Wednesday, July 05, 2006

kanak kanak ribery-na

Ribery plays for Marseille, the club Zidane supported as a boy, and like the playmaker, is Muslim, having converted to Islam when he married his wife Wahiba. - soccernet

Oh god Oh God!! really?? i was so shockingly happy when i read that line. Ribery?? woww, coz he IS one of my 'player of the moment' in this world cup tournament. Gosh.. yeah let franck be the next zizou. and hopefully i'd see ur face on the arc de triomphe(or however u french spell it) . Zizou made it in 1998.. anyway zidane was briliant in the last two games ( against spain n Brazil). he really PLAYED with the ball. kidding every opponent around him. huhuh.

anway, im intending to make one special entry on this world cup after July 9th. just about those whom i hate and whom i like.stuff like that.

btw cheri , i tried to log-in my msn , but well... failed to. mum's laptop. im currently in the car. receiving the school-wifi from here. not so good though.poor connection. and battery is running out now!! erghhh

well, really really hoping to see France in the final (as i hate most of portugal players plus now ribery is the number 1 'player of the moment' haha- err sorry cheri for supporting them ;p;p;p)

oh yeah, my one big fat condolence goes to the germans. well, italy sucks, but ur defenders sucks too. hehehe. Klose, i wish u luck for ur kasut emas.