Thursday, February 19, 2009

life has obnoxiously changed so freaking much. it was different 5 months ago, another version 2 months ago and now this. i really don't care anymore. i sort of became soulless lately, indifferent, blunted and just live life for the sake of living.

i do have beautiful family waiting at home. the staffs in general are acceptably nice. in fact some do become rather close acquaintances of mine, yes. but the seniors are mostly superior-ish and some are even snobbish. my working environment is actually relatively very conducive and the view outside, surprisingly is quite refreshing.

yet i still feel like i don't belong to the system.

but then again, really, i don't care anymore. no one give a shit anyway.

to my dear friends, i miss spending time with most of you. i miss the familiar faces i used to hang out with. i miss my old skool friends whom i'd been thru the toughest period of life with.
james and angel called the other day. how they had made my night. thanks guys. i really miss those days. ..