Thursday, September 27, 2007


damn the stupid osce questions


take a look at minute 3.45-635 scene

ahh le adder noir.. - dem the boring trousers hua hua hua
anti french jokes by english and vice versa is just so cute!

oh and the God's food chain part was hillarious! baldrick, u are the funniest junk ever!
bonjour monsieur- sod offf !!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


utusan malaysia ni mmg xde berite ke ape.
mahathir kenyit mate pun nak report ka?
kut ye pun relevan la sket.

ahmadinejad is 'the man of the week' kot mggu ni hehe

holoucoust was a horrible thing. but i think he's right to say it has been 'abused by Israel' to justify and manipulate palestine and the whole world. just like how the abuse the term 'antisemitic' to any body that disputes their views. stigmatizing as if that person was a racist or something.

they are the arrogant and manipulative bastards through and through. never skip a generation Since Moses' time.

they are zionists. and by that, im labeling a stigma on them. you should do the same.

i do not for forget the Invasion 60 decades ago. the zionist bastards are brainwashing and modifying people's memory into believing that Israel is there by magic. like it has always been there.

the holocoust left-overs actually TERRORISED the then temporarily peaceful Middle eastern countries and suddenly claimed Palestine + part of lebanon was theirs! and yes BLOOD were spilled. they didn't come in peace. They INVADED. They terrorized others' territories. and they are worse than the Germans, The Russians, The english and even the Japanese. these troops invaded and retreated. but well, guess what ? Zionists never left. you were exiled from there for God's sake, by God HImself! God, u zionists are so condemned to hell. u went against your God's order.

Monday, September 24, 2007

time waster

remember the French guy who did the acrobatic break dance crossing jets of lasers in ocean's 12?
i like that background music.
And very recently i heard it again backgrounding a chattering DJ in her radio programme.
Guess what channel that was?



this is not the first time the radio station kantoi with me. two years ago, i caught them playing an arabic song of which its content isn't theological at all. it was a sad love song. how did i come to know? no i'm that that flair in the language to understand its meaning. but i was in the Middle east a year or two before that, and that particular song was like ten-weeks chart topper in the arab world. even i eventually learnt to love that song haha. i still do. it just that i cant find it online, coz i don't know how to spell it. sigh.

oh by the way, that guy in the pic, his name is Vincent Cassel. Monica Belucci's hubby ( that hot Matrix babe) . ring the bell aa? :p typical.
and the particular background music i'm referring to, is currently the background song of my lovely blog-bliss ~(~^)~

ok im gonna doze off

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


been editing my fiance's scenery picture. and deliberately want to put it here =D.
today moreh kuih lapis at state mosque. i joined the tarawikh prayers almost every night since the beginning of ramadhan alhamdulillah. the mosque is very near my place for one thing, and the coolest part is it is well equipped with air conditioning system! bahagia sungguh solat ku. hehe

jose's brightside

au revoir..
u spiced epl well..
it's gonna be a bit less interesting without 'the special one'

sorry, it doesn't work on you

oh god.. signs of increase irritability is there
i was browsing several friendster pages and i was feeling very nauseous looking at some of the pictures and their captions. especially those girls and guys who self-captured their photos and then put on captions like ' oh look at my eyes, so baggy from oversleeping' when their actual silent caption was ' see how brilliant that contact lenses enhance my feature. i look fabulous!'
or something like 'i wanna go home:(' with the gloss painted lips-muncung gesture. that's probably just rm9.90 lipice anyway.hahah. Gosh u inapropriately narcisistic people please give me a break! want desperately to be stylish go ahead but please cut off the goody-two-shoe part. u think it's cute just say it or leave it captionless! well , i think it's quite ok to put 3 4 self-cap pics if u wanna, but if it's like up to 40-70.. i don't know bout you, but i feel like throwing up projectile vomitus seriously.

i am really mean am i not? im quite surprised myself. i guess i am just highly irritable at the moment. and these struggling to look good gits really annoyed me to the max right now. haha.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

whiny git

"In Fernando's mind, there is the firm belief that our policy, whereby each driver receives equal treatment, does not properly reflect his status as world champion," Dennis said.

