Sunday, September 30, 2012

The birth of Sarah

Our second angel has landed on earth. Praises be to God.

I was admitted at 35 week 6 days for premature contraction which turned out to be a false labour. ever since, my Braxton Hicks became more frequent though still irregular. This went on uneventful  until the night of 19/09/2012 .

At around 9.30 p.m , I felt a sudden unprovoked leak. couldn't be urinary incontinence as i just came out from the bathroom. Then it hit me ; has the time come? is it now? By the time the second surge came out, it was enough to convince me. My water just broke.

I told my husband. He then quickly packed our stuff to go to the hospital. we have packed most of the stuff, just needed a final add-ons  here and there. by 10.15 p.m., we arrived in KSH.  I came here as I have booked my obstetrician, Dr Suraya ( the same doctor who delivered Harris). When we arrived at the registration counter, they brought us to the labour room. Only then they told us there were no more room left. I was quite surprised and disappointed at that time as I had called earlier before reaching there to inform them that I was on my way and was in labour .If I were to deliver there, the labour room itself would be my room.  Abrupt decision had to be made then.

i told the nurse to proceed with the CTG and to check my cervical dilatation. The CTG was fine and os was about 3 cm effaced but station was still high. After discussion with my husband and my parents, We decided to find another centre, and the choice was Darul Makmur Medical Centre.

It was about 10 to 15 minutes drive between the two hospitals, and it was raining heavily. Alhamdulillah we managed to arrive there safely. We were also joined by my parents and the co-owner of the hospital later ( I sometimes do locum at his other clinic).  By 11 pm, I was in  their labour room . Contraction had become more regular but still very mild.

My attending obstetrician was there within 5 minutes, It was Dr Roziah. The initial CTG was reactive. Liquour was gushing out like water hose every time i felt stronger contraction. I requested for epidural again this time. it was successful after two attempts. I received a spinal bolus too. Immediately after the procedure , my body was itching all over.  When the anaesthetist saw me scratching, he immediately told me that it was a common side effect of the fentanyl - the opioid used in the epidural cocktail - apparently if you happen to have it you just have to bear with it as anti histamine won't work to stop the pruritus. Pitocin was initiated right after the epidural procedure.

Things were fine until 3.30 a.m. (  i could pose for pictures,chatting with hubby, the doctors and nurses casually, reciting surah Maryam (Mary) via iQuran Pro on my phone almost pain free) . The fentanyl infusion kept on beeping signifying there was interruption with the flow.  Pitocin concentration was increased gradually every hour.  At that point, My baby's CTG  began to look less desirable.initially it showed good baseline variability  but with no obvious acceleration within 20 minutes, then it slowly got worse. there were a few type 1 decelerations  which became more apparent overtime.The last few decelarations even had saw-toothed appearance  with significant bradycardia each time (saw toothed or sinusoidal decelaration as i remember from my O&G days, might signify abruptio placenta). Only God knows how terrified I was then, though outwardly i tried to look as composed as i could manage. my pitocin concentration was reduced back to half and i tried changing my position from supine to right lateral  position, and alhamdulillah it worked. The CTG became reactive again and i was able to avoid surgery :) It could be the hyperstimulation from the pitocin or it could also be due to significantly reduced venous return as the CTG change was almost immediate by changing position.

By this time, I am pretty sure that the epidural infusion had failed. i felt the contraction pain which was already strong. i cringed silently, my fingers gripped my husband's so firmly each time. through out the labour, i recited prophet Yunus' (Jonah) doa' while he was inside the whale repeatedly ( my grandma kept on reminding me to do this  since the false labour ).

By 4.55 a.m. I had the urge to bear down. the doctor checked my opening and told me I was all set to push my baby out. tears suddenly streamed down. it's not the pain that triggered it I swear - but mixed feeling of  fear, joy, hopelessness, and doubts  over my own self confidence.

I gathered all energy left within, held my two legs without being told, breathed long and deep, and began to push. it was really agonising when the baby's head had crowned but you couldn't push at that time as there was no contraction.It was not easy. I needed all the moral support i could get  from the people around me and i was very lucky as they were really encouraging and soft spoken.  Husband was at my head, hugging, kissing my forehead and wiping my tears. Retrospectively, I  feel sorry for some moms who had traumatising experiences in the labour room, being scolded by the staffs for not pushing properly or for feeling hopeless. It would be the last thing you need to hear at that time. personally, i fell that positive encouragement was really vital and it does help.After 10 minutes battling, with one final push ( which was accompanied by a scream - but only during that last push :p)  , My second baby was born (at 5.05 am 20th of September  2012 ).

They put her on my chest. I dried and stimulated her myself with minimal help. My first thought when I saw her - she looks like a newborn Harris, only bigger.  It was so surreal. I was so mesmerised by her that I forgot that my placenta was still inside. haha. but they didn't need me to push that hard to bring it out :P
I reluctantly handed her to the staff for further nursing care. She experienced mild transient tachypnoea due to hypothermia ( the labour room was chilly cold at  5 o clock in the morning).She was put  under the radiant warmer and was given headbox oxygen for a while as a supportive care. She was fine after five minutes.

We were discharged home the same day. I was a bit anxious to go home as I wasn't sure of Harris' acceptance towards this new addition to our family. But Alhamdulillah, he adjusted himself to this new environment rather immediately. he was very welcoming and loving towards his little sister, and he doesn't mind me nursing or holding her, though once in a while when the baby was not on my lap, he'd come to me, hugging, cuddling and kissing me as if he's been longing to that the whole day. thank you Harris for being considerate and understanding.  I love you just as much.

We name our little baby, Sarah :)

Insyaallah, you'll be a well nurtured and honourable woman both in this world and hereafter. May both of you - my children - be  among the solehiin (the pious) . amiin.

je t'aime mes petits bonheur

Sarah's little foot

Day 10 of life

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Baby jeers

last two weeks - at 35 week 6 days of pregnancy age ( on August 26th 2012) -  I was actually admitted for premature contraction. I have been having Brixton Hick's  since late 33th week but on that particular day the contractions were very regular, as frequent as  every 10 minutes.

CTG was reactive with mild contraction  about 3-4 within that half an hour.  I thought I was going into labour the next day. fortunately I wasn't. Hence I was discharged after overnight observation in ward, MC for 1 week and  back to work at 37 week :)

now at 37 week 6 days, still no signs of labour. did another scan at about 37 week 2 days during appointment with HOD of O&G dept. little B's estimated weight is about 3 Kg , both by clinical palpation and by scan.

May Allah ease  the birthing process and grant us miraculous, meaningful and blessed  life ahead. Inshaallah.

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