Wednesday, March 30, 2011

coming to term

I don't know about you, but I only began to feel like a full grown adult after I started buying properties. I still felt young when i first get married, feeling a bit more mature after I found out I was pregnant, motherly after Harris was born, but still more or less clinging to parents / other family members. but now, as we began to deal with those people like sales advisers, corporate lawyers, bankers and stuff - on our own... , I can't help but feeling.. nervous, whenever I have time to think deeply about it.  I am becoming the adult that  I previously, only observed. Now , I am one of them.

I really really hope both me and husband could be  great parents to Harris ( and hopefully his later siblings ).

no turning back. we are adults now.

Friday, March 11, 2011

gwyneth go gleek

you know I was no longer liking glee due to overstrecthed gay and jew highlights.. but then they invited gwyneth to their show.. i love this version so much. u hit it right gwyn!

to be and to live

Salut a tout!

liking my new banner? hehe. I like it ofcourse. kind of bored with the old one.


liverpool. they have reboost my liking for them for the following reasons :
  • new coach 
  • entertaining and superb performance by the newbies - louis suarez and andy caroll
  • they beat Chelsea and Torres on his debut game for chelsea and against former club:D
  • They BEAT Man U with a hatrick! :D:D
  • The have replaced Carlsberg with Standard Chartered!! :D:D:D
boleh la beli kan harris official jersey.


My body is very textbook physiological speaking. at least for pre and post delivery changes. textbook says contraception via exclusive breastfeeding is only effective up to  6 months, and true enough, my ovulation cycle restarted at 6 months post delivery- the last being when I conceived Harris of course. kinda miss the menstruation free days.
Alhamdulillah, up to now Harris has never had to taste any formula milk , even after weaning.
talk about food , menu du jour for harris would be... Apple puree with milked mashed potato!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

bonded love

lately harris is soo 'manja' with me. there are times when he would only be queitened by me. not that i'm complaining, i'm touched in a way to see that he has bonded well with me, but considering the nature of my job, we cannot afford such circumstance. while locuming last night, my hubby had to bring him to the clinic as he was inconsolable. and by the time he came, i had like half a dozen of patients waiting for me. poor my little child.

patient : anak dokter ke nangis kat luar tu? siannye

me: err...

Friday, March 04, 2011

Dinner at my place!

I hosted an 'end of posting' dinner on the 2nd March 2011 at chez moi. it was awesome.
My leave started on that day, therefore i began the morning quite late, geting cozy with harris in bed till 9 am hehe. by 10 o'clock, I went to the market with grand-mere, buying quite a lot of stuffs. damn, the 2 kg meat loaf costs me a whopping 46 ringgit! i never knew it was that expensive ! ( as i never bother to do grocery-shopping at wet market for the last two years :D ), so along with that, we bought 6 whole chickens, vegies and spices. by 12.30 pm, we started cooking. the menus and work assignments are as follows :

  • grandmother recipe of buttered rice - obviously by my grandma
  • chicken with red chile sauce ( ayam masak merah la tu) - by grandma and maid
  • paprik-style vegies - by maid
  • vanilla muffin - by auntie
  • cottage pie - by me!!
  • chicken and beef satay  - ordered from pak cik din :)
the rice was delicious!the cottage pie as expected, was way below par compared to the rice tastefulness quality but edible anyway haha.

My cottage pie was next to the muffin, not within the captured scene ;)
Many of my close friends came and was so touched as some of them came from as far as chini, lipis and sungai tekam for the sake of honouring my invitation! one very good pal even swapped on-call that day so he could join us.  two  surgeons - whom i lookep up to very dearly- were also among the attendees eventhough they had to go through pouring rain to get here. no words can describe how thankful and touched I am.

Harris was the centre of attention that night.  everybody was taking turn holding him:D when Harris was held by  one of surgeons, I ( automatically) whispered to myself : May you be a succesful surgeon like him one day, my child =)

for my surgical colleagues, thank you for making me feel very welcomed while I was there. I truly enjoyed working as part of the team. We have a great set of comitted surgeons, dedicated MOs and  (some) reliable housemen :) I don't mind prolonging my stay there actually, but need to move on with what I decided to pursue.Inshallah the friendship would remain :)

* now trying to picture Harris as a surgeon .. hmmmm :D