Tuesday, May 27, 2008

take a break, have a franck

France midfielder Franck Ribery was voted Bundesliga player of the year in a poll of 268 league players published in
Kicker newspaper on Monday. - soccernet

congratulation =)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

this is it...

he nailed it! ( finally) .i missed the concert Live show, therefore i surfed for its Youtube clips instead. I was doing some reading when suddenly my stomach gave a flip in response to one of Nubhan's beautiful coloraturas. I quickly opened that particular firefox tab to watch the whole thing again.. and again ( hehe). i'm still gaping in awe at the mo. hhuhuhu. gila lah lagu ni:P

i wanted to write about a lot of things, but i don't really have that much time left to procrastinate further...

Dr Irene predicted that i would become a paediatrician ;-) and yes i see myself either as a physician cardiologist/rheumatologist or a Paediatrician. hmm... sekali GP je ke.. huhuhuhuh

time to study

9 - 19 june 2008 ~ my future depends heavily on my performance at this particular period. Pleaese pray for me. I am plain scared right now. no kidding.. i need support and that's it. no dramas . i cant afford to be deviated from this sole focus. no kidding.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

My life in the air ~(^^)~

It's my annual activity now : watching French movies in cinema ( gsc) in conjunction with Cannes film Festival:)

last year i watched 'mon meilleur ami' and another beautiful epic which title i forgot. This evening, i was in GSC Gurney Plaza once again to watch 'ma vie en l'air'. And it's worth it!!!!

ma vie en l'air (literal translation :my life in the air -its official English title is 'love is in the air' though) was very relaxing yet thoughtful ,spiced with both psychological and comical elements throughout.

oh by the way, one of the main casts was Marion Cotillard; the Oscar winner for Best Actress through La Vie En Rose ( Life in Pink?). Only this time she chose to venture her life through air instead of colour ;) :P err actually La vie en Rose was produced much later. Probably the other way round then:P:P

One thing for sure, French films are VERY different from Hollywood's. You should give it a try. How about Amelie for a start?;-)

au revoir et gros Bisous ( muahx) !

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Monday, May 19, 2008

chedet MUDAH LUPA ( demented already? )

mahathir ni memang la saje cari pasal nak kene kutuk.

today he is no longer a member of UMNO.
what are you playing at, old man?
believe you me, he's acting like a joker in our political scene these days. what has he done other than dividing Malaysians into deeper and wider chasm? he wants dolah badawi to step aside. but can you name me just ONE person who you think would be eligible for that number 1 spot from the BN side. just one. who??
Najib? nak berperang ngn monggol ke?( ni satu lagi, just sebab sorg pelacur, huru hara negara. let go lah BA . there are thousands other issues which are more healthy that you can bring up to fight against the BN) . muhidin yasin? renti kan dulu. Ku li? he's a 'has-been'. he hasn't been in the cabinet for 20 light years. after all YOU are the one who brought him down, remember????

Anwar is no longer a BN guy. there's a possibility. tp you dont want him to be in power , do you? at least not while you're still alive. Im sorry to say this, but you'd better just let go. shut up. g masjid. istighfar byk2 atas pe hang da buat puluh puluh taun jadi PM. I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again. Dolah Badawi hasn't introduced anything new to the current government. whatever wrongdoings and loopholes that chars the UMNO's credibility have long been practiced dating back to your reigning era. ( or even before thAt!! ). and YOU did it at a worse scale!!!

i mean yeah, i have always looked at the umno members - be at whatever level - with disdain because i think they are no more than just a bunch of 'empty cans' . but really, for someone as influential as you mahathir, to whine, sulk, and retaliate like a baby, as if you're the hero of the situation.. is just beyond acceptable and it is destructive. Bear in mind, that this is coming from ME, a person who is very cynical about UMNO. for you guys die-hard UMNO devotees... i don't know . if I were you, I'd hate him to bits. well I have... even more minute that bits then :P

Saturday, May 17, 2008


It is better to teach a man how to fish rather than giving him one.

while dining alfresco at the Gurney Drive with my 'library peers' this evening, a beggar with crutches approached our table. I gave him some change i had left in my purse. then he left.
a friend asked why did i do what i did.
' my father said, if they ask, give' i replied.
then another friend came out with the words of wisdom as above.
'very true. however, i am not capable of teaching him how to make money. i don't have time for it, and moreover i just don't know how to do so.the only thing i'm capable of doing at the moment is to give him some.'
after all, part of what you have rightly earned is someone else's. therefore, give it to them. it's theirs:)


one side of life : constrictive pericarditis

had been encased in a hard fibrosed shell for quite a while that i failed to expand to accommodate adequate useful input.

chronically it has now invaded the inner me that i am unable to pump out any profitable output too. outcome would be fatal if untreated. so please do.

other side of life : mildly anaemic otherwise pretty healthy

supportive treatment and assurance are the management of choice

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a la peaceful melody

"There’s no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I’m yours"

i love this bit of that song :-)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

ill but at ease :)

destiny is not a matter of chance

it is a matter of choice
it is not a thing to be waited for
it is a thing to be achieved :)
- William Jennings Bryan

I've been having quite a troublesome flu since yesterday. i should be attending class right now but am too sick to function academically and physically. even now im typing in a 'lateral decubitus' position with the laptop by my side. 'Exam finale' is approaching. those stupid write-ups are piling.

i called my grandparents just now, and found out from 'aki' that 'wan' is in KL at the mo.and as usual (which happened almost everytime my granny went 'out station')'my sister skipped classes as well since she is now replacing me as my wan's youngest daughter:P

like big sis like lil sis. but of course my reason is valid where as hers is not!:P

miey, hope we could meet up this weekend;-)

i love my family
j'aime mon chouchou
and i love my friends :)

'wahai lalat, bugger off' .. ;-) honey, i luv this bug macro photo.

p/s : les images sont les propriétés de mon cheri:)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

you'll never walk alone;-)

last weekend main futsal for college. igtkan indoor, sekali open court la plak. i look like a lobster panggang now. muka merah cam malar rash.x lame lagi ceklat. duh!

senior futsal team was really spectacular. junior team too actually. senior team punye skill and control bagus. where as junior team stamina kuat and they played with speed.congrats to both teams. our team? hehehe i was quite disappointed really. i feel like we played better during practice matches. if only time could be rewinded... sigh. pas ni xde da kot chance untuk join tournament2 ni. doktor2 pompuan cm x main je futsal. n x tau la suami bg ke x nnt. harap2 klu ade tournament die bg la:P i really enjoy playing it. more than netball or any other girlish sports... one thing for sure, ukhwah senior year mmg jadi best giler la akhir2 ni. at least that's how i feel. most of my colleagues are really really nice and kind hearted types. well, there are a few shallow and vain and superficial types here and there but as far as my happiness is concerned, they are quite irrelevant really.

james, my current group mate told me about the 'steven gerrard songs' the other day. "i don't really like Liverpool but i like their songs a lot!" so said the Die Hard AC fan i.e Kaka's idoliser :P blame him, i keep on humming these two songs these days..

(in que serra serra tune)
steve gerrard gerrard
he kicks the ball 40 yards
he's better than fat lampard
steve gerrard gerrard

(in dennis van hauten's can't take my eyes off you tune;) )
Oh Steven Gerrard
Because he hates Man U
Oh Steven Gerrard
He hates the Blue shite too
Oh Steven Gerrard
You’re a Red through and through

ok im delving quite deep into football mode now. haha.

ps ; risau lak byk mende x settle lg. wedding date dah dekat...