Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Où ça mène quand on s'aime

'The conditions have made it hard for us. I think we are finding the pitches particularly difficult because they are not putting water on them.' paul robinson , england goalkeeper.

now you blame the pitch. aiyoo main kt korea kate korea panas sgt, main kt german selang sebuah je dr umah kate padang kering la plak. byk songeh tul. da x tere tu ltak la memane hampeh gak.i mean, it sounds so stupid to voice out such comment.wouldn't it be more 'relevant' to point out to things like physical fitness, admittedly wrong strategies, injuries and stuff. but pitches...it just soo.. idiotic..

i loitered at Mc D greenlane just now, reviewing the passing semester. life's changed so much.In all forms.. how independent i've become. how lonely i've become.. It's quite.. pathetic. mais c'est ma vie. and people just dont give a damn about it.nobody does.

oh Tuhan

finally exam is over. my turn was at 815 this morning. luckily i got a TB case.quite a classic one. and to make me luckier, i got the 'sarcastic most of the time but so damn nice in examination setting' briton bloke(?? - hehe my compliment to you sir ) professor Lee and dr Irfhan as examiners. hua hua huaaa. but i WISH i had done better. i mean God, how can i forgot percussion???? ergh.. it's like the most cardinal thing in respiratory examination. erkkkgghhh.

today : spain - france . and pakcik raul's birthday .. that means, i HAVE to support spain huhuh. but really, how i wish that the opponent wouldn't be les bleus.. adeiih.

perlukah berfoya2 petang ni? hmmm...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the matador

yeyy raul score! striker spain ni antara my top list gk la dlm senarai feveret players. morientes is another spaniard whose 'charting' my top ten list. tp smp ati aragones x amik die masuk squad world cup spen. dah la rafa nk buang die jugak fr liverpool. he's not a trash!! (well, not yet heheh). cisse tu ye la jugak.kaki da patah due ;-S ngeri tgk gmba kaki patah die. cam putus huhuh.

tp mlm td cm tersokong tunisia sbnarnye. at least sedare seagame. i was like, nk tunisia mnang tp nk raul skor, for 76th minute, mnde tu mnjadi knyataan, tp si toress tu g skor la plk. eiiii toreh kepale tu kang hehe.

czech, sile bangkit kmbali ok!! pls do not 'czech-out' fr the tournament too soon..

england.. hmm two games of boring performances.. well it's a mere luck you guys get through. tak kire lah, let the three lions roarrr :lol:

Friday, June 16, 2006

narrow minded-ians + pengampu x yah bace

hmm mule2 rase nk diam je, tp akhir2 ni rase cm makin sakit ati lak ngan isu ni. so i decided to blog it out.

for God sake, back off!!! !your time 'reigning' this nation is over. why do you still have to meddle (busy body melampau2 lagi?? ) in this business? i guess he is too used to autocracitism that he cant help butting in when people dont choose to do it his way.erghh soo obnoxious!!
i mean what's the point of stepping down, if you still 'indirectly' want to rule the country. who do you think your successor is? a puppet??? (perhaps he used to be la, all the cabinet members were..).
you may advise but you cant harshly condemn when your advice is put aside. it is notYOU who decide what and what not to do.kite ade dewan rakyat ade parlimen ade raje sbagai tukang cop and ade cabinet sebagai pelaksana nye. why must everyone involved in making the decision mute their thoughts and succumb to your wish??what makes you think they should?
remember when it was your 'time'? --->"condemn me and you'll go down"<--as for now, show some respect to YOUR leader even if he was once below you (not anymore). your unfinished mega projects / plans are just too much for this POOR country to handle. perlu ke konsep biar berhutang asal bergaye? look at most european countries. they own modest infrastructure but it's their super-systematic system plus high civic awareness that contribute to the 'developed country' title. it's not the bangunan y melampai2 , mercu itu mercu ini. the self has to develop first before the self's home can. at least now things are more transparent. surat kabar pun da berani tunjuk taring kt menteri heheh. bagus bagus. tp sifat provocative surat kabar ni mmg still x leh hilang la. kotoran degil tul. brenwash brenwash... cubela tulis artikel/berite2 y mane at the end of the story leh buat org fikir nk pilih A atau B.ie let the readers be the judges. ini tidak, klu die rase mende A tu betul, dr ayat first smp huruf akhir sokong mende A hentam mende B. back to this 'hamba' Allah nye story, despite my luahan hati,i really really like him when dealing with international affairs.. - blunt but brutally right -. - tak bernama

tidak seindah scoreboard

merci you two

Thursday, June 15, 2006

baby blue

dont ask whats that.
the blue bunch thingy is just sumthing i smuggled out from the OT.
and the blue frame i got it for free

Monday, June 12, 2006

foot and ball fever

HOLA! allez allez allez!.. (heh pe aku merepek ni) so the irreversible episodic high pyrexia of known origin (of course) epidemic, erupts once again. though it's a worldwide phenomenon, the aetiological factor has always been geographical. it affects men much much more than women although the number of affected women are highly rising.if the last episode of fever that happened four years ago was traced to be originated from the far east, this time the place of origin apparently has been shifted - as well as being @ the highest risk epidemiologically - to Deustchland aka Germany.
the symptoms may vary. one can be either a maniac or being under depression or sometimes, both(bipolar disorder). In most cases, the affected person would present with /history of euphorious phase , which later followed by severe emotional breakdown. Only 1/32 of these people will continue to be in the manic stage until the fever subdue, and usually that would be those patients who are more inclined to the 'samba' culture.
Induced Insomnia is also to be expected which consequently, affect the quality of work due to increased number of sleepyheads in the work place/college plus oral diarrhoea caused by previous night's attack of severe mania/depression.

however, this fever is self-limiting. once infected, there's nothing one can do but wait for it to resolve spontaneously after a month. antibiotics and anvirals are non-contributary as the resistance rate is almost 99% .in other words , it's a super bug no doubt, but it knows where (or more precisely when) to limit its infection.

and that's how you diagnose a world cup fever.

go england, go espana and go czech!!