Thursday, August 30, 2007

pen down your feeling

Hey there baby
Don't you worry about the distance
I'm right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Hey there baby
I know times are getting hard
But just believe me
Someday we'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good
We'll have the life we knew we would
My word is good

I've got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I'd write it all

Even more in love with me you'd fall
We'd have it all

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way
baby I can promise you
That by the time we get through
The world will never ever be the same

Hey there baby..
You be good and don't you miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history like I do
You'll know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there baby here's to you
This ones for you

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me

i wish i could write songs..
i wish i could play instruments.. sigh..
sometimes i just need to break down over my long distance relationship to feel okay again.
well..sometimes, i break down over nothing at all coz i'm simply girlishly pathetic.

im more like self consoling myself through this song rather than dedicating. heheh.

i just feel like i could relate to it. relate A LOT to it.
i don't think cheri has heard it before. so that's good. he'd listen it fresh.

i miss you ..2 more years n you'll be done with school

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

obstetric and gynaecology

i am undergoing an 8-week obstetric and gynaecology rotation at the moment, currently in week 4, the second busiest of 4 rotations after paediatric (which comes next). huhu. i have to really focus on this one i think. not that i want to be a gynaecologist ( it's fun but, the rocket high medico legal suit rate in this particular sub-specialty, kinda turn me off:P ) , but it would affect my degree(s) cosmetic effect.

if i manage to complete my study course ( God Willing! ), my degree would go like this ;


MB for the medical degree (Medicinæ Baccalaureus - Bachelor of Medicine)
BCh for the surgical degree (Baccalaureus Chirurgiæ - Bachelor of Surgery)
BAO for the Obstetric degree (Baccalaureus in Arte Obstetricia -Bachelor of the Obstetric Art)

Hence, i really have to strive hard for this one coz it's part of the degree! Obstertric degree will be the decider whether i am to be awarded general honours or not if i ever be in the situation where i only manage to do really well in either medicine or surgery and badly in the other.
all i got to do is pass the whole thing actually. but still, it'd be great to pass with flying colours right? futher more.. this is the medical course.

moi : so should i book the ticket? i'm a bit phobic to take a bus at time like this. one accident after another..
mom : how much?
moi : mm about this much..
mom : ok then , book it before it's too late.
moi : are sure it's ok, isn't it too much?
mom : never mind, just make sure u get honours in your medical degree ( referring to the three degrees)
moi : mm mom,come to think of it, i think i'll just book a one way ticket returning here. i'll go check the bus ticket balik raya first thing tomorrow morning.promise;)
mom: x bahaya ke?
moi : pray for me and wish me luck.

dan mak bagi hint suh berjanji2 ni takut la sket tak tertunai huhu. i ll try nonetheless. muahx. love you mommy.

just came back from the bus station. tiket bus x kuar lg. kene tunggu puase br leh book. (sigh)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Triage : what's your priority?

Prince Andrew of England aka the Duke of York, is expected to attend Malaysian 50th Merdeka celebration this Friday. Walla Vache uh la la la for that.

But. there will also be another important event, which should have been more significant to him i suppose, on that very same day ; a memorial to mark the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. i suppose, as a former brother in law, it'd be more appropriate for him to attend the memorial rather than this quite unrelated event.. ah well, yeah we did obtain the freedom from the British and all, but i still don't see the point. we might as well have Camilla Parker Bowels Bowles ( who is now a Duchess of Cornwall) to come over instead of the Prince.hehe. She won't be attending the memorial either, to avoid arousing controversial scene apparently. everybody knows Diana blamed Cammy for her and charles' Marriage fall-out. old story.

speaking of Lady Diana, i actually miss her. not that i adore her or what, it just that, i found her life fascinating to observe. as a kid and a young teen, i love reading her stories. how she grew up from a naive girl next door to a fashion icon who stirred controversy everywhere she went and in everything she did! i was so shocked when i first heard of her death. a trace of grief too i should say. i remember compiling a scrap book of her during a school holiday not long after her death, which was approved by me mom ( she, like me, loved to follow Diana's story too). nonetheless, Let bygone be bygone..

