Monday, March 16, 2009


it has been quite a well since i last blogging with SENSE. huhuh. i finally received my first pay around last month. damn happy at that moment. and paraphrasing Collin firth's in Love Actually : ' a woman's got to do what a woman's got to do' hohohoh.

went to KL / kuantan recently with positive balance of these :

I just cant resist that ballerina shoes. they're just too adorable to ditch!! As for the shades, that's just my nafsu subliming , forcing me to own one heheh.

i was recently transferred to the busiest and most chaotic ward in the hospital. What a grim. To Ana, I'm sorry I couldn't attend your wedding. i was supposed to go back by 1.00 pm that day, but my piling workload ( and fussy patient's relatives) had successfully barricaded that from happening, in fact extended my working hours up to 7.00 pm.

I am up for assesment anytime now. im guessing it's gonna be either wednesday or thursday.
Bonne Chance a moi!