Sunday, September 11, 2005

Day Dream time =)

if i were a super-duper rich girl, i would....

  • tout d'abord, Thank Allah real2 much
  • Donate regularly
  • pay zakat of course
  • get a cozy,elegant,high-tech,celeb-style crib ( a condominium will do)
  • enlarge my wardrobe size by 20
  • shopping spree @ les champs elysees weekly(especially @ Louis Vuitton boutique)
  • get me self a complete set of Louis Vuitton bags (suitcases,handbags,hand luggage,purses, key holders,make-up bags etc) shoes, and acessories.. yeah let me be the LV girl hehehe
  • ocassionally treat myself some gucci,Dior,prada or versace ( im quite into chloe paddington bags at the moment, some fendi designs are not bad either.. hmm if only.. money money money!!)
  • buy 2 brand new mercedes Benz in one go n buy him his bentley or rolls royce :) i want that new model volvo too.. cantik seehh
  • open orphanage centres
  • open bakery shop that can compete fiercely with secret recipe
  • mock Paris Hilton's desperate attempts to fame like hell hahahaha