it go.

PAS is not as bad as what the media tries sweating and panting hard to portray. Realistically it is impossible to implement the Laws by what PAS is fighting for, because this Muslim country does not have the 90% majority Muslim population unlike some other countries -though they are too stupid to make things better for themselves. duh. anyway, i do believe it can be compromised if PAS build up an allies with other moderate parties. In this way, everyone (at least majority) of people will have their voices heard and things won't exceed to what i'd like to call extremism. it is vitally dangerous for a single party to rule this 'tense but stable' nation single-handedly.

A lot of people has been mumbling about ( without really knowing what it means mostly) about freedom of speech and true democracy. i am in that wagon too - partially at least. however, i must admit too that this nation is not mature enough to accept true democracy. my answer would be 'non' to stuff like ISA of course, but i don't think we are ready for a complete open war of words without resorting to violences. therefore, I must say it is still arguably acceptable to be a stuck-up country like we are now. My only issue against Pak Lah's monkeys now is that they are too stuck-up, too corrupted, too autocratic and our political scene is way too unhealthy in sense of it is over dominated by BN without giving a fair proportion of chances for the opposition party to affirm their stances. You need to be opposed considerably to avoid abuse of trust in governing the country. If you are freely unopposed, then might as well we just go back to the monarchy system, where your nation's stability depends solely by luck. You'll be lucky if the successor is a good and intelligent son, but Unlucky and be prepared to go downhill if the heir was a bad and a stupid breed.

One of the few drawbacks in Islamic Empire those days are the monarchy system. I have never agreed with that. i know many Muslims like to have this 'all divine' kind of thinking about islamic history, but it is not. How many scholars had been imprisoned just because they didn't see eye to eye with the then governing khalifah? and do you even dare to say that they are all holy? holy shit is what they deserved. Not all but some.they were great ones too of course and they did earn my respects, but my point is, not all of them were. true democracy was there during Sahabah's era. The syura system. Sadly, it only lasted up to Ali's time. Even then, among the sahabat , there was already a chaotic atmosphere. That was the father of all chaos that muslims have to endure these days.. i wish it hadn't been that way. but setiap sesuatu tu ade hikmahnye kn inshaallah. i hope so.

now where were we? oh yeah, the reason I'm writing this because quite a number of people have been asking me, what is my stance? which party I'm voting for? . I'd say it is quite complicated. The long crap above is my heart being all-out honest with you regarding my view politically. so don't complain! hehe. kidding. feel free to go against me. =)

p/s - i hope Obama would win; both against Clinton and subsequently against bush's puppet, Mc Cain . bofff..!

Monday, February 25, 2008

F for food

If you are a fussy customer, you might end up getting this kind of bill.however, looking at the bright side, you can always opt to publicise it and sue the restaurant ( like this lady did) , and get an open apology and a free dinner! haha. man, those kitchen people really use the F word.. Gordon Ramsey 'the sifu' may be partly responsible for this :P. he introduced the F word reality show remember:P

anyway, Oscar story. Saw nicole kidman's baby bump at perez's site just now. she is just.. lovely to look at. i love her acting and i definitely love his husband's songs! what a perfect couple. i cant be any happier when she decided to leave tommy 'the Scientology freak' cruise :P Go keith!

oscar 2008 :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Ketua Menteri Sarawak, Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud hari ini mengumumkan tidak mempertahankan kerusi Parlimen Kota Samarahan yang dipegangnya sejak April 1968.Beliau bagaimanapun menamakan anaknya, Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib untuk bertanding di Parlimen Kota Samarahan.

Anak bekas Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi lek, Chua Tee Yong, 31, diumumkan sebagai calon Barisan Nasional (BN) bagi Parlimen Labis.

Datuk Zakaria Md. Deros digugurkan dan digantikan oleh menantunya, Roslinda Jamil untuk bertanding kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri Pelabuhan Klang pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-12.

Dr Asraf Wajdi Dusuki whose father was a former two-term Tumpat MP Datuk Dusuki Ahmad (now AmanahRaya Berhad chairman) will contest in Tumpat parliamentary seat.


