Monday, March 31, 2008

wrong turn, my girl

sufiah yusof is now a hooker.
It was revealed and brought to surfaced by an undercover journalist from NOTW.
yes, that very Sufiah who entered Oxford at 12 years old.
what a waste.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

piggies de guinea

honey i shrunk the kid - kate ibu simba kepada mufasa
sori lah merepek siket. tgh jemu. ini koleksi dari zoo nancy hak milik encik cheri.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

euthymic or euphoric?

since the beginning of the week, i am visibly elated to others. and i am. as much as i am happy with such feeling, it actually freaks me out. eccentrically dressed, thinking (mini)grandiosely ( rationalizing : but i think it is a good thing to do! and it is possible) and uh well.. i can't explain further, but yes this has got to be tuned down stat. at least i got brilliant insight. that should count!

O mighty oft forgiving merciful God, make me happy and live my dream :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008


guess what i did last night?
i watched AF 6

some were very amateur, but some were captivating.
i'll probably be observing more on several participants with potentials, particularly nubhan, stanley,that alicia keys girl, riz, and yes .. the clownish toi. ;)
I'm feeling good for the past two days. it feels better than good to be around good company and loving fiance. ;))
and ohh.. i'm instantly in love with letto's ruang rindu that i heard the first time last night, sung by Nubhan. hihi.

  • miey, come over here soon!
  • aja,your devils better be well prepared , for benitez army is marching to old trafford tonight with rising and rising skills and spirit. hohohohoho

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

light in the dark hours

Ummi emailed me these pictures earlier today. my flawed, empty,indifferent,blunted heart suddenly filled with Allah's greatness seeing these heart-taming pictures..
By God, no one i've met has gained more respect and salute than i have for this man.. The noble and humble Nik Aziz.

He just brought me to tears..

thank you Allah for the wonderful friends that you 'cross-path' me with
thank you Allah for the diamond hard supportive and loving family you lend me
thank you Allah for destining me to know Ummi's family from whom i learn how to run a family piously.
Thank you Allah for the gift of love that i cherish
thank you Allah for all the wealth and pleasure You grant me
thank you Allah for all the bad days you test me with to remind me to remember You.

happy birthday dear prophet.

Monday, March 10, 2008

what You give you Get back

i have to take back my words in my earlier blog post ; Malaysia's political scene is interesting. And it's good to see both sides are coming to term with the result rather calmly without any sort of violences taking place.

i hope this will teach the BN government a lesson; i.e. to dismiss their arrogance and ignorance over what the people have to say. this election was - as many put it- a very emotional-driven polling. Educated citizens - regardless of their political views - are too fed up with the way pak lah and his monkeys are running this country in an obsolete way. he did not introduce anything new. this kind of politic has been long practised during previous PM's reign, and that's why whenever he criticised Abdullah badawi on the lacking of freedom of speech and what not, i feel like shouting at him to SHUT UP. He did the same thing and it was at a WORSE scale. All these might not have happened this soon had you not disrupt the flow of future PMs.

A friend was calling me every 5 minutes (actually ade satu mase ni selang 30 saat je in between calls) to keep me updated. i was cheering either over the losses of candidates i dislike or over the wins of people whom i like or curious about.

before Saturday night, i did hope the 2/3rd majority could be toppled - 'fat chance'. so i thought.
i was indeed wrong. it actually happened! My wish, as we now have a stronger opposition,is to see these elected figures - be it BN or BA - to take governing matters seriously, to put the people first before the money, to fight corruptions, to hear and consider constructive comments, suggestions, or issues brought up by those who does not share same ideology as one does. Most importantly, The government must grow up. stop threatening us the malaysian citizens, stop using Special Branch in rampant to blackmail people, abolish ISA, stop controlling the media, and GROW UP.

update : i began not to like DAP at a new level.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sunday, March 02, 2008

pulling politic

election is around the corner. alas, i can't be bothered. I am more into Clinton-Obama race for democratic presidential candidate instead ; and that is interesting. ours is so dull. everything is a one-sided story. I'm particularly freaking sick of reading Utusan. i hate The Stars for its over liberalism and almost everything is about Chinese community. please, malaysians. come up with something more.. fair.

when i look back at Umno Policy, i do see its importance in maintaining 'equality' in our country. Malays are still very much stupid intellectually below par in average plus we are regretfully very lazy. if we are to fulfill DAP manifesto ' Malaysia for Malaysian' like now, that would be like the alternative of spelling the word D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.

admit it. chinese and Indians in general are more competent than the Malays at this moment. Malays are catching up, very true, but we are just not there yet. and that is why i think it is still very vital to preserve the bumiputra privilege. whether you like it or not. this privilege wont be a permanent thing. but the time is definitely not now to let it go.

PAS is not as bad as what the media tries sweating and panting hard to portray. Realistically it is impossible to implement the Laws by what PAS is fighting for, because this Muslim country does not have the 90% majority Muslim population unlike some other countries -though they are too stupid to make things better for themselves. duh. anyway, i do believe it can be compromised if PAS build up an allies with other moderate parties. In this way, everyone (at least majority) of people will have their voices heard and things won't exceed to what i'd like to call extremism. it is vitally dangerous for a single party to rule this 'tense but stable' nation single-handedly.

A lot of people has been mumbling about ( without really knowing what it means mostly) about freedom of speech and true democracy. i am in that wagon too - partially at least. however, i must admit too that this nation is not mature enough to accept true democracy. my answer would be 'non' to stuff like ISA of course, but i don't think we are ready for a complete open war of words without resorting to violences. therefore, I must say it is still arguably acceptable to be a stuck-up country like we are now. My only issue against Pak Lah's monkeys now is that they are too stuck-up, too corrupted, too autocratic and our political scene is way too unhealthy in sense of it is over dominated by BN without giving a fair proportion of chances for the opposition party to affirm their stances. You need to be opposed considerably to avoid abuse of trust in governing the country. If you are freely unopposed, then might as well we just go back to the monarchy system, where your nation's stability depends solely by luck. You'll be lucky if the successor is a good and intelligent son, but Unlucky and be prepared to go downhill if the heir was a bad and a stupid breed.

One of the few drawbacks in Islamic Empire those days are the monarchy system. I have never agreed with that. i know many Muslims like to have this 'all divine' kind of thinking about islamic history, but it is not. How many scholars had been imprisoned just because they didn't see eye to eye with the then governing khalifah? and do you even dare to say that they are all holy? holy shit is what they deserved. Not all but some.they were great ones too of course and they did earn my respects, but my point is, not all of them were. true democracy was there during Sahabah's era. The syura system. Sadly, it only lasted up to Ali's time. Even then, among the sahabat , there was already a chaotic atmosphere. That was the father of all chaos that muslims have to endure these days.. i wish it hadn't been that way. but setiap sesuatu tu ade hikmahnye kn inshaallah. i hope so.

now where were we? oh yeah, the reason I'm writing this because quite a number of people have been asking me, what is my stance? which party I'm voting for? . I'd say it is quite complicated. The long crap above is my heart being all-out honest with you regarding my view politically. so don't complain! hehe. kidding. feel free to go against me. =)

p/s - i hope Obama would win; both against Clinton and subsequently against bush's puppet, Mc Cain . bofff..!