"He bases this assertion on the fact that his experience and knowledge and what came to him from his former team is such that he should receive an advantage."

Goddd how i hate whining guy..
Go rookie Hamilton! be the next Schumi!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brit Brit!

Britney Spears Lost the custody battle against ex hubby Kevin Federline.
Poor Brit
well, she's been alleged of obnoxiously ( rather idiotically) smoking, stoning herself, getting drunk and making out in front of her two sons . that's soooo beyond the tolerated threshold of motherhood! ! she's soo not right up there i can bet.
that's not all, witnesses claimed she didn't even bother to change the babies' diapers. shouting profanities at them ( imagine!) when they physiologically cried. here's a piece of news for you brit, guess what? Babies cry! that's what they do. furthermore their butts are wet! i just cant believe this woman. i remember reading a simon cowell's quote in a magazine condemning Britney of her life-is-a-mess whining. wait a mo ... i'll go n surf the web for it. should be here somewhere. it should hehe.
ah ok here it is :
"She can't handle the tension and the pressure. Lock the door, don't go out with your stupid friends, have some home-cooked food, get a sense of reality. Go lie in the garden, OK? And then say to yourself, `There's more good in my life than bad. I'm still a rich, talented girl - now I want to get my career back on track.' End of story."

hahaha. seconded, simon. can't agree more!

back to the custody story. i don't trust k-fed triple more than i don't of britney. why? he's obviously wants the kid for the money! look at him. he was never fatherly. clubbing every night and i'm sure he does more drugs that britney. they have a prenup that britney are to give Kevin 15 K dollars had he gained custody. i think the boys belong to the welfare people. even your grandma doesnt seem fit to look after you guys. she's way too plastic!

am gonna stop gossiping now hehe. been surfing a hollywood juicy gossip blog these few days. and that's how Britney popped in here hehe. she sucks, but she successfully made everybody curious to know more about her. especially after the disastrous come-back performance at MTV music award last week...
again, poor Britney Spears ;P

Friday, September 14, 2007

our memorable quote

tu es mon joie, mes jours, ma nuit, ma lune, ma soleil et tu es mes aubes claires

Thursday, September 13, 2007


first day puase hujan je. alhamdulillah x ltih sgt...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ramadan reruns

been visiting his site for the past 1 year. this guy is good. his short sitcoms really crack me up most of the time.but he overdid the jokes several times too i must say hehe. still, i like it and he definitely earns my respect.
so guys voila! Here comes Ali reminding us in case we forgot

and last but not least, Ramadhan is just hours away! happy Ramadhan to all

p/s : thinking of buying that so much talk about current bestseller ; I AM MUSLIM by Dina Zaman. hmm perhaps i should just spend whole half day in borders this weekend and finish the reading there. jimat duit kn hehe..

Monday, September 10, 2007

love and loss

today is my mother's birthday!!

i only gave her a card. but a meaningful one.
i love her more and more each day. really.

mommy, i love you and happy birthday.

oh my mom shares birth date with my 5 year old cousin Izzat too. He was expecting a birthday bash with his fellow kindergarten classmates. he's been daydreaming about it whole week! will call my grandma later to ask her about this hehe.

izzat izzudin , happy birthday too;-) you're cute in your own way.

the downside is, i just lost a distant relative whom i was very close to last friday. will blog about it later as for now i have to finish my slides presentation for tomorrow's tutorial. a bientot!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Footie crap

Steven Gerrard is injured.
Benitez urged England to rule him out of England squad.
Mc laren refused. hinted on giving the talismanic skipper a pain-killer injection.
English FA seemingly is backing him up.
Crazy England and Mclaren
i thought Sven Goran Ericson was bad. Steve Mc laren is worse.

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