Wednesday, May 24, 2006

find x

i chuckled (n not laughed ok) at this the first time. hahah. what a cool joke dude.

alors d'accord, i have this one med-joke to share ( yep cheri, this is one example of the 'A'-ducated type of joke) - told by Dr Ang during ward round upon encounter with a CVD?diabetes?(cant rmmber) patient with associated pshycological problem.

how physicians, surgeons and psychiatrists different from one another :

a physiacian = knows everything , does nothing
a surgeon = knows nothing, does everything
a psychiatrist= knows nothing, does Nothing!!

hahaha - if i didnt know better , i would have opted to be a psychiatrist :D:D
but seriously i see myself more as a physician (tp seme bende blur, tak tau gk huhuh). surgery isnt really my forte i would say. and im not really into it. added with my unskillfulness ( chances of this statement to be true is potentially high, though i ve never tried any surgical/incisional procedure so far) , it simply doest seem like a right profession pour moi.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


had dinner at bt uban with intec buddies. ikan bakar n the tomyam was damn delicious.been a long time since we had this sort of 'reunion'. love you guys.

watched da vinci code with asten n dela last night. i like the movie. sleep over at asten's. met saliza there. had a nice chat with her. friends are lovely.

this morning, finally i stopped at the nasik lemak stall in front of scotland villa condo. been eyeing the stall for days this week, but couldnt afford to spend a minute to stop by(coz need to rush to hospital) .rm 1 only.very lemak one.yumm

then i reread the da vinci code book. legend.

potluck at angeline's tonight. im gonna bring my self-made kuih ketayap (buruk)

and yet,weekends r still if it was cursed or sumthin, urghhhhh.hate it.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

another win, another day.. the same way

you know. when liverpool goes final, it is meant to be classically dramatic. they aren't the best team in term of physical talents and tactic, but they do have one hell of brilliant team spirit. gerrard is legendary. and yes, he deserves the cup more than anyone else does!! when all hopes were seemingly gone, he still had the magical courage to fire the ball into the net with his half-cramp limping leg! just in time to drag the game into the extra time as well as diminishing the hammers's dream to lift their first ever FA cup trophy, which was just minutes away to be realised. Perhaps we may after all call these sort of finals as the 'liverpool phenomenon'. i guess, whenever we see matches with such classical comeback in the future, we may actually exclaim sumthing like ; "hey, they are doing Liverpool!"

hihihih.. KOP, im soo proud to be your fan heheh

click here / clique ici to visit my blog entry on the 'Deja vu' of this match , then you'll know what im talking about.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

never alone

when the world's not on your side

You don't know where to run to
You don't know where to hide.

You gaze, at the stars in the sky
At the mountains so high
Through the tears in your eyes.

Looking for a reason,
to replace what is gone.
Just remember, remember
That you are never alone.

Just reach into your heart
And Allah is always there.
Through sorrow and through grief
Through happiness and peace
You are never alone.

So now as you long for your past
Prepare for your future
But knowing nothings going to last
You see this life is but a road
A straight and narrow path
To our final abode

So travel well O Muslim
And Paradise will be your home
And always remember...

That you are never alone.

~zain bhikha~

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DPs go Pinkie

had the opportunity to attend a very fairytale princess-ish bday bash last sunday. pinky theme (just like you my bubbly blog-bliss) and soo ceria one.especially for the kids la. the celebrated 'princess' that day just turned 4. she's sooo cute with long hair n chubby cheeks, she seems to inherit her mom's beauty as well. but too early to comment on that i would say. anyway, i guess the best gift for her ( surpassing all those piles of presents on the alocated table/ tables??) would be the gift of a super-sporting and extraodinary mum =) her mum's practically a kid herself that day:D. having said that, i'm not in anyway wishing (nor would i ever wish )for another mum other than mine. seeing all those things just make me love and appreciate mine even more. perhaps, she couldn't afford to shower me with the lavish lifestyle, but i guess it is because of 'without all these things' that nurturing me to become who i am today . MUM, MISS YOU ALREADY =( HOMESICK!

bile da g mnde ni, all of sudden teringat kt seme princess2 disney.. i've mentioned in the previous entry that my fav disney princess was Snow White ( and still is! ) . she's soo comel !!.second would be Sleeping beauty, then belle and then (finally) Cinderella.okay. need to refurbish my half-heartedly done tutorial .. au revoir Princess and Happy Birthday.

## DP = disney princess ;-)