Saturday, January 07, 2012

racletting again!

and it was soo fulfilling. had a new year dinner with my close pals last night at chez moi and it was awesome. we have chefs amongst us who can cook better than the masterchef participants ( exaggerate  giler) . anyway, got the opportunity to eat raclette again ( thanks to izy who bought the cheese) last night and encore, this evening with husband.  
this year's resolution : 

1. MRCPCh part 1 
2. NEW home (hopefully)
3. Wish to start a business ( yo yo je haha) 
4. New work place? in or out? hmm:)
5. Better Servant to Allah, better wife to husband, better mom to son, better me for family, better doctor, better friend.

Insyaallah. how about you?