teringin nk g kt tunnel Pont d'Alma kat paris tu huhu. x terpikir la plak dulu2. but i ve been to the Ritz hotel's entrance ;-) hihi.

for all fellow Malaysian citizen - be grateful of who and what you are - it took me 12 years to become one (i can't thank my mom enough for all her efforts) . i may not like the politicians, but i do love my country.

pic 1 : Prince Andrew's n Sarah Ferguson's wedding - split long time ago though.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

that's love

"If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it..."

i chanced upon this quote at a friend's friendster profile page. fell in love with its beautifully articulated yet deeply meaningful saying that content nothing but truth in each of its word.
i pray to God to guide me and my loved ones all the way through while shepherding this great and miraculous endeavoring journey of life..

almost 10 days have passed since i last dated my fiance online. am constantly thinking of his well being which leaves me to become poignantly restless. he is on a 14-day summer trip right now. he has always loved picturesque places ; a topic that so far never fail to enliven his mood - apart from photographic latest gadgets :p:p. Am glad to have met and known him this far.cos right now i feel so at ease to savour son amour and bask in it.

By the by, i am way too much indebted financially to my parents currently huhu. jahat tul jpa nih. i usually do get some allowances from my parents, but not entirely depends on it until very recently. am so grateful to have you guys around and even more indescribably grateful that i am loved unconditionally by my family no matter how vain and hopeless i am in return. huhu.muahxxxxx.

alas, piles of books and dossiers await to be read(sigh super heavily). until next time, bye bye.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Me against the music;)

i'm in a boredom-stricken phase at the mo. and thus i give myself a completely time-wasting task to undo the dullness.

music or sport?

rock or hip hop?

ballad or pop?
almost of same category. i'm more inclined to choose ballad though. pop is what catchy. that's it.
i love pop music too.sigh.

RnB or techno?
hate both genres

fav rock band?
MUSE (as endorsed by 'the killers' during EMA 2005)
The calling ( Alex band's vocal is electrifying!)
The Killers (lurve the first album), 2nd one hancush already hehe
Butterfingers;) ( hihi)
green day
sixpence none the richer? a rock band x? hehe

Fav Punk band?
blink 182
sum 41
simple plan
linkin park (punk rock kn?) leh la layan gk kdg2
not avril though. she's a poptart ( mr pordox la kate:P )

Fav alternative rock?
i really can't differentiate this rock subgenre from the main one.
muse is categorised in alternative rock i was told... then muse la:P
'third eye blind' can fit in or not?

fav heavy metal?

Fav boyband?
Maroon 5
A1 (hehe)
these bands and their poppy harmony music really left a mark on my highschool era.not just mine, but the whole late 90s female teens' too i should say. come on girls, don't deny it. u loved their cheesy songs too back, swallow that fact in. hahaha.

Fav oldies?
yesterday once more - the carpenters
let it be - the beatles
bee gees'
fly me to the moon - frank sinatra ( love westlife version better. in fact i love almost all of westlife oldies covers ;) )
can't take my eyes off you - dennis van hauten
it must have been love - roxette

Fav female artist?
Celine Dion! - that lady is an alien
old days' Mariah carrey. now she's too much a soldout.
Teenage Bambi Britney ( and not the b**chy britney she is now huhu) love her 1st n 2nd album till now.
mandy moore

Fav male artist?
emmanuel moire
Jason Wade
Yusuf Islam
Keith Urban
Gerrard De Palmas
Alex Band
Zain Bikha
James Morrison
richard marx
brian adams
byk lg kot tp x ingat.

Fav country singers?
Keith Urban
Rascal Flat
Dixie chic

Fav RnB ?
not a fan

Fav HipHop?
will skip this too.

Fav classical?
Il Divo?
kenny G?

Fav jazz?
ermm buble maybe?
im not accustomed to jazzy music.

