Saturday, September 05, 2009


My first impression about this posting was not a good one. i came to a pretty fast conclusion that obs and gynae team was waaaaaaaay better organised than the ortho team. up to today, my impression hasn't changed. i sort of enjoy orthopaedic posting as well, but i realised that i ve lost so many privilleges too, which i enjoyed during my time in O&G.
  • first of all, i have no more weekend off.
  • secondly, ortho's staff nurses are relatively unreliable in comparison, in almost every way.
  • thirdly, housemen have almost always become the team's least in O&G we have our dear HOD to back us up.but in ortho, even if the downfall is between the specialists to begin with, they will find a way to twist and turn things until they find a houseman to put the blame on, followed by unnecessary punishments and threats; which to me is ridiculous and disgraceful.
  • fourth, i hate threats!
  • fifth, i dislike nursing ulcers and broken bones.(for my sake, u diabetic people please do not take your feet for granted! start caring for it!!)

it's about time they realize the karma in gaining respect. respect is something you earn. u treat others like shit, you'd get the same in return. we might obey whatever you have to say, but God knows what we are bitching about you behind your back.
i know for a fact that surgical posting will be worse. their specialists and senior MOs are literally gangsters.from what i heard there had been a couple or more instances whereby patients got beaten up. and oh, they have a very absurd oncall rules.. stupid really.

fortunately, to topple all these negativity , is the fact that my husband is finally home for good. and i have a handful of nice friends as well ; which is why, i am not too stressed out by all these dramas.

so far, i have quite a peaceful Ramadhan too. alhamdulillah. most of the time i break fast with my grandparent and sis. i have bought my baju raya too ( hohoho). hubby and I will be wearing maroon-ish pair of clothes inshallaah;-) mum n dad will be wearing golden brown perhaps. raya cookies? havent thought of any. will deal with that soon:P

mie and afif is getting married after raya. and i would smile to even the tinge of thought about it, knowing their cute history from the beginning and finally tying the knot inshaallah;-) selamat bersiap, jgn panik2. it will be a blissful day definitely. something you will remember all your life and light you up even when the whole world betrays you. chewah. but really, that's the power of being in love and its celebration. it makes you feel at ease. settled. secured.

i love you. husband. family. and friends.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

it's mushy time - no need to read

hmm today, im pretty happy. why? coz hubby has landed home!! though not directly to me.. yet. lookin forward to spend lifetime with you bb. already started decorating chez nous. browsing home necessities around town ( though hasnt really bought them yet:P it'd be more fun to shop together wouldn't it?:P:P)

i am seriously in love with my husband,who was my first and last boyfriend - my bestest friend of friends. a husband for eternity ;X;X

with endless love n hugs n kisses

your now-high-spirited wife;-)