Sunday, December 17, 2006


May God bless and purify my heart and his. and may He reward us a long lasting love and happiness and unite us eternally. Ameen.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Once upon a December

Last year and the year before that, i spent winter holidays in France, Nancy in particular.. now i sort of miss it very much knowing that i wont be able to do that again this year :( miss Paris a lot too, i really regret not going to Chateau Versailles actually. xpela, ade rezeki pegi lagi..inshaallah;))

here are some Pics of nancy's most famous tourist attraction place ; Place Stanislas

cute! (these two pics, cilok tanpa permission fr him hehe)

nancy at nite
Nancy's most eligible but unavailable bachelor hehe

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


bonjour people!

i was soo cheerful the whole morning because of mon chere . hehe. pasal ape biarla, sekadar me n him y tau. but the bottom line is, im just happy. no news whatsoever. it just simply.. him. je t'aime tres tres fort!! tellement..

ok habis part jiwang :p
Bola-cat... Gosh it was both fun and horrible.
It was fun in term of college spirit and havin- a-good-time kinda feeling. but getting hit by three bullets at the vulnerable parts of your body weren't that fun i'd say. i guess luck must have bypassed me then. i got hit on the ;
  1. medio-distal femoral region of the right lower limb(in English, it means sumwhere right above the right knee, slightly to the left ) - still aching n bruising until now;
  2. right at the central lower abdomen (English: 1.5 cm below your belly button)on the second game. whatever that was inside my bowel seemed to regurgitate (i.e. upward) then. luckily it didn't.
  3. and also a close-range shot to my left chin! , which made my face 'berbirat' for awhile, Thank God no bruising!!! :p
the latter two hits, went through just slightly beneath my protective vest n mask respectively. what a bad luck. i was actually sieging my enemy on both occasions. already gestured them to surrender but they shot me anyway. but i was brave wasn't i ? hehe. puji diri sendiri lak.

"O Allah, guide n bless my every deed and may with that , put a smile on my parents' and honey's face.. amen."

Friday, December 01, 2006

ils sont musulmans

Robin Van Persie has recently been blessed with a son; named Shaqueel .

so the rumours must have been true then;

Another Muslim footballer! alhamdulillah:)

cik Elle Pires, how come u never tell me this??:P:P but i still like Ribery better. hihi

pour mon petit copain, felicitation pour la gagne last night. allez nancy!! ;))

Brother Robin

Brother Franck

uh oh, by the way, did you know that Ribery has adopted an islamic name 'Bilal'? and he's also had a 1 year old daughter now:)

je veux la sac de ville de 'Monogram Denim Cruise mini pleaty raye' . kene simpan duit nampak nye hehe. lawaaa gileeerrr.

p/s this is blog-bliss's hundredth entry (aka crap) :)