Monday, August 17, 2009

what a pair of twats

a marriage that's built over other's broken marriage.
blissful? hah, dream on gits.
obviously this very fast onset occasion reaffirmed his ex-wife's claim.
i cant believe someone supposedly this religious and well clad could afford to be a plain slut as she proved to be. and the so-called self proclaimed tabligh abandoning his wife for months and you expect she didnt retaliate??? n u dare to say she menderhaka to you while you had your own sweet time having an affair w someone way down below par compared to your exwife (in that matter) without really letting her go or gave a clear cut resolution? what a bastard you are.

i doubt this two would be happy at all. From the beginning it's already faulty. they may try though.

p/s am i the only one who feels nauseated to the max looking at that slut's gleeful face? hah

p/p.s cant wait to have hubby back and adventuring ramadhan together. come back quick hunnie bunnie;-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

jerk n jerkiness

what i feel like doing? singing on top of my lung n dancing in the middle of the road :) call me crazy, but im sure that could release this looong bottled feeling i have inside. only then, i could say.. 'yeeaahh... im feeling good' :)

DANCING in the moonlite sounds nice dontcha think? hahah

ya Rabbi.

Monday, August 03, 2009

love , job, and les ballerines

My Best friend is engaged! too bad i couldn't attend the ceremony as i was away.
congratulation dear! i am sooo happy for the two of you. still waiting for pictures;-) muahxxxx ;X

secondly, i am leaving obstetric and gynaecology department for ( drummmmmm trtrtrtrtriittt) ... ORTHOPAEDICS . the fist remark a colleague made when i told her regarding the news ' wah, jobless lah kau 4 bulan pasni :P ' i sure hope so. but the problem is, i am not really into nursing gross diabetic food and fracture reduction and polytraumatic management. oh well, what the hell, it's ortho baby. enjoy it while it lasts. hohohohoh! i'm gonna miss O&G though. i have sort of built a bond with the team; specialists, mo's, ho's and some nurses. the best HOD ever resides in ONG and im leaving it:( quite emotional about it. huhuh.

i have added a few more stuffs into my collection, and am loving every inch of them!!
welcoming portefeuille Sarah and another (graffiti zucca ) ballerina shoes ! man im deeply into balerina shoes these days.

oh baby, i love you

other ballerines that attract my heart and eyes are chloe's ballerina slippers and LV's ballerina mayfair

awww how cuteee. if only huhuh. but of course, ballerina shoes has somewhat always been chanel-esque, so may i say it would be imperfect not to dream of owning its flats!
all flats bow to Her Majesty :P