Saturday, June 30, 2007

~Mon essentiel ~

Je sais ton amour
( i know your love)
Je sais l'eau versée sur mon corps
( i know (it like) the water poured over my body)
Sentir son cours jour après jour
( feeling his course day after day)
J'ai remonté les tourments pour m'approcher encore
( I went up the torments to approach more)
J'ai ton désir ancré sur le mien
( i have your desire anchored to mine)
J'ai ton désir ancré à mes chevilles
( I have your desire anchored to my ankles)
Viens, rien ne nous retient à rien
( come, nothin will retain us )
Tout ne tient qu'a nous
( everythin depend on us)

Je fais de toi mon essentiel
( i make you as my essence )
Tu me fais naître parmi les hommes
(u re among the ones who keep me alive)
Je fais de toi mon essentiel
i make you as my essence)
Celle que j'aimerais plus que personne
(That which I would like more than anybody else)
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne
( if you want us to know each other )
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne

Tu sais mon amour
( you know my love)
Tu sais les mots sous mes silences
( you know the words under my silences)
Ceux qu'ils avouent, couvrent et découvrent
( Those which they acknowledge, cover and discover)
J'ai à t'offrir des croyances
(I have to offer to you beliefs)
Pour conjurer l'absence
(to conjure the absence - i guess to neutralise the long distance?)
J'ai l'avenir gravé dans ta main
(I have the future engraved in your hand)
J'ai l'avenir tracé comme tu l'écris
(I have the future traced as you write it)
Tiens, rien ne nous emmènes plus loin
( look, nothing would bring us further )
Qu'un geste qui revient
( Than a gesture which returns)

Je ferai de toi mon essentiel
(i will make you as my essence..)
Mon essentiel ( my essence)
Si tu veux qu'on s'apprenne
( if you want us to know each other)
Qu'on s'appartienne
(we're part of each other)

Je t'aime vraiment mon coeur ou mon essentiel


you should have watched How Federer superiorly outclassed Safin last night.. especially in the fist two sets. the game he played was phenomenal. the serves, the smashes, the hits, were (almost) all skill-embedded and it was such a beautiful game to watch.

he definitely displayed to the 'super lucky' Wimbledon crowd his know-how in grass court. Poor Safin was unavoidable victimised situationally ..big time huhu. but at least, he got the chance to play at the centre court. if it hadn't been for Federer, he would only have dreamt to play there:P

for federer, i wish you luck for your fifth consecutive Wimbledon Title. chow

The Classical 'Federer's Backhand'

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

for better or worse

The Brownies eventually succeeded in his 13 years effort pursuing his dream post by squashing cherie's cheesy and weary Blairy out of the house of commons.. good riddance
will it be a good reinstallment anyway?
will be reviewed after 30 days..

Saturday, June 23, 2007

nouvelle moi..encore ;)

Blog bliss is once again refurbished .

i personally prefer this new look to the previous ones.

hmm cant wait for tomorrow to dawn in.
not because of the penang bridge marathon , which literally took place at dawn.
i have plenty other reasons to be happy tomorrow. cheri, shopping, la fete, cheri again hehe.
cant control the mushiness. hahaha

penang is indeed very festive..

Friday, June 22, 2007

world music festival


this weekend...
Enfin i may get to walk along the street feeling once again like the ones in dublin or France;))
ahhh ouiiiii j'adoreeeee

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

the beautiful minds

you know,i can help comparing the characters in Heroes with the psychiatric patients. they have most of the signs (especially peter petrelli ;p ) - grandiose ideas ( or should i say grandiose delusions?) such as ' i know im special, that i'm meant for something big, important' or hiro nakamura's concrete believe that he was a real Hero. those psychotic patients presented with symptoms exactly like these characters have. and im not exaggerating. Some even thought they are the latest prophet chosen by God or worse, they think they are God. big trouble to handle there huhu.
if heroes wasnt a fiction, i bet they are no different from those mentally ill people. they believe they can do things that are very bizarre to normal and competent thinking. they 'hear', they 'see' and they 'do' things that are unreal to us. and delusional thoughts like they are some sort of CIA agents are pretty common too.well, it's crazy isn't it. and oh, Prof Suresh in Heroes actually suggested that cockroach is God. who can be crazier than that.

during my umrah trip to mekah 5 years ago, i encountered a lady who claimed to have seen and been followed by a genie, who kept conversing with her, asked her to do things, even proposing to her.i believed her then but now i guess i don't perceive it that way anymore. I'm not saying she's lying. but I'm more prone to believe (fairly strongly) that she was hallucinating. it's really a pity to be in her shoes. because the voices and visuals seemed very real to them.

one more thing that has changed, is my perception towards Jim Carey: i now believe that he truly is a manic or a hypomanic. no one in the 'right mind' can talk as fast and act as bizarre as he does. but come to think of it, many writers, lyricists, poets, artists ARE manics. that's where their outstanding and special talents originate actually. hmmm...
psychiatry is fascinating..