Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i am extremely tired.. am happy for some reasons.. and very sad on the other.. i dunno..

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dans 10 ans

my exam is in one week time.. and gues what ? haven't read a thing but a few sentences..:s
dunno , lotsa things been goin on lately. stuff packing , boxes-shipping, house clearing, van rental, trip(s) planning.. erkh I am simply so tired. both mind and phisical being. been doing a lot of thinking too. looking at myself now, i wonder what would i become, how would my life be in the future.. God, i'm too stress to even write about it.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fierté et Préjudice

long last!! i ve got my own copy(-ies) of my favourite mini-tele series ; BBC's Pride and Prejudice!!!! wuhuuu. and it is the anniversary edition!!! double wuhuuu!!! my long wait proven to be worth while.. i've been tempted to buy the double DVD's series since my first year here, but 'for some uknown reason' P&P had always not been part of the 'sale' items. (what a descrimination toward such award winning masterpiece!!)hence the price had never (b4 this) reached below 40 Euro.
but two days ago, my housemate came back from town with that DVD. i was like, what??? you actually bought th..that?? whoaa im so jealouss!!

then she said it was only 19.95 euro now.. (i went histerical. You re kidding me! where did u buy that? HMV?)
- no, at Golden Disc .P&P is ON SALE now - that blew my mind off. Next morning, went straight to the store and guess what?? Got a student discount some more!!

so i bought my dear Pride and Prejudice at the price of Euro 17.90 .. ohh beshnyee leh tgk Mr Darcy yang charming ala ala m/acho nih hehehe (mais toi - cheri, are even 1000X more charming - dun worry;-) )

Colin Firth definitely fits Mr Darcy Character like a glove.. begitu juga wataknya as Mr Darcy dlm Bridget Jones. oh By the Way, BJ's authour is indeed a big fan of BBC's P&P and its Mr Darcy. So, Mr Darcy in BJ was no coincidence.

the Pride n Prejudice movie version (kiera knightley and that 'nobody' guy) was so erkhh , how should i put it.. crap, perhaps??.. not worth watching la.. copy n paste colin firth/jenifer ehle version habis habisan. well you may say, that's because the script was extracted from the same book (jane austen's Pride and prejudice - love this book), but still come on!! the intonantions, the scenes.. do those things also need to be so strikingly similar with the earlier PnP?

ok, need to finish my box-packing. tomorrow hv to send those boxes to msia hall for shipping. haaii nk balik nye dah.. sedih la plak:(

a plus

Monday, February 13, 2006

La Vie Passe "live"

aaa lagu y main kt tepi tu.. ni klu nk tatap muke penyanyi due org tu.
the guy is emmanuel moire n the girl was one of his numerous lovers kt dlm teater roi soleil tu.
comel gk la pompuan ni. padan la dgn Manu kn ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

i ve been tagged

since jhaz dah tag aku, for the first time ever in my life , im actually doing this sort of stuff..
so, enjoy!!

Seven things you plan to do before you die-
  1. Repent
  2. expand my family members in numbers ( i.e. a charming hubby;-) n good smart 'soleh' kids hehehe)
  3. travel every land on earth (ermm tempat2 best jek la)
  4. charity (amal jariah tu pnting lps mati kn ) n berjasa to every mmber in my family
  5. speak fluent french n arabic
  6. nk jd org number 10 000 terkaye kt msia hehe( kaye ala kadar dah la. kang insecure lk klu kaye sgt)
  7. to live a life that lead me n family to heaven..

Seven things I cannot do-
  1. pronounce 's' alphabet properly
  2. watch le roi soleil theatre live :( ( cpt aa kuar dvd)
  3. cook a finger-licking dish
  4. obscene cursing
  5. read stuff in flash second ( y y y?? my mind processor is pretty slow lately...)
  6. recall any medical terms shortly after exam finished ( it's yahoo!! or 'shoot-cursing kind of' time )
  7. do 2 things at a time ( seriously how did u guys do that?)

