Wednesday, January 31, 2007

baling tin

hebat giler mamat lime org ni buang tin dlm tong sampah.

y ni even more dasyat dan hebat, selepas dapat contract coke dan byk lg. bravo a tous et je te remercie a chere d'avoir m'introduire a ces videos:)

Sunday, January 28, 2007


i have been a hugh laurie fan ever since i first saw HOUSE MD on TV.
A brutally sarcastic , extremely emotionally insensitive but horribly brilliant American doctor, a.k.a a beyond help Vicodin addict. gone case.

i was quite surprise when i learnt sometime later that he is actually a British bloke. i have to say,his American slang.. is a WOW TALLEY-Ho!! for exclamation. (blackadder fan, u know what im talkin about)

then, i came across his name amongst the casting list on the blackadder DVD cover. i bought it straight away.yes i've heard of blackadder series before but had never had any interest to watch it since rumours has it that it was something like the monty python kind of comedy.(n i never really fancy monty python jokes for some reasons). but 'my feeling towards black adder (compared to montypython) is quite the opposite' (pinjam ayat elizabeth bennet to mr 'charming' Darcy in Pride n Prejudice. heheh)

i hardly believe it was hugh at first. his character was soo very different!!


and this is GEORGE (in Blackadder)

video sample
better watch this. it's super duper hillarious!!

very different from house right? house is mean.n i certainly don't want to have someone like him for a boss once i become a doctor soon. but i like his character hell a lot!! i guess that's the benefit of being the one who is 'outside the box' aight? just enjoy the drama. like when u were observing your colleague's love life; the more complicated it gets, the fancier your gossiping will be.hehe. just kiddin.

okeh nak publish n nak tdo (or chatting) ~(^^)~

n oh yeah, i bumped into this clip while searching for the two above. hugh laurie in Friends sitcom speaking in his pure BRITISH accent;)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie

i ve watched two episodes of this first ever canada-based Muslim comedy.
my opinion is : if u go easy on it, u'll enjoy the show.
take it too seriously (or even moderately serious) u'd be sooo not at ease afterward.
i guess, most middle eastern n asian muslims ( and the SERIOUS hard core) would view this quite negatively.. since they are not used to living in the minority environment perhaps.
but on the other hand the western Muslims + the flexible hardcore might see this as a milestone in their struggle to bridge Islam and the west. i mean, if u want the non Muslims to watch the show( which is aimed for clarifying all the misconceptions and prejudices against Muslims and their religion), u ve got to some points, show that you can blend in their way of life.

there are a lot of wrongdoings in that show i guess. something that'd make u say.. 'err wait a minute.that's not the way it's supposed to be..' . but hey loose up uptight-ers . u cant expect everyone to have it your way all the time aight?at least it is much better than those malay dramas with disco scenes, body hugging tubes and mini skirts. at least this one IS Islamic. after all, u surely don't expect them (the western non-Muslims) to swallow the whole bucket of KFC fried chickens in one go, do you?let them eat the cheesy wedges first, have some ideas of what it's all about, only then should u give them the dinner plate and the drink. and let them finish the bucket barrel at home so that they can digest whatever they've eaten before calmly and accordingly:)

the KFC metaphor must have been due to post-baling syndrome hehe.

## to watch the rest of the show click to this lady's youtube page

Friday, January 12, 2007

The 3 Bs

i passed by this banner in front of a very famous (and historical) school in Penang on my way to Queensbay mall this afternoon ;

kami warga sekolah XXX
mengucapkan syabas diatas kejayaan anda
terpilih memasuki ke sekolah ini

Has the grammar of malay language evolved so much since i left school? even if you can't tell specifically what's wrong with that sentence, u've got to have noticed how weird it sounds. Unless my mind plays some funny trick on me, i am pretty sure the welcome-to-our-skool greeting should have been written like this ;

kami warga sekolah (y agak famous dlm sejarah sekolah malaysia)
mengucapkan syabas ATAS kejayaan anda
terpilih memasuki sekolah ini

right? right? i found it very unacceptable and disturbing that this sort of grammar-related problems can happen in school. n what more embarassing, they hang it on the school's main gate. xde cikgu BM apa sekolah tu. x pun mmg loklak.
The school is located beside a main road. a highly congested one, at certain time. so people who stuck in the long-waiting traffic jam, will inevitably look around and would unfortunately read that pathetic banner.
i feel like tearing the banner into two you know. (yo yo je heh)

Bahasa Budaya Bangsa
cheewah ..:p :P

Baling was superb so far. done lotsa stuff there already ; jacuzzi-ying at the hot spring at nite, jungle tracking at a leech-rich rural village,meeting the local communities (who are so keen to have us around) and will be going to one of its famous waterfalls next week hihi. our research are still on hold though , coz they still couldn't manage to give us the data that we need work on. duh.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

bye kejap:)

i ll be off to baling in half an hour time. huhuh berdebar lak. ok people. see ya in 3 weks time. pray for my safety (and happiness heheh. buatnye miserable giler duk sane nnt. but i guess it'll be a fun trip.) . pour chou, i ll be missing you a lot. esp with no internet and all huhuh.
off i go then. wslm.