Fav techno?
yarkssssssss. it's not even music! get lost Moby n frens:P:P

Fav evergreen ?
you belong to me - jason wade
makin' memory of us - keith urban
je fais the toi mon essentiel - emmanuel moire
une seule vie - gerrard de palmas
season in the sun - westlife
unintended - muse
jenny was a friend of mine - the killers
stigmatized - the calling
never let you go - third eye blind
i miss you - incubus
what's my age again - blink 182
macy's day parade - green day
now and forever - richard marx
i want it that way - Backstreet boys
big machine - goo goo dolls
love you more - celine dion
run - snow patrol

Fav (current) hitz?
everything - michael buble
grace kelly - mika
lollipop - mika
wait for you - elliot yamin
pieces don't fit anymore - james morrison
tout les secrets de ton coeur - celine dion

currently listening to?
sorry seems to be the hardest word - by richard marx n kenny G

Fav Sport?

Fav sport man?
Roger Federer

Fav sport women?
gymnasts kot. hehe

Soccer or Football?
retarded betul amerika nih. i love football in context that is understood by the whole world population except the Americans.

Basketball or Baseball?
nevermind. not interested.

snooker or bowling?

tennis or golf?
tennis of course

badminton or squash?
badminton perhaps. u classy people would opt for squash, wouldn't you? :P

panjang lg
malas nk jawab da huhu:P:P

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

viannese turns swede

Austrian former kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch says her feelings of pity for her late captor have deepened in the year since she escaped from him.

"I feel more and more sorry for him," Ms Kampusch, 19, said in an interview with Austria's ORF television.

Looking calm, she described Mr Priklopil as a "poor soul - lost and misguided".

extracted from BBC

She caught up that Stockholm Syndrome thing! no idea why the syndrome is called stockholm. most probably, the psychiatrist that observed n studied the ex-hostages' behavioural pattern originates from that city perhaps. but doesn't matter. to have come across such cases is kind of cool. i think Yvonne Ridley must have had that too after the Taleban freed her. not that im complaining.
y?she's a successful and a very guided muslim now. thanks to the 'gliding' imam she described who had given her the holy book.


but well, i dont believe in extremism either. i think the taleban and radical movement in pakistan and certain sekolah pondok kt negare saye ini ( kisas masuk x? hehe :P:P ) is absurd. you do things by force you push people away. you made the women covered every inch of her flesh and then still denying a normal conversation with her is crazy. why do you think we covered our body in the first place? one of the reasons would be to enable a communication as a person rather than as a whatever words that antagonise the meaning of dignity. i remember a visit to a sekolah pondok tahfiz for boys while in highschool. i was from a religious school too, and hence my attire and other girlfriends' were very modest as well. and u know what happened? we weren't allowed to climb out of the bus until they assembled all their students into the school's musalla. y, because we are what they called the 'disturbances to the mind' that will affect their memorising capacity. true, you need a pure and undisturbed minds to memorise every single words of God, but how can you still think that we are 'disturbances' when we have played our parts? and aren't they supposed to be invincible / invulnerable to minor obstacles like this if we 'are indeed' a disturbance ? they were not allowed to read papers and to watch television coz they were a lot of 'naked' women in there. just how unrealistic is that?in stead of repelling and inhibiting things because the bads come in a combo with many good, why dont train their beloved students how to 'ambil yang jernih buang y keruh'? internet is of course out of question la kan.

and oh, instead of giving ALL of us a tour of the school, they decided to take only half of us whom genetic variant is of XY. y XX ni dibawak pegi rumah guru guru, where the wives and education-denied daughters were waiting submissively to receive us. i found it very cruel and unjust not to send daughters to school. .. but that was what happened. and some of the wives are a degree holders.but they, rather stupidly, married these people and be shut into the ragged looking kitchens and very un-homey house condition. entahlah, but i believe that is not how Allah wants you to live your life like. the way im leading my life is quite unfavourable by God too perhaps, but i pray i'd be redirected and guided along the way inshaallah.

heh emo lak. tp serious la x setuju ngn org2 y mentality camni.

suicide bombers pn agak 'bijak' gk. ntah ayat hadis plsu mane die pki y support their stand that it is halal to kill the innocents and vandalise aka mmbuat 'kerosakan di bumi' in order to achieve the greater good of defying 'God's' enemy. off all you know, you are the one. nauzubillah.. one thing about extremism is they think they have the authority to act the way they do on other people when in fact, they don't. they think they have licence to kill,they have licence to kidnap, they have licence to neglect human rights and etc.. all claimed in the name of God. For God's sake, can they stop playing God?

