Saturday, September 30, 2006

left out

'Spain captain Raul was dropped from the national side for the first time in 10 years for reasons other than injury on Friday when he was left out for next week's Euro 2008 qualifier away to Sweden ' soccernet

siannye.. heheh

Saturday, September 23, 2006

it's that time of the year

Alhamdulillah, the most (or expected to be) anticipated month of the year is just hours away:)
the month worth of million rewards of every good deeds. it's not juz about fasting, it should  also be about other things... self-reflection, charity, prayers,zikrs, unity, and most importantly, peace.

would like to share a song from my second fav international nasyeed singer ( after yusuf),
Brother Zain Bhikha. it touches the deepest pit of my heart.i hope it'd do the same to yours...
Voici !

She was just standing there, little girl all alone
Barely covered head to toe, barely just twelve years old
Why is she all alone, why's the world just so cold
Why don't we play our part what has hardened our hearts?
What has hardened our hearts?

Underneath the waterfall, million dollar shopping mall
Two boys play their games, helps to keep them nice and warm
Thousand people walking by, feeding their vain desire
Don't they see, are they blind, Allah loves the orphan child
Allah loves the orphan child

Like our Beloved Muhammad, Peace be upon Him
He was an orphan and Allah sheltered him
What status is given to these children… children?

Just by the riverside, right next to that orphan child
Families come to play, they don't see that's where she stays
Looking through empty eyes, who cares that she might die
O my child, don't you cry, Allah loves you more than I
Allah Love's you more than I

She was standing there, barely just twelve years old
What has hardened our hearts, why's the world just so cold 

Friday, September 22, 2006

sumthin to smile about

did u guys (football fans) see it??? 'the' match. 
which Alonso scored his second wonder goal for liverpool. that goal was awesome. he shot from approximately 60 yards distance.n that means it was from the  liverpool half.  REDS will lift the premiership throphy this year hihihi. rafalution still on the way!

moi moi moi

j me s3ns seul.  oohhhh la vi  et l'amur

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

photo celebration


quick fact
  1. metz is the birth place of ;
  • Louis Le Prince, first man to shoot moving images
  • Pil√Ętre de Rozier, first man to fly in a hot air balloon       

     2.  is the capital city of Lorraine (Nancy, i.e my manisan hati's town is in lorraine too)

metz has been one of the most beautiful towns ive ever been to. quiet and lovely..

yey i can upload photo through blogger again. thanx to opera browser:)

osce n islam

i did my medical OSCE xm (objective structured clinical examination) this morning . it was.. well .. honestly i don't know.first, i thought i did horribly. then after analysing a while later, i began to think it was allright after all. but now, i think it was an insidious disaster! OMG..

liverpool lost.. again. but at least morinho is less grumpy this season.

mm yusuf islam. keep on listening to his father n son track. and i just watched the second bbc biographical programe of Yusuf.(the first one was more or less the same thing, but this one is more uptodate) he's a great man. n he's playing guitar again now. yeyy! oh yeah, guess who were among the 'testifiers'? bob geldoff.interesting rite? (or am i the only who thinks that?) but that's still not as shocking as having Dolly Parton to give accounts of yusuf's life!! hahha

Yusuf Islam - His life and conversion (part 1)

part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Sunday, September 17, 2006


im writing this through email. just wanna see if it really works :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

anyone of us

i listened to gareth gate's stupid mistake just now, and it reminds me of venice. i guess it's the video clip. klu x salah, it was shot in venice.. with the masquerades and all..
romanticnye venice :)
oh ye, cant wait to play tennis with aishah sometimes soon.
Netball .. hehe. ahh well i wanna be fit too. dont wanna be some fat hypertensive housewife by thirty-nine .

Thursday, September 07, 2006

woman woes

i chatted with a couple of classmates this afternoon while in the (ever noisy) library. then one of them brought up the reason of his recent break-up. it's because he cant stand a nagging girlfriend.
that scuks. because girls nag.

and what with these ppl who call their girlfriends the antonym of brilliant? just because the girls ( like these guys too) are not smart enough to avoid / notice certain negligible things? and as i mentioned negligible, what's up with these mawi-sort-of-men neglecting girlfriends/ fiancees for months?? for God sake, be a man.

it just that.. well i cant start on my orthopaedics tutorial with a peaceful heart until i had this written down.yes, i am a feminist. guys, salute your woman.

Monday, September 04, 2006

so long farewell

have you heard?? have you heard??

Our real-life version of Rubeus Hagrid has passed away. 'Rubeus who??' well if u ask urself this question, never mind the rest then. crocodile hunter man , steve irwin died at the barb end of a stingray. can u believe that? i mean, of all dangerous creatures that he mingled with.. i never thought stingray would even be a candidate! (yes, i did have the instinct that he would eventually get killed doing this).
hmm would that mean Hagrid will die due to doxy bite rather than at the course of battling a fifty-feet long mouth-firing and tail-slashing hungarian Horntail? hmm.. i wonder..

from God we came To God we'll return.

Friday, September 01, 2006

forgive me pals

OMG ! OMG! (DnG) OMG!!! Guyss.. miey, apis, sahar(mie;p;p), jhaz , mariyah and anonymouses .. am soooo damn soryyy guyz. i hadnt realised until 5 minutes ago that i have a dozen comments needed to be approved here.. i forgot what my 'comment' setting was n obliviously thought that noobody had ever commented (n yes yes, never bother to check other parts of blogsetting other than template n posting stuff)
well if u must know, i am like that. absent-minded queen. i am trying hard to change that though hehe.

suddenly, i miss doing volunteering stuff.. and being part of human right activists. still am at heart though. it just that here, there arent much such oppurtunities (or perhaps- more precisely put , there's hardly an 'easy access' to such things.) i know islamic relief has quite recently spreaded their wings here too, but well, like i said - apparently no easy access to it. FOSIS n ISOC did a lot of good stuff when i was there back then. and i really really felt like at least i d done sumthing for my religion and for my fellow muslim brethens as well as for the unfortunate non-muslims. but now.. charity-wise , i feel so useless and with that comes this empty, spoiled, selfish and subsequently guilty feeling of doing nothing...

speaking of charity, what happen to Bob Geldof and his 'Make Poverty History' Mission? havent heard about this guy for sometimes. he was so influential last year. appeared in every european Mega-award ceremonies and concerts (he ran the LIVE8s) to give his magical lets-help-the-dying-africans speech. and yes, when Geldof speaks, everyone listens. even Blair then agreed to relieve africans' multibillions-dollar debt. i am so amazed by this guy's capabilities.' we do not just talk, we act' he said. his aim wasnt to raise money, but to collect as many support as he could to force the G8 leaders to acually do someting about the imbalance of world's resources distribution, modernization and worst, civilization.Geldof n co have drafted out the plans for them. but of course, Mr. Bush never agrees ( if i hadnt mistaken. correct me if im wrong).

Geldof and his weirdly named daughters (Fifi Trixiebelle, Peaches, Pixie and Tiger Lilly. Seriously Bob, what were you thinking???? freak.)
Owh by the way, geldof was born n bred in Blackrock , Dublin- a place i used to go to sit for my exams back then:)

Sir Bob Geldof at dublin airport. hey, been there million times!miss the bus back there:(

Cheri has flewn back to you-know-where. miss you already:((