Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the transition

happy new year /end of the year everyone.

Life has been fantastic for me these days.
i am currently posted to acident and emergency department. already on my 3rd week now. for once, i enjoy my working life. Not because i love being a first liner, but because i feel like i am being treated as a human being again.very minimal superiority-ism, and most of all, proper time off;-)- something i ve been yapping about for the past one year.hohoho.

in A&E, i have met all kind of patients - from the ones who'll make you laugh till you almost get a vasovagal attack, to the ones who will really push your level of tolerance to the edge. i wonder how those general practitioner could still hold on to their sanity after all the chronic years being exposed to all the ridiculous presenting complaints. just yesterday a father brought his son to A&E and asked me wether i could cut his son's frenulum ( the cenrally located thin membrane that hold your tongue to the buccal floor ) because he claimed that his 8 year old son has a 'short tongue' speech. so he intelligently thought that by cutting the frenulum it will resolve the speech problem. what a fab father.

And my advice to the public; if you happened to be trivially unwell ( like sore throat, common cold, mild abdominal pain) or chrooonically unwell ( like 5 day history of vomiting, 1 week history of fever, 2 months of ear pain ) please do not opt to come to the hospital after 12 midnight when you could have come muuuuch earlier when there are more staffs around. it is quite ignorant of you to come and bugging us at wee hours for non-urgent illness, when those time and energy should be reserved to attend patients who really needs urgent intervention. total ignorant and inconsiderate.

personal life

we are buying a second car :) currently awaiting for loan approval. Our parents have been a lot of help in the process.can't thank the four of you enough. we are buying the car using cheri's parent's loan allocation and my parents so thoughtfully bought us a plate number. i wanted a number that is similar to our current car, but sombody has tendered for it earlier:(

the weather is very dull these days.cloudy and wet. reminds me of Dublin. and I miss it..
will go there again someday.
And dang.just a few days back i was suddenly super-hype with gucci's Ladies web hobo, this morning, i saw one of my senior colleague rocking one. bytch besnye:P