Wednesday, December 14, 2005

bloody haematology part two

haem paper doomed. it was definitely a bloody one. erkhhh i wish i had more time and i wish i hadnt misdiagnosed my case study!!! yuck yuck yuck. why cant it be iron deficiency?? why cant it be multiple myeloma?? or those complicated acute/chronic myeloid/lymphocytic anaemia thingy????.. the one ive read to the extent-of-microscopic bit??? why why why? i hate whoever responsible for compiling that xm questions. really2 wish the other sections (i.e pharm, pathology, microb) could miraculously compensate my section D blunders. God, i ve tried, ive asked your guidance and now i really sincerely pray for your miracle..
*part 1 was written b4 the exam

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

bloody haematology

myeloproliferative disorder = a set of clonal stem cells disorders involving proliferation of all or some of the blood element and often with a prolonged clinical course. e.g. the entities polycythaemia rubra vera , myelofibrosis, CML, essential thrombocytopaenia and others..

polycythaemia = increase in total RBC mass in blood

relative polycythaemia = haemoconcentration due to dehydration, for instance..