Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WC 2010

i think it would be almost sinful if i didn't blog anything about the world cup 2010. as far as this blog is concern, it is compulsory!

I am, in general, entertained by the world cup tournament. congratulation Sepp Blatter. From the (selected) matches to their coverage of south africa's cities and even the world cup theme song! ;-)
the opening goal by the south african chap was fantastic ( eventhough they eventually lost the match). I was by default rooting for France to win the World cup , ignoring my already-there instinct that they wouldn't make it far considering their sloppy World Cup qualifying campaign. the french fiasco sort made it worst. they deserved to be at the bottom of the group. the only bright thing was they finally able to get rid of Domenech.

I am never a fan of Brazil and Argentina therefore couldn't be more excited to see them trashed out by their exuberant opponents. Brazil has always been too.. religious, to the point that i became nauseated seeing their post-scoring dramas. that was not the only issue i have against them but it was quite a significant one for sure, hehe. As for Argentina, Maradona has been more entertaining to watch than Messi who was basically outshone by every other Argentinian players. But it is quite a norm in a tournament such as this, where by the expected star players failed to perform up to our expectation and ended up in a disgraceful end. Rooney, Kaka, that-S.O.B - Ronaldo joined the wagon too :P Torres and Van Persie were a bit lucky as they still could progress to the finale as a team, even though they were just as dim-lit as the previously mentioned.

perhaps, the team ( and coach) that enlightened the 2010 WC the most was Germany. Their games were extremely energetic and delightful. They shone as a team rather than as individual. almost all of them played the part. Good Job Joachim Loew. BTW, i like his sense of fashion and style. Too bad they had to face Spain in the semi. i was hoping that particular match to be a final instead.

Finally, the final showdown - Espana vs Nederland . An ill tempered and foul-filled match ( mainly produced by the Dutch). Spain in a way managed to play it cool though i have to admit they were silently provocative as well. They displayed a beautiful passing game and in the end, i think they are the deserved winner. It was a dramatic ending and very much entertaining still despite the lack of goals. I'm glad Arjen Robben got the yellow card for his relentless complaint ( really he pissed me ( and the referee) off . never like that guy. cheater).

Farewell Africa waka waka :-)

* i think my baby is bound to be a football fan as well. He would just be kicking my belly like nobody business while mommy watching and cheering matches:P