Monday, October 08, 2012

newborn photoshoot

What to do when you are bound to confine at home for 40 days?  baby-caming!
Sneak peek of Sarah's newborn photo-shoot at Ummu Harris studio ;-)

Monday, October 01, 2012

latest gadget

Husband bought me a new toy! it's a freestyle y'all.been longing for this since i began to indulge in the breastfeeding world. now it's mine. 

I used spectra 3 during my breastfeeding adventure with Harris. It was good but the minus point is , that it's quite bulky. I was approached somewhere last year by a hospital staff asking me regarding good breast pumps with affordable price. i recommended spectra 3 to her, she wanted to have a look. So I showed her. Then she asked me: do you mind selling yours to me?  I was quite taken aback initially as I didn't see it coming ( thought she'd want me to buy for her a new one) . But i agreed anyway :p mainly because I want a good reason to buy this one below  for my next baby. hihi.       

May little Sarah benefit from this investment Inshaallah.       
The newly arrived parcel
my freestyle debut - 4 oz in 10 minutes while breastfeeding at home.. interesting!

Sarah @ Day 7 of life - home photoshoot