Saturday, January 26, 2008


love cooking these days haha. since parsley n yogurt ade lebih, i decided to make a different kind of pasta than the one i usually does. this time , i looked up the internet for 'yogurt pasta' and this is what i ve got ;)

sedap sedap;)

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cherie's kitchen episode 2

2 pieces of Chickens
1 tea spoon of ginger powder
1 n half tab spoon of white cumin powder (jintan)
1/2 cup of yogurt
pinch of salt
pepper powder
parsley leaves

marinate for a few hours . the longer the better.
steam it.
voila. bon appetite!

kentang ngn broccoli tu ltk butter sket atas die pastu steam gk. then ltak pepper.
simple kn? ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cherie's kitchen

above wasn't my breakfast.
that's my dinner meal hehe.
3 slices of 'home-made' garlic gardenia bread, a quarter bowl of creamy corn soup and a full mug of aromatic hazelnut cappuccino.

last week i went to a friend house on invitation for dinner. that's where i learned to make a garlic bread without using a garlic spread. she did it on French Baguettes ( which is more appropriate than Gardenia bread slices), but then memikirkan the nature of the malaysian-made french bagutte will usually be super elastic after a few days, malas la nk beli. so i altered the recipe a bit hehe. i wiped a garlic on top before spreading the butter and toasting the bread. finir!

sok (atau hari2 selepas esok) nak invent steamed chicken with parsley and yogurt and spices of all sorts. tgk lah kalau menjadi resepi sendiri ni. x tgk mesra dot net punye :P:P:P

i am yet to come to term with Ledger's death. if it was Tom Cruise i wouldn't mind a slightest , coz he sucks at acting plus i ve had enough of his never ending Scientology rantings. but Heath was so good an actor. poor matilda, his 2 year old daughter. poor us, for the lost of all the future great movies which now are the would-have-beens as they followed him to the grave.

The fall of a Legend

Heath Ledger is dead.
that Heath is dead.
Legend Ledger is deadddd.

he was found dead in his Manhattan apartment with pills in the vicinity. he could have OD-ied himself probably. but why? he was such a great A class Hollywood actor around. he is one of my favourite actors. i would watch all his movies if i saw one. ( well except for BrokeBack Mountain - curious but my homophobic superego sort of restrains me from watching it. but still... hehe) :p

he shot to fame through the most remembered teen flick movie ; Ten Things I hate About You. i love that part where he sang 'cant take my eyes off you' to win Julia style's bet love. ohhh i would remember that scene forever.

Gosh he made so many great moviesss. A Knight's Tales. The Patriot. Casanova. brokeback mountain . Ned Kelly. latest- Batman as Joker. he's too young to go. when he could have done so much more. haihhh berkurang la movie y suke ditengok pasni huhu.

heath ledger is australian by the way. another aussie Daniel John split with his wife Natalie Imbruglia recently. Sad news for the aussies these days yeah. but at least your Nicole Kidman is pregnant ( at last).


Thursday, January 17, 2008

c'est lui que je veux

a lot of things have been on my mind currently. im very close to panic really.
i wish, i wish , i wish.
let's hope Allah hear and grant my wish.
otherwise, my heart will shatter like crystal glass hitting hard ground.

final year is torturing so far. busy. panic. depressed over my own incompetence. at this point, i'm so no a supposed houseman material. i must not fail. otherwise my heart will break. just like the crystal glass hitting the hard ground.


i found this funny -

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

new hijrah year kick start wasn't so great though..

wishing everybody all over the world a happy new year. it's january and it's muharram 10 days later.
sempat la doa akhir ngn awal taun n semoga ditemukan jodoh dgn org tersayang. amiin..