Monday, February 18, 2008

wonder drug


shared psychosis? folie a deux..ou trois..ou plus

somewhere over the rainbow way up high
there's a land that once heard of in a lullaby
somewhere over the rainbow
skies are blue
and the dreams that you dare to dream
really do come true.

someday I'll wish upon the star
and wake up where the clouds are far behind me
where troubles melt like lemon drops
away above the chimney top
that's where you'll find me..

somewhere over the rainbow
blue birds fly
if happy little bluebirds fly
why then, oh why can't I

let's hope so.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

panic meditation

flowers are temptation. a hollow place can look much livelier just by adding flowers to the scene.
my fiance's photos again. love him. much. too much.

Monday, February 04, 2008

same old brand new day

monday is just another day.
just another day.
there are loads of good things occurred to me that i just can't appreciate when i am 'spontaneously' not in the mood. there goes another weekend down.
damn it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


love cooking these days haha. since parsley n yogurt ade lebih, i decided to make a different kind of pasta than the one i usually does. this time , i looked up the internet for 'yogurt pasta' and this is what i ve got ;)

sedap sedap;)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cherie's kitchen episode 2

2 pieces of Chickens
1 tea spoon of ginger powder
1 n half tab spoon of white cumin powder (jintan)
1/2 cup of yogurt
pinch of salt
pepper powder
parsley leaves

marinate for a few hours . the longer the better.
steam it.
voila. bon appetite!

kentang ngn broccoli tu ltk butter sket atas die pastu steam gk. then ltak pepper.
simple kn? ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cherie's kitchen

above wasn't my breakfast.
that's my dinner meal hehe.
3 slices of 'home-made' garlic gardenia bread, a quarter bowl of creamy corn soup and a full mug of aromatic hazelnut cappuccino.

last week i went to a friend house on invitation for dinner. that's where i learned to make a garlic bread without using a garlic spread. she did it on French Baguettes ( which is more appropriate than Gardenia bread slices), but then memikirkan the nature of the malaysian-made french bagutte will usually be super elastic after a few days, malas la nk beli. so i altered the recipe a bit hehe. i wiped a garlic on top before spreading the butter and toasting the bread. finir!

sok (atau hari2 selepas esok) nak invent steamed chicken with parsley and yogurt and spices of all sorts. tgk lah kalau menjadi resepi sendiri ni. x tgk mesra dot net punye :P:P:P

i am yet to come to term with Ledger's death. if it was Tom Cruise i wouldn't mind a slightest , coz he sucks at acting plus i ve had enough of his never ending Scientology rantings. but Heath was so good an actor. poor matilda, his 2 year old daughter. poor us, for the lost of all the future great movies which now are the would-have-beens as they followed him to the grave.

The fall of a Legend

Heath Ledger is dead.
that Heath is dead.
Legend Ledger is deadddd.

he was found dead in his Manhattan apartment with pills in the vicinity. he could have OD-ied himself probably. but why? he was such a great A class Hollywood actor around. he is one of my favourite actors. i would watch all his movies if i saw one. ( well except for BrokeBack Mountain - curious but my homophobic superego sort of restrains me from watching it. but still... hehe) :p

he shot to fame through the most remembered teen flick movie ; Ten Things I hate About You. i love that part where he sang 'cant take my eyes off you' to win Julia style's bet love. ohhh i would remember that scene forever.

Gosh he made so many great moviesss. A Knight's Tales. The Patriot. Casanova. brokeback mountain . Ned Kelly. latest- Batman as Joker. he's too young to go. when he could have done so much more. haihhh berkurang la movie y suke ditengok pasni huhu.

heath ledger is australian by the way. another aussie Daniel John split with his wife Natalie Imbruglia recently. Sad news for the aussies these days yeah. but at least your Nicole Kidman is pregnant ( at last).


Thursday, January 17, 2008

c'est lui que je veux

a lot of things have been on my mind currently. im very close to panic really.
i wish, i wish , i wish.
let's hope Allah hear and grant my wish.
otherwise, my heart will shatter like crystal glass hitting hard ground.

final year is torturing so far. busy. panic. depressed over my own incompetence. at this point, i'm so no a supposed houseman material. i must not fail. otherwise my heart will break. just like the crystal glass hitting the hard ground.


i found this funny -

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

new hijrah year kick start wasn't so great though..

wishing everybody all over the world a happy new year. it's january and it's muharram 10 days later.
sempat la doa akhir ngn awal taun n semoga ditemukan jodoh dgn org tersayang. amiin..