Sunday, July 22, 2007

painting rewarded its 'femme fatal'

'A woman who says she was so overcome with passion for a valuable painting on display in France, has been charged with criminal damage after kissing it....

The 3x2m (9x6-foot) painting by US artist Cy Twombly is valued at more than $2m (£970,000)...

"I left a kiss," she told La Provence newspaper on leaving the police station.

"A red stain remained on the canvas... This red stain is testimony to this moment, to the power of art."

Speaking to French news agency AFP, she said the artist had "left this white" for her. - bbc

hahahahaha.. this, my friend is what the psychiatrist called the ' Grandiose delusion' . i am almost certain she Got BMD or substance induced mood disorder hehe. femme fatal it is.. quite literally actually to her.she's gonna end up in jail for God sake!

c'east la vie

i have gone through a lot of stuff in recent weeks.

tout d'abord , maintenant, mon cher n'est pas simplement mon cher - il est mon fiance. mon bel amour:) merci mon Dieu.

secondly i have a new cousin whose name is Za'em. i was the first person to whom he smiled at. hihi talk about the unsatisfied look my aunt gave me:P

thirdly , i went to Tg Rambutan! witnessing an interview of a murderer who might escape death sentence by unsound mind excuse. but of course, the probability to be 'imprisoned' in the ward there for life is very much likely.

i collected my copy of the final sequel of Harry Potter (which I pre-booked almost 2 months ago) at Borders by 7.55 am. i saw people before me each holding Borders Plastic bag ( which i bet my laptop, that it contained HP#7 book) and a glass of StarBuck Iced-blended drink. i learnt later that the first 50s will get the free drinks... i must have been the number 52 or 53 buyers that day... had i came five minutes earlier... sigh . anyway, at least i still got a snowy owl miniature.whom i named as Hedwig!! in memory of the real Hedwig apparently... (oppsss) hehe . well, sape suruh tak beli buku awal2:P i don't care slipping out stuff now ahahaha.

im going home this wed. looking forward to. lately, i feel soo attached to my family. and quite frequently homesick. esp towards parents n grans.suddenly i realised they re getting old.. dont like the feeling..

i am currently reading another book too :) given by a person who i now love like my own mom:) to be completed by summer nexr year!!

for all these, and many other things i did not disclose here, i'm happy. yet i'm sad. because he's leaving:(

Saturday, July 14, 2007

love mode

true loves don't find excuses
true loves don't blame
true loves love truly

Thursday, July 05, 2007

a will, a way

arini dpt 1 2 mnde pnjaman untuk diguna kn 1 2 hari lg. mekaseh kt lini n usop ( they are couple :P ) for warmheartedly lending me your camera. xde duit la nk beli sendiri. ely pn da bg set die :P laili will come all the way from penang . am soo touched. miey will be there all the way--> beshnye;))
alhamdulillah, i am still livin within the proximity of lovin n unconditional surrounding..

lupe lk, thanx jugak hadiah percume pnjaman sms from asten tghr td:P