Seven things I can do-
  1. sleep
  2. talking nonstop
  3. on phone with xodrop for ermm ... hours (u wouldn't believe my record hehe.missing the old days..)
  4. stuck in front of a tv or my laptop from sunrise to dawn
  5. singing in the shower (everybody does)
  6. shopping like hell during sale season
  7. driving as fast as 135km/h but mum goes histerical if i did. so ,mum-approved speed limit is 110km/h at most.highway only. jln bese : gambang-kuantan = 100km/h , temerloh =60km/h!! .

Seven celebrity crushes-
  1. nick carter (ni first celeb crush mase form 2 - skang nympah giler. poyo aa you nick)
  2. jc chasez (was soo cair with his voice then)
  3. beberape mamat westlife (go westlife go :D haha.. jgn memain.. irish pride, dude:p)
  4. ryan phillipe
  5. raul gonnzalez blanco
  6. alex band ( cute boybandish face with rockstar voice huhuh )
  7. now all crushes have been overidden by this one massive ultimate crush on xodrop hehe

Seven often repeated words-
  1. oh my goodness!! (zek suke ejek aku part ni)
  2. x mo
  3. aaa
  4. oo ye ke
  5. tu la pasal
  6. thanx a million!!! (maz ngn coy suke ejek y ni lak. ciss)
  7. alaaaa

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex-
  1. personality and individuality
  2. voice
  3. shyness (particularly when with girls )
  4. look( esp when smiling )
  5. charming actions ( surprises, sweet-talk, forgiving, caring, flowers etc)
  6. good family upbringing
  7. responsibleness character

Seven tags to go to (korang punye turn pulak. buat, jgn tak buat!!!)-
  1. nazeer
  2. miey
  3. apis hassan
  4. fitri
  5. juli
  6. lina paris
  7. ery mendes


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Le Roi Soleil

Mon essentiel LIVE - NRJ Music Award

yeyeyeyyey!! ullalalalalala !! enfin! i got the video from the NRJ music award! hehehehe. so excited about it. oookay.. so the winner that nite weren't as i predicted earlier.. but still i'm ok with it. Raphael won the artiste franchophone masculine d l'annee award and best female singer was Jenifer. i said i dont really like raphael in the previous post ..However, having listened to Dans 150 ans (in 150 years - title of raphael's single) quite a number of times now, i think my feeling is starting to antagonise that statement.hehehe. as for jenifer, though i was hoping for celine dion to win it, jenifer was sort of a second choice. my cheri likes her anyway.so it is still very much acceptable. After all , i do like some of her songs ( Serre moi - meaning hug me , and Ma revolution, j'attend l'amour)

d'accord, sebenarnye i wanna write about Le Roi Soleil . ape die? Le Roi Soleil means The Sun King. it was actually nicknamed to king Louis xvi. and teater comedi musical ni pasal die la lebih kurang. this theatre mmg kire 'hot cakes' la klu kat france skang ni. tv sket2 tunjuk geng2 pelakon/penyanyi roi soleil ni (by the way phonaticnye ialah rwa-so-ley), tp y plg glamer di sebabkn teater ni ( selain emmanuel moire la) is the choreographer ; Kamel Ouwali ( arab rasenye mamat ni) . mm actually die ni mmg glamer b4 teatre ni lg,since die ni jugak adela guru tari untuk french star acedemy.this star academy thing is more or less an Akademi Fantasia equivalent, so u see how popular Linda Jasmin is after the programmes, now just put this kamel in the same shoe. get the idea? good.

Emmanuel moire himself played king Louis character. he looked quite funny actually with the make-up. but who cares? i like his songs, i like his voice, n thats all that matters. full stop.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

'how do i feel today ' special segment

caption: helo2?? can anyone sees me??

why is the Unkymood thing not working anymore?? did they shut the site down? most probably so. ah well , what the heck, nothing much to feel anymore after all. huhuh funny it is.. .. u say one thing n u do the other. i 'verb' so n so, but i act like i 'another verb' so n so. and you,so n so, be convinced that i 'verb' you though i seem to 'another verb' you. yeah whatever..