Thursday, August 23, 2012

My second pregnancy

i think it's high time i should sum up about my current being for the past 9 months. Pregnant encore.
i confirmed my suspicion of conceiving baby number 2 when my POA ( period of amennorhea) was about 5 week +

25th january 2012 pic taken at 8.15 am in the mo oncall room :) 
it's a mixed feeling all over again. is it too soon? are we ready for family member number four? but very excited all the same !

this pregnancy , i feel a bit different compared to the previous one. within the first trimester I was nauseous almost everyday and had two emetic episodes ( I had none when I was with Harris). 2nd trimester, I was easily breathless by 21st week.NYHA class 2 gradually escalated to 3 overtime  i supposed.  diaphragmatic splinting was rather early.

Baby started kicking at about 17 weeks. more or less the same like the first one in term of timing.

On-calls ( though never exceeded 5 per month ) were so tiring and by 30th week and above it had begun to take its toll on my well being significantly. I stopped doing calls by 32 weeks.the Post call  effect during the  last on-call i did was horrible. I could barely walk, gasping for air and every muscle attached to my bones was aching. 

Legs cramp was ( still is) a norm in the morning. really torturing. Couldn't lie on my back for more than 30 seconds due to the pressure effect on the lumbar vertebrae.

baby began to drop down by 33 week. therefore I could breathe better after that! but then the urinary frequency and stress incontinence worsens.

I did antenatal sonography for 6 times already so far. the last one was a 3D scan at KSH ( 6,11,17,24,30, 32 week) - well, there is no need for  such  frequent scans really ( once every trimester would suffice) but i just wanna have a peep at my baby ;-)

Braxton Hicks contractions began at about 33th week.

now at 35 week plus, fundal height correlates  well with gestational age, baby is in cephalic presentation, already 1/5th engaged , fetal limbs facing right, spine on the left. Sometimes, baby is kicking so hard that her fetal parts are visible and palpable  per abdomen.

I hope everything would turn out well. Mommy is soo looking forward to meet you in a month time little b ;) muahx


Gynecologist Tucson AZ said...

Congratulations to you. Keep safe always. I know everything will be fine for the coming days. God Bless.

cherie said...

thank you. just discharged today for false labour :D