im just saying.. what they are trying to imply will cause more tension rather than peace - the widely talk about bia'h solehah.

alors d'accord. dah. malalutnye bile bace balik. haha. byk lg nk elaborate n komen. tp x larat n malas da nk tulis. daah. :P

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Friday, August 17, 2007


i was involved in an accident this morning.
slippery road, downhill flyover, sudden break n screeching sound.
my friend didn't bang the car in front of him. he got banged.
i was on the back seat with another girlfriend. slight momentum effect.
the car i was in suffered barely a scratch.
the other car looked pretty bad.
i put on the seat belt straight away right after..

j connais pas

j ne me sens pas bien

Sunday, August 12, 2007

mon baguette poulet

i made a chicken baguette this morning, and surprisingly it tasted quite ok.
feel like sharing the simple recepi here hehe. gatal lak.
i don't care , it's my blog anyway:P la mienne la mienne! :P :P

i rolled a couple of chicken fillet with pepper and small amount of salt, and then steamed it.
Mixed the steamed poulet with mayonnaise and cheese spread and powdered in more pepper.
then i put the baguette filling in the fridge. ( i love when it cold). then i went to have my good night sleep.
next morning i took it out, cut a few slices of onion, chopped a salad leaf into small pieces and mixed them all together. i decided to add a few drops of tomato sauce in the end.
i cut an appropriate proportion of the long French baguette i bought yesterday and sandwiched the fillings in between.
there goes my home made baguette! almost resembling Subway's hehe. whateverr..
okay mahu buat tutorial..

oh, ive seen two full deliveries this week. more to come for the next 7 weeks! and palpated pregnant ladies's bellies like 20 times? huhu. the labour process was quite an experience.. freak me out a bit, but once i saw the babies came out, it sort of washed off the fears quite instantly. but then the aftermath was hmm quite tedious i guess. baby coming-outs aren't the end of it for the moms huhu. well anyway, i just wont let these things bother me that much for now. there's epidural jab for the rescue if i freak out then. haha.

im gonna have a new cousin by this sept! and im missing my one month old cousin too .. haaihhh
i love kid at that age especially. so cute to cuddle. usually when they are 8 months or so, they sort of have this snobbish attitude towards unfamiliar faces which turned me off too. but well, once they build rapport with you, it's fun once again!

okay im off .
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Friday, August 03, 2007


my unofficial but pleasurable job these few days at home is a chauffeur. Fetching mom n bros to and fro. love it coz i got to cruise around town and did my leisure-time favourite activity - s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g !! (otherwise I'd have to wait until mom got back from school to gear in productive activities:P) tomorrow however, will be my turn to be chauffeured to t'loh :P kiddin, im more like parasiting mom actually - she will have a meeting in chenor, which is a nearby 'town??'. (shire is the equivalent perhaps.. i dunno what to call it precisely though. my vocab vault needs enrichment!)

i wish my mood was a bit elated than what I'm feeling at the mo. :(

the entry title is attributed to my favourite JKR's HP series character's full name :

Albus Percival Wulfuric Brian Dumbledore

i just love it. it resonates something that it almost royal (you know the royal trend of naming the newborns with a-mile-long names? e.g PrinceWilliam Arthur Phillip Louis for the prince that we unanimously know only by his first name. i very much suspect it has to do with maintaining their royal's status quo)

Albus signifies some sort of power and the 'dont mess around with me' sign.

Percival gaves him the wizardish effect.

Wulfuric sounds almost comical - he is a funny man- but an A-rated and top class kinda funny. but the childish sort of quotes slipped here and there too. i'd never forget his pip pip! and acid pops ;)

Dumbledore - well what can i say. he is totally the opposite of DUMB. never been outsmarted by anybody and yet soo humble ( even though Rita Skeeter vainly tried to ruin that great piece of Dumbledore's memoir) but then , being as he is, he is -in some ways- pretty odd. Like Ron constantly reminded Harry - 'that guy is mental'

oh yeah i almost forgot - i think 'brian' attributes to Dumbledore's coolness and style;)

i am cheered up a little by my own writing.well, everybody needs a mean of channeling things out of their systems, dont you think?

